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Gone are the days when women's short hair was associated with a serious illness or life beyond the law. Today a short haircut is a symbol of a modern, fashionable and stylish girl. Moreover, the pace of modern life leaves less time for the construction of complex hairstyles and care for lush curls. That is why the haircuts of the pixies are so popular and more and more young ladies fearlessly venture to part with a violent head of hair.

The assortment of short hairstyles ceased to be limited only to the "boy's" haircut. The pixy, which has many variations and is suitable for almost all types of hair, is topical and fashionable. Thick hair with it will become more textured and manageable, and thin ones will acquire such a desired volume.

Pixie is translated as "elf", which quite clearly reflects its nature. This female haircut to the face of almost everyone. It helps to correct the face oval, to open the sun rays of the neck, to emphasize the neck line, to rejuvenate, to give a fuss to the image, to make its possessor similar to the pixy - the representative of the glorious mythical people.

Do you like to change? Then the pixy is for you, because, depending on the style, you will be a gentle and sweet pai-girl, then a daring biker-girl.

Solemn procession on the planet

Lia de Putti

Everything began, perhaps, back in the 20s of the last century, when the Hungarian ballerina Lia de Putty turned into a star of silent cinema. The girl wore her short haircut either simply carelessly laid, or with a clear cut, which, of course, does not quite correspond to the canons of pixies. However, the male haircut, coupled with a bright make-up in the vein of a vamp, a mysterious and sexy appearance, ensured her the roles of Femme Fatale and made her famous.

A little later, it was the image of Miss de Putty that inspired Lisa Minnelli when choosing a hairstyle for the role in the legendary Cabaret.

Gene Seberg

In the 1950s, for casting for the role of Joan of Arc, young Gene Seberg was not afraid to trim her chic locks, which was an extremely good move.

Gene Seberg

A little later, playing Sessile in the melodrama "Hello, sadness," this fragile girl was equally charming, radiantly beautiful and a bit cold with her short haircut and in cocktail dresses, and in swimsuits, and in a man's shirt.

A couple of years later, Sieber received her most famous film role in the film "At the last breath."After that, a poster with her hung on the wall from each self-respecting student, and the popularity of haircuts pixies soared to the skies. The girls went to the hairdressers in droves, wishing to be like a journalist, Patricia, a friend of a charming gangster, performed by Jean-Paul Belmondo.

Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox

With the appearance of the Eurythmics group, Annie Lennox did not have time to care for the split ends of her hair, so she made a cardinally short haircut and dyed curls in a neon orange color. Her whole life is a swift run, but it is she who represents the spirit of the pixy - a self-confident, strong woman. It is impossible to imagine Annie Lennox hiding behind a veil or stopping even for a minute to twist the braid.

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone

This woman is hot in any of her images, but, according to many of her fans, she looked best when she decided on a haircut. The air literally melted around her as Sharon walked along the red carpet to the Oscar ceremony in 1998.Combining the pixy with a narrow skirt from Vera Wong and the white shirt of her husband, she made a real sensation.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson

It's not too early to make a pixie. After "Harry Potter", the haircut of Emma Watson is catharsis, although it looks simply gorgeous."Yes, I'm already 20, and I'm no longer a little girl," she said, and was right on the cover of Vogue magazine.

The girl, of course, can still return to the original image."I have never felt so confident and at ease, as with short hair. If they offered me to repeat my path, I would have done it before, "Emma said last year.

Judy Dench

Judy Dench

Can be awarded for long pixy life! The actress has been committed to a haircut since the 60s to this day. Judy Dench has fantastic cheekbones and a noble bend of the eyebrows, and she herself serves as a reminder that the elven haircut is not just for the young thin models of appearance.

Who will do?

Girls with expressive features, round, heart-shaped or oval form of face can be sheared, without thinking twice. The Elven image emphasizes the incision of the eyes, visually separates the lips of the and lengthens the neck, while hiding the shortcomings.

Haircut with asymmetrical and oblique bangs, will hide some angularity inherent in rectangular and square faces. Properly executed, it harmoniously complements the face with a thick head of hair and will give the volume a thin, soft curls.

Weigh several times the pros and cons of a short haircut, if you own:

  • Round face and plump cheeks. However, by lengthening the strands framing the face, you can easily tailor the excess volume.
  • Small features of the face or short neck. Grooming will emphasize these your features.
  • If your head is decorated with small curls, pixie is also not for you. It will be very difficult to install and maintain in a worthy manner.
Would you like to be sure whether such a haircut will go to you? High lock long strands and evaluate your own reflection in the mirror, thoroughly turning in front of him.

Classics of genre

The canonical version of pixie is a haircut for short hair that fits without significant time with minimal use of cosmetics, which makes it optimal for daily wear.

In general, the haircut is as follows: elongated hair at the back, shortened - at the temples, and the front of the hair is decorated with a bang of any length and shape. And the presence of protruding tips-feathers will give you a mischievous and a bit stilted look.

There is no perfect hair color for elven haircuts. She is equally good at fiery-red, platinum and chocolate-chestnut locks. The main thing is that the color should be saturated, combined with your color, and your hair - healthy and shiny. For example, a volatile platinum combined with short hair will make you look like a real elf or fairy Dinh-Din from "Peter Foam".

Please note that torn strands in front, which are longer than the hair on the crown, help in creating a natural volume.

Shortened pixie

Differs from the classics of the minimum length of hair, usually combined with different length bangs. The most common variant is a long slanting bangs and a short, practically male haircut. Color ringlets can vary from natural to bright, screaming.

The fashion for this style was introduced by singer Rihanna. Now her style has become a classic of the youth avant-garde. In this season, it is popular to stain individual strands of the bangs or its edges in a bright contrasting shade.

Extended Pixie

Extended Pixie for Men

This option for haircuts pixy is chosen not only by girls, but also by stylish young guys who want to stand out from the crowd. Its difference from the classical version is the presence on the nape of the elongated strands, very beautiful looking from the rear. Otherwise, it does not differ fundamentally from the variant described above with a bang and provides a wide scope for self-expression and experimentation, allowing you to look refined, glamorous and elegant.

The layered elf style hairstyle for medium length hair is suitable for thin curls, gives them extra volume.

Laying options

The short length of the haircut of the pixie does not limit the possible styling options in any way.

  1. Your appearance will become glamorous when you comb them back, smoothing and fixing the result with a gel, lotion or wax.
  2. Apply a little texture spray on your fingers and lightly tousle your hair, highlighting individual strands. This deliberate negligence will add to you a teasing sexuality.
  3. A lightly varnished, varnished, will add a hairstyle volume, it will be wonderful to harmonize with the party attire.
  • Trying to reduce the use of styling products to a minimum? Then an indelible soap and hair spray will help you.
  • In order not to weight your head of hair before laying, wash your head with shampoo, giving volume.

Useful information

Pixie is a fashionable and modern haircut, a trend for several seasons in a row, its simplicity does not detract from a huge number of advantages.

It has many varieties and styling options, giving scope for daily experiments and finding your ideal image. You will be equally good at the institute desk, in the office, and at a party at the club.

To get a pixie better "rushed", use our tips:

  1. Do not forget to visit your master regularly, because a pixie loses attractiveness and looks sloppy.
  2. Like other short haircuts, the pixy looks dreadful on dirty hair, and you have no more options to hide unwashed strands by pulling them in the tail.
  3. Pixie concentrates the attention of others on your face. Carefully follow the quality of makeup and skin condition.
  4. If you get fed up with the time, try experimenting with the length of the bangs.

You should not hesitate if you have a desire to part with disgusted long curls, change your image. Although a preliminary consultation with an experienced stylist will not be superfluous. The master will help you choose the best for you hairstyle, hiding shortcomings and emphasizing the undoubted merits of appearance.

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