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  • Design of a small kitchen - how to choose kitchen headsets?
  • Kitchen furniture for a small kitchen
  • How to equip a small kitchen
  • What should be the design of a kitchen area of ​​6 square meters.m?
  • Kitchen table for a small kitchen
  • Kitchenette for a small kitchen
  • Design of wallpaper for a small kitchen

A small kitchen is a legacy left to us by architects who designed residential buildings of the second half of the last century. In the so-called "Khrushchevs", equipped with tiny( 4-6 square meters) kitchens, the overwhelming majority of the Russian population now reside.

Everyone who has ever lived in such an apartment knows how uncomfortable it is to cook in a small kitchen, let alone use it as a canteen, when even a small family gathers at the table.

However, experienced experts in interior design argue that with a competent organization of space, even a small kitchen can be made stylish and comfortable. For this you need to know some tricks and secrets, which we will now share with our readers.

Design of a small kitchen - how to choose kitchen headsets?

  • Owners of apartments with small kitchens should not pay attention to furniture equipped with fanciful facades of streamlined and curved configurations: in a confined space they will look too cumbersome. It is better to give preference to furniture that has a compact rectangular shape.
  • The facades of kitchen sets for small kitchens, made of glass( matt or transparent) will visually expand the room.
  • Many kitchen sets designed for small kitchens are equipped with folding tables or a pull-out top. Such adaptations allow not only to save scarce space, but also, if necessary, they make it possible to quickly transform it, turning into an additional workplace or a table for a light snack in a matter of seconds.
  • Built-in technology in such headsets should not be located above the level of the belt.
  • In order to be comfortable in a small kitchen, it is necessary to connect the three tops of the kitchen triangle( cooker - sink - refrigerator) with the pieces of the table top: this will provide it with a small but comfortable working surface.
  • For small kitchens it is necessary to choose modern headsets, the doors of which can be moved apart, folded, reclined and lifted( the usual swing doors require too much space).

Modern design of the kitchen set intended for a small room, involves the use of special accessories and modern accessories.

It is better to give preference to headsets equipped with convenient retractable and withdrawable mechanisms that make it easy to drive all storage systems located in the most remote and hard-to-reach corners of kitchen cabinets.

"Smart" storage systems can be equipped with the following mechanisms and devices:
  • Turning mechanisms.
  • with organizer boxes.
  • «Magic corners».
  • Carousel shelves.
  • The system "locomotive".
  • Containers.
  • Grids.

Kitchen furniture for a small kitchen

Thinking about how to decorate a small kitchen, you need to remember the following points:

  • For the design of a small kitchen, you need to choose furniture of light colors that do not contrast with the coloring of the walls, because in this case it will look more compact and elegant.
  • A great option for a small kitchen environment is the use of furniture made of glass or transparent plastic. Furniture, creating a sense of weightlessness, visually increases the space of the room.
  • An irreplaceable element of the environment and organization of the working area in the modern kitchen is the use of rails and hinged shelves. Thanks to them, a large number of small, but necessary items will always be at hand, without creating confusion on the working surfaces of the countertop.
  • The same effect can be achieved by open hanging shelves made of tempered glass.
  • In a small kitchen it is not necessary to use furniture of small dimensions, as this can lead to the reverse effect of the disorder. When undertaking the refitting of a small kitchen, it is necessary to carefully consider the list of the most necessary items of the situation and limit ourselves to this minimum.
All furniture( or at least one of its elements) in a small kitchen should aim at the ceiling: from this the room space will seem much higher.
  • The lack of square meters can be more than compensated for by effectively using the vertical space of the kitchen walls by placing a large number of hanging cabinets equipped with convenient devices to keep their doors open.

How to equip a small kitchen

The design of a small kitchen in a Khrushchevka involves the placement of a kitchen set and other furniture, which leaves free the maximum amount of free space. That's why for small kitchens it is recommended to purchase headsets of either angular or linear configurations.

  • With a linear layout of the room, cabinet furniture is placed only along one wall, since this method of furniture allows the most economical use of every centimeter of useful area and is suitable even for the tiniest rooms.
  • In small kitchens that have the shape of a square, an angular layout is often used, in which household appliances and all pieces of furniture are placed along walls adjacent to each other.

The advantage of angular planning is the maximum effective use of the angle formed by the walls. Thanks to it the corner area of ​​the kitchen becomes very compact and convenient place for storing a lot of useful things in everyday life. In the corner often have a sink and hob.

Kitchen design 8 sq. M.m provides four schemes of furnishing:
  1. Single-row layout( in which furniture is located along one wall).
  2. Two-row layout( with the arrangement of furniture and household appliances along two parallel walls).
  3. Arrangement of furniture in the form of the letter D.
  4. Angular room planning.

The latest layout of furniture is the most optimal for the design of a small kitchen, which has an area of ​​eight square meters.

The working triangle will occupy a very small area and will provide the hostess with the maximum comfort for movement and manipulation necessary for working in the kitchen.

With this method of lay-out, it is advisable to place the sink in a corner, by installing a cabinet under it to store the necessary kitchen utensils, and make the refrigerator the last link that closes the whole chain. If necessary, the door of the refrigerator can be moved in such a way that it fits into the chosen scheme and does not clutter up the space( the benefit that all modern refrigerators provide for this possibility).

What should be the design of the kitchen area of ​​6 square meters.m?

Professional designers are able to "stretch" the space of small kitchens, using a rich arsenal of tricks that can create the effect of deception. We offer you the following kitchen design ideas:

  • The best layout of the space is the correct design of the walls: they should be painted in neutral and calm shades with a small amount of color accents.
  • The design of a small kitchen is unthinkable without well thought out lighting. Ideally, natural and artificial lighting should complement each other, especially when it comes to rooms whose walls differ in depth and color saturation.
  • It is advisable to make the curtains light and translucent and to equip the kitchen with a large number of lights of the local illumination ( the most advantageous in this case are point LED lights).In combination with furniture that reflects well the light( we already talked about the advantages of glass and chrome surfaces), competently executed design of the kitchen 6-7 sq.m.m is able to significantly expand the tight space.
  • The design of the small kitchen in Khrushchev is well complemented with light textiles, painted in soft shades of pastel tones with soft prints. This is necessary to create the effect of expanding the space due to a smooth color transition. With the use of flashy and bright color invoices, the opposite effect of "squeezing" space is achieved.
Another trick that helps visually increase the space of the kitchenette is the design of the living room combined with the kitchen. You can paint the walls of both rooms in the same or similar colors, and also cover them with identical wallpaper. As a result, they will be perceived as a common large space.
  • The design of a small kitchen in an apartment with small rooms should allow for the use of no more than two color shades. The simpler the color solution of the room - the wider its space seems.
  • The same rule applies to the use of prints on textiles and patterns on wallpaper. If you can not do without them, then you should choose wallpaper and textiles, or with a relief ornament that merges with the color of the base, or with a very pale pattern.
  • The design of the narrow kitchen provides for the use of single-tone light shades for the walls, and an interesting effect of space expansion can be achieved due to the formation of the floor by transverse stripes of contrasting colors. In this case, the strips are laid out of moisture-resistant laminate or ceramic tiles.
Most often, narrow kitchens are furnished with white furniture, which has the ability not to create a feeling of congested space and looks light and weightless.

Pastel shades( cream, light gray and beige) in the coloring of kitchen furniture can also be a good option for the design of narrow rooms.

Planning the situation of a narrow kitchen, furniture is best placed either in two rows or in the form of a letter P. The latter option is most suitable for very compact rooms, since this arrangement of furniture allows you to optimally organize space and create a large area for housing appliances and storage of all kinds ofkitchen utensils.

Filling a narrow kitchen with space and air is capable of furniture painted in light green or light blue hues, and the main rule in the design of a narrow room is the condition of lightness of the upper part of the space. Therefore, the furniture located below, can be dark. In this case, the color contrast of the dark bottom and the bright top works well.

As there is almost no room left for the dining area in the narrow kitchen, it is advisable to equip the with a compact wall rack , which can be used as a convenient place for quick snacks and breakfast.

Design of a small kitchen with a bar counter radically transforms the interior of a small room and significantly saves its space, making the kitchen cozy and comfortable.

Kitchen table for a small kitchen

Choosing a dining table for a kitchen in a small apartment, you need, first of all, to answer a number of questions:

  1. For what purpose will it be intended( will it be quick snacks or leisurely family meals)?
  2. In which part of the kitchen will it stand( depends on the convenience of the guests, who need some space to get up and sit down from time to time)?
  3. How many people should it be calculated( meaning the daily number of eaters)?

Answering all these questions, you can easily determine the size and shape of the future dining table.

It is desirable, if the table in a small kitchen is folding or sliding: it will save some space and without that a small room. Modern furniture industry offers a large number of different modifications of the tables-transformers.

The smallest kitchens, in which there is no space even for the smallest table, are equipped with miniature bar counters or make the tabletops reclining. Fans of bold interior solutions can be advised to dwell on the option of a sliding table equipped with a set of the same sliding stools that turn after folding into compact boxes.

In a small kitchen, it is better to abandon square or rectangular tables and give preference to round or oval shaped tables, since they occupy a much smaller area, and the absence of sharp corners makes such tables ideal furniture for warm friendly gatherings.

Dining table for a small kitchen with a table top made of glossy glass, will bring to its interior beauty, elegance and ease. Considerable importance is played by the number and shape of the legs at the dining table. Massive constructive elements are generally inappropriate in a tight confined space, therefore, choosing a dining table, choose the models with thin legs of chrome-plated metal.

For the kitchen in the classical style, you can choose a round table made of wood, which has only one( carved wooden or intricately forged metal) leg.

It should always be remembered that owners of even the smallest kitchens should take care of the increased comfort of a place intended for a meal. It is better to give up a couple of extra cabinets and excess kitchen utensils, and bulky household appliances can be replaced with compact options.

Kitchenette for a small kitchen

Manufacturers of Russian furniture, familiar with the problem of planning small apartments, produce quite compact sets of kitchen corners that can easily be placed in a limited space of Russian cuisines.

Kitchen corners are multifunctional. In addition to its main function( providing maximum comfort to all family members during rest and eating), they play the role of a convenient system for storing many necessary kitchen things and food products, since manufacturers equip them with a large number of convenient niches, shelves, folding and drawers.

There are both left-hand and right-hand versions of kitchen corners. Recently, manufacturers began to offer furniture with a universal mobile corner, which eliminates the problems associated with the layout of the room. This is especially true for families who are often forced to change their place of residence. Some models of kitchen corners are equipped with a compact sleeping place. With a competent layout of the room, even in a small kitchen, you can arrange such a corner.

Before buying a kitchen corner, you need to carefully measure the room, having previously put in place the most overall furnishings: a gas stove, a refrigerator and a dishwashing machine. This will save you from the unpleasant surprises associated with the fact that purchased furniture does not fit into the space allocated for it.

The latter circumstance is another plus in favor of the kitchen corner, since in addition to solving the actual problem of space saving, this kind of furniture relieves the owners of the additional costs for the purchase of additional shelves and lockers.

Design wallpaper for a small kitchen

  • Experienced designers recommend using the combination of wallpaper for visual expansion of small space. For example, using the color of a peach, pearl or milk as a color base, you can combine it with fruit and berry shades of raspberries, strawberries and bright green grass.
  • If you use curbs in the design of a small kitchen, you can duplicate them with a bright ribbon of wallpaper in contrasting colors. Sometimes, with bright wallpaper, the wall is completely pasted, which has a dining table. This decoration revitalizes and refreshes every small room.
  • In kitchens with low ceilings, it is best to use wallpaper either of pastel or warm sun colors.
  • To the kitchen, pasted with soft pastel shades, did not look boring, you must place colorful color accents on the walls, boldly combining wallpaper contrasting colors.
  • When selecting wallpapers, it should be remembered that they will be the backdrop for kitchen furniture, accessories used for it, curtains and kitchen textiles, so you need to take this into account to create a harmonious interior.

Interesting small kitchen design ideas:

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