Itching in the throat and cough are symptoms that can signal the onset of a certain disease. In this case, the patient feels a sensation in the throat, although the pain is absent. Since each human body is individual, it is accurate to say that the throat itches on a cold. For this reason, treatment should be started only after the cause of development of unpleasant symptoms has become clear.


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itches the throat from the inside and coughs

Itchy throat and cough - are signs that point to the fact that the body is infiltrated pathogens. They amaze children and adults alike. If the itching and coughing are manifested in tandem, then most likely, these are the symptoms of the onset inflammatory process. With this increase in temperature indicators may be absent.

For example, in young patients, the symptoms in question do not carry any danger. Maybe this is the result of active games: fast running, breathing through the mouth, loud scream. In this case, parents should not give cold drinks to children, because their body is in the stage of heating.

When the throat feels tickling for a long time, it indicates that the body is weakened and it is necessary to take a number of measures to strengthen it.

Sometimes itching and coughing are characteristic signs of an already transferred illness. But even in this case they carry a danger. This indicates that the body has some complications after the disease. Against this background, there is a development of tonsillitis, tonsillitis and pharyngitis.

If there is itching in the throat, but the state of health does not deteriorate, the temperature does not rise, then this indicates the initial stage of such a disease as pharyngitis. With this form of pathology, human immunity has failed and requires urgent recovery.

If, with tickling in the throat, the patient senses the presence of a foreign object, this indicates that there are problems in the functioning of the thyroid gland, intestine, nervous system and other organs.

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Itching in the throat can still indicate that the development of the beginning of the sore throat or its consequences. The first case is characterized by the presence of abscesses and white coating on the tongue. When angina is not cured, tonsillitis is a complication. To treat it, you need to use antibiotics. Tickling in the throat may be due to allergies. In addition, the following symptoms occur: skin rash, runny nose and tear. This kind of allergy is formed on certain foods.

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Since perspiration and itching in the throat can indicate the presence of a viral or bacterial infection, the treatment process must begin with the determination of the cause. According to this, the doctor can prescribe certain drugs.

Antiviral drugs

The action of these medicines is aimed at inhibiting the development of viruses at the level of the mucosa. For pregnant women and children, such drugs as Ozilococcinum, Anaferon remain safe.



All the rest can appoint Arbidol, Kagocel, Cycloferon. The following antiviral agents can be used as drops: Viferon ( and here's how to use a candle for a cold for children Viferon, described in this article).Children's drops Grippferon.




It is the rinse that remains the most effective method of combating itching and sore throat. For these purposes, pharmacies provide drugs that are allowed to children and adults. With the help of rinses, it is possible to remove swelling and inflammation. It is necessary to do such procedures every 4 hours.

Use of drugs such as Hexoral ( and if it is possible to get pregnant with Geoxoral Spray, this article will help) Verde ( how much is the Tantum Verde spray used to help understand the information in this article) Tantum, Rotokan for inhalation andStopangin. At home, you can make a solution of chamomile, tincture of eucalyptus and calendula.




Irrigation of the throat is no less effective therapeutic procedure. If you choose the right drug, you can reduce the unpleasant symptoms and have an analgesic effect. Irrigation is performed on inhalation. To do this, attach the nozzle to the back of the throat.

An excellent antiseptic effect is possessed by such medicines as Geksoral, Tantum Verde, Yoks, Stopangin, Strepsils.

Spray Strepsils

Spray Strepsils

For removal of edema and inflammation, sea salt will be needed. Effectively apply Aquamaris and Aqualor.



Bioparox contains essential oils and an antibiotic with local effects. You can apply it for both the throat and nose. It is absolutely safe for children and women in the situation. If you use it regularly, you can eliminate the bacterial causes of inflammation in the throat.

Spray Bioparox

Spray Bioparox


Excellent cope with inflammation and itching in the throat of honey and sage in combination with antiseptics. Thus, you can quickly stop not only the itching in your throat, but also a dry cough. Today, the following dissolving pastilles are very popular and effective in this regard:

  • Strepsils,
    pastilles Strepsils

    Pastilles Strepsils

  • Septotelet,

    Pastilles Sepptelet

  • Dr. Mom,
    pastilles Doctor Mom

    Pastilles Dr. Mom

  • Grammidine.

Imudon and Lizobakt are bacterial pills that enhance immunity. Get the maximum therapeutic effect can be provided, if you dissolve the lozenges every 2-4 hours. When there is not just an itch, but also pain, you need to buy lozenges with anesthetics - Strepsils, Sepptelet.

Folk remedies

Thanks to unconventional means, it is possible to eliminate such a symptom as the itching of the throat from the inside. The most effective and affordable are honey, lemon and raspberry. But a powerful bactericidal effect is achieved when using jam from the petals of roses. It should be used in a small dosage throughout the day, slowly dissolving in the mouth.

For the gargle of the throat is to use decoctions of medicinal herbs. For these purposes, take in equal proportions such herbs:

  • chamomile, chamomile for home treatment
  • peppermint,
  • balm,
  • thyme,
  • oak bark.

On 40 g finely chopped raw materials account for 200 ml of boiling water. Infuse 30 minutes in a warm place, then filter out. Apply rinse after meals. After that, you can not drink and eat for half an hour. Otherwise, all medicinal substances will be washed away.

Itching in the throat is an unpleasant symptom that indicates the presence of an inflammatory disease. If you do not start treatment in time, the symptoms presented will include such things as sore throat, perspiration, cough, and fever. This will mean that the pathological process is in full swing. Treatment can be prescribed only by a doctor after an accurate determination of the underlying factor.