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Often beginning gardeners do not know for sure whether pruning strawberries is needed. It turns out that there are quite a lot of opinions on this subject so far and it is very easy for a newcomer to get lost before making a final decision. Let's take a closer look at this issue by reviewing and analyzing the pros and cons.

Positive and negative sides of

Pruning is the removal of absolutely all the leaves on the bush, which causes a negative reaction in some gardeners. On the other hand, the procedure allows:

  1. To develop the root system, as when removing the plant from the leaves all energy and nutrients are expended on the roots.
  2. Increases the degree of frost resistance of the plant, and it better tolerates the winter period.
  3. There is an opportunity to get rid of pests that live on the leaves of strawberries and, accordingly, to prevent the development of disease of the plant.

However, the opinions of opponents of pruning the leaves are very reasonable. The procedure can lead to the following negative consequences:

  1. As a result of leaf removal, vegetative and generative buds can be damaged, which will result in a meager yield. As a rule, this happens when pruning, which is carried out in the autumn period. The fact is that it is in autumn that the kidneys are tying, of which berries are formed the next year.
  2. When removing leaves, the bush develops longer than it should. This can lead to a later formation of the fruit.
  3. Most pests in the process of cutting leaves fall to the ground, hiding in the soil and surviving even during frosts. In the next season, they can move to new leaves, infect them again and cause illness.
  4. As the leaves take an important part in photosynthesis, with their help the strawberry "breathes".By removing them, we thereby block the access of some of the oxygen to the plant.

It is necessary to cut strawberries, everyone decides individually. As can be seen from the above, there is no unequivocal solution. Some beginning gardeners do not resort to this procedure only because they are afraid to damage the plant in the process of caring for it. However, they should know that this culture is sufficiently tenacious. Damage to strawberries pruning leaves is unlikely to inflict, especially since the plant reproduces tendrils and is able to quickly update its green mass.

When to remove leaves?

Here even the opinions of experienced gardeners differ greatly. Some believe that it is best to prune strawberries in spring, others - in the middle of summer, and others prefer to do this in the fall. Let's look at each of these opinions to find out for yourself which option is more like.

Most gardeners hold the view that removing leaves from bushes is best done in the spring. It does not affect the yield of strawberries in any way, while actively fighting pests and preventing the occurrence of diseases.

You could notice how in 6-8 weeks of life the leaves begin to become covered with black or brown specks, gradually spoiling and fading. They are considered old and need to be removed. Getting rid of them, you create conditions for the growth of new leaves.

Some gardeners prefer to prune not only the leaves, but also the antennae. At the same time, they observe that the fructification rises and in early summer they get a very rich harvest.

A certain percentage of experienced gardeners recommend cutting strawberries in the summer after June 20.This procedure is carried out on a dry and warm day, in the morning or in the evening. It is necessary for the rejuvenation of bushes and getting rid of sick, old and damaged leaves.

The most dangerous period of removing leaves from the strawberry bush is autumn. It is during this period that new generative kidneys are tied, from which berries appear in the next season.

No matter what opinion you hold on the timing of pruning, remove sick and aged leaves in any case is necessary by the beginning of the winter period. In this case, do not touch the outlet, otherwise it will negatively affect the future harvest.

How to cut strawberries in spring?

As can be seen from the above, the most convenient and safe time to remove strawberry leaves is spring. Before starting this procedure, you should prepare the beds, for which we will need the following tools:

  • Rake or chopper.
  • Garden secateurs( can be replaced with regular scissors designed for garden work).
  • Metal rods for loosening( it should not be very sharp, so as not to accidentally damage the rosette of the plant during operation).
  • Means for applying fertilizers( cylinders with a hose and a special nozzle are often used).

Next, proceed as follows:

  1. Carefully remove all dead leaves with the help of the usual garden pruner, as well as stems of plants frozen in the winter( they will not be useful anyway, as they will not give berries).This procedure can also be done manually. At the same time, you can remove and beginners make their way from the ground weeds.
  2. All garbage which was formed during operation, it is necessary to rake from the land. If you accidentally touch any strawberries during cleaning, do not worry. As a rule, sick and weak plants that will not bear fruit are easily pulled out of the earth. Healthy strawberry bushes will remain in the ground.
  3. With a metal rod, we gently loosen the soil around the strawberry. This will bring down the crust formed over the winter on the surface of the soil and provide the root system of the plant with access to oxygen.
  4. The treated land is well moistened. To water strawberries you can use special spray-torsion. If this is not possible, you can do with a conventional watering can.
  5. We proceed to the next stage - we introduce fertilizers( organic or mineral) into the soil.

Pruning strawberries in summer

The goal is to get rid of damaged and diseased leaves, while retaining stronger and younger shoots for wintering.

Usually pruned strawberries after fruiting in the beginning or middle of August.
Additionally during this period, the antennae of the plant is cut off. It is best to work with garden scissors or a thin pruner. Pay attention, if you remove the antenna with your hands, you can accidentally damage the root system.

As a rule, no more than 8 stems are left on each bush. The others are neatly trimmed with the help of garden tools. If there is no need to rejuvenate the plant, this procedure can be postponed until the fall.

Secrets of effective pruning of strawberries - video

Pruning of strawberries in autumn

It is recommended to start this exercise before the onset of the first frosts. Beforehand it is necessary to loosen the soil on the land. Time should be chosen based on the climatic characteristics of the area. In some regions, the first freezing can occur in September, and in others - in November.

To allow the plant access to oxygen loosening should be carried out to a depth of up to 15 cm. However, immediately next to the bush, the soil should be loosened no more than 3 cm deep so as not to damage the roots as a result of careless actions. This can be done with a chopper, forks or an ordinary garden shovel.

Cutting strawberries in autumn is not particularly difficult.

However, you should follow the generally accepted rules:

  • First of all, it is necessary to remove stems, which in large quantities accumulated inside the bush. In order for the plant to develop better and have access to the sun's rays, it must be well-toned, leaving about 7 stems for winter.
  • Next, they move on to removing diseased, damaged and infected pests of leaves and stems. You must also remove the leaves that lie on the ground.
  • You should not trim the leaves and stems of the plant under the root. As a rule, only the leaf leaf is removed. This way you will save the kidneys, from which the next season will form a new green mass, and berries.
  • When removing the antennae, get rid of only weak and damaged ones. Strong and healthy sprouts with rosettes leave for the next season. If you are not interested in further reproduction of strawberries, you can safely clip them.

After all the above actions have been carried out, it is possible to introduce fertilizers into the soil and feed it with useful microelements. Along with the procedure of circumcision, this will allow in the next season to obtain a large and abundant harvest. To make up, you can take mineral or organic fertilizers.

Do not forget about weeds. Carefully remove them with a garden fork or chopper. After 2-3 days, ensure the land is well watered, while adding a little of manganese to the water.

After removal of leaves and excess stems, strawberries should be watered daily until new leaves appear. If the bushes can fully renew before the first cold, even the coldest winter will be completely fearless for him.

To prevent the strawberry from freezing, the ground can be covered with a layer of pre-shredded sawdust or straw. Only after the whole complex of these actions your strawberry will be completely ready for the winter period. Next year it will develop better and less ache.

Pruning strawberries after harvest - video

Let's sum up:

  • Every gardener decides himself when to cut strawberries.
  • As a rule, this procedure is carried out in spring and autumn.
  • It allows you to update the plant bushes, develop the root system and get rid of the pests that cause the disease.
  • Removal of leaves, antennae and stems should be done carefully, so as to not accidentally damage the kidneys, which will result in a decrease in yield in the next season.

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