Chinese diet

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Chinese diet is very tough and very low calorie. The duration of the Chinese diet for weight loss - three weeks, or 21 days. Weight is reset for the first two weeks, the third - fixes the result.

It's amazing why this diet got such a name. With the traditional food of the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom, it has nothing to do with, as, however, with the culinary traditions of other Asian countries. Probably, the creators of this diet have decided to give this name a touch of mystery and romance.

Menu of the Chinese diet

Meals are strictly regulated only in the first week, as well as the amount of food consumed. In the second and third week it is allowed to eat at least 10 times a day and in unlimited quantities. But strictly only those foods that are provided for dieting diets.

First week

Three meals a day: for breakfast, lunch and dinner, eat one egg and one orange. Drink only green tea. Naturally, without sugar.

The second week of

Any groats, except for manga and pearl barley, are soaked overnight, and in the morning it is cooked on water without salt and sugar. You can consume any amount. To drink, again, only green tea without sugar.

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Third week

Any vegetables and fruits, vegetable stew, stewed in vegetable oil with the addition of salt are allowed. You can drink, in addition to green tea, even juices and fruit drinks.

Recommendations on the application of the Chinese diet

In the Chinese diet is very tough and difficult the first week. If you survive it, then it should go easier.

The third week is, in fact, an attempt to smoothly exit the diet, moving to a normal balanced diet. However, the complete absence of animal products within two weeks will surely cause you to want to eat on the 22nd day before dumping meat and salsa. It is necessary to suppress this temptation, otherwise such a devouring will end badly. Enter in the diet of animal food, especially meat, little by little, very smoothly and gradually.

It is unlikely that the Chinese diet will help you to formulate the skills of rational nutrition, so if you decided to try it, be especially attentive to your diet after the end of the diet.

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