Atomic diet

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The atomic diet consists in the alternation of protein and carbohydrate days. Reviews about this diet are only positive.

Protein days

On protein days, you can eat the following foods: chicken, beef, rabbit, fish, low-fat dairy and sour-milk products( cheese, yogurt, yoghurt, cottage cheese).You can consume foods in unlimited quantities, but without any additions. Alcohol in these days can not be used categorically.

Sample menu on protein days:

  • For breakfast, eat 1-2 boiled eggs, drink a cup of coffee with milk, as well as a piece of low-fat cheese or a portion of low-fat cottage cheese.
  • For lunch, boiled meat( chicken, veal, beef) or boiled broth with pieces of meat. You can also put out or bake chicken breast or shanks, or chicken legs.
  • For dinner, you can cook and eat any protein products, except meat. You can eat a portion of cottage cheese, stewed or baked fish, and drink kefir.

Carbohydrate days

In carbohydrate days, you can eat only vegetables in various forms: vegetable soups, stewed vegetables, stews, broths, salads. Everything should be prepared without sauces and meat. You can dress salads with olive or sunflower oil. Vegetables can be used any, except potatoes. Also these days you can eat various fruits, except for bananas and white grapes.

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It is advisable to cook from fresh vegetables and fruits, and do not use semi-finished products, since they contain no valuable vitamins.

Sample menu on such days:

  • For breakfast make a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, adding olive oil.
  • For lunch you can cook borscht or cabbage soup with the addition of beans. You can also make a salad of cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes. In a limited number you can eat homemade pickles - cucumbers, tomatoes, lecho, as well as ketchup.
  • For dinner, you can prepare a vinaigrette or vegetable stew.
  • During the day, between meals, you can eat fruit.

General rules of the atomic diet

During the whole diet you need to give up alcohol. This diet is practically accessible to everyone, there are no contraindications for its compliance. Only if there are any chronic illnesses, before its beginning it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

Throughout the diet, you need to consume at least one and a half liters of water per day. It is necessary for normal digestion and withdrawal of metabolic products.

On such a diet, you can sit as much as you want, to begin with, try to sit for a week and you will see the result.

It is undesirable to go out of such a diet, it is necessary to include other products, such as buckwheat, pasta, oatmeal, etc., on the sly.

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