Juice Diet

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There are a lot of various ways to lose weight, reduce body weight and improve the body. But all of them are basically conjugated with the word diet. And a person immediately has a certain association: a diet means a ban on tasty favorite foods, it's boring, monotonous, tasteless food.

But this can not be said about the juice diet. It is very cheerful, bright and colorful, but also delicious.

Rules of the juice diet

It is clear that the juice diet is only about freshly squeezed juices. With the usual intake of freshly prepared juices, many easily digestible and simply necessary substances enter the body. Juices contribute to the digestive tract, improving skin of the face and body, as well as burning extra calories. To freshly sour and too concentrated juice was not aggressive for the tender mucous membrane of the stomach, it is recommended to dilute the purified water in a proportion of 1: 1.

Juices have a healing effect on the body: beet and apple, for example, have a very positive effect on the cardiovascular system, cherry and carrot strengthen immunity, pomegranate increases the level of iron in the blood, and grape, watermelon and pear are a very effective diuretic.

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Varieties of the juice diet

With regard to weight loss and general health with the help of juices, then there are several recommendations. For example, a glass of juice is useful to drink instead of dinner, which helps to avoid a feeling of hunger, will saturate the body with useful vitamins. Suitable carrot, apple or a cocktail of them.

In addition, you can arrange one day a week unloading, which is allowed to drink only freshly made juices.

The most radical of the juice diets lasts 3-4 days. During a diet, instead of eating, every 3-4 hours a glass or more of any juice, or a mix of several, is drunk. In total a day should be about two liters of any juice diluted with water. But, since the stomach needs solid food for normal functioning, it is not recommended to stay longer on such a diet.

Recipes of cocktails from juice

Here are some recipes for juice slimming cocktails:

  • "Full dessert": a little milk, one banana and half pineapple.
  • "Power of greenery": two green apples, a few twigs of celery, the fourth part of cabbage head.
  • "Ideal skin": 2 sweet red peppers and one cucumber and green pepper.
  • "Sweet Dream": a celery sprig, a green apple, and leaves of a green salad.

Juice diet is not only a way to lose weight and improve the body, but also a remedy for bad mood and spleen.

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