Tall beautiful hairstyles with their own hands

  • Preparatory stage for creating stylish high hairstyles
  • Short hair is not a barrier to high hairstyles
  • High hairstyles for medium and long curls
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How to create your own unique style, look extraordinary and every day in a new way? The answer is unusually simple: master some simple techniques of creating hairstyles. After all, daily styling should not be just a trivial tail or a smooth bundle, and for the construction of the evening it is not necessary to visit the beauty salon and sit for hours in the barber's chair.

Stylish high hairstyle draws attention to your face, emphasizes its dignity, opens the line of shoulders and neck for everyone to see, glamorous chic and sexy.

For a compelling appearance, neither the hair length nor the lack of special skills is an obstacle. All you need is:

  • a little patience;
  • time reserve;
  • a set of the simplest accessories;
  • locking means;
  • unlimited flight of fantasy.

To implement your ideas, use only high-quality materials. Products for styling should be combined with the type of curls, without heavier or overloading them. An important aspect is the protection of strands, thermal sprays, liquid crystals and oils will not be superfluous. Our article will give you some fresh and relevant ideas.

Preparatory stage for creating stylish high hairstyles

Hair experiments can have a detrimental effect on the condition, health and appearance of the strands. In order to protect your own hair, for the upcoming manipulations use:

  1. Strengthening hair masks. Do not forget about this important cosmetic remedy, especially when you wash your hair before a "grandiose" event.
  2. Combs with soft, preferably plastic, teeth, equipped with protective tips. They do not electrify the hair, do not hurt the scalp.
  3. Reduce the use of a hairdryer to the minimum required.
  4. Having come home, undoubtedly, tired, yet do not be lazy to pull out the studs, untwine braids, comb your hair, wash off fixing means.

Short hair is not a barrier to high hairstyles

The fact that most elegant hairstyles are designed for medium and long hair are indisputable, however, owners of even ultra-short haircuts should not despair. Below are a few simple hairstyles, helping to create on short hair elegant images for all occasions.

  1. Glamor mess. Such a styling will complement the female version of the haircut of bob and ganson, will give the appearance a deliberate negligence and at the same time a style. Suitable for informal situations, gatherings with friends, visits, going to school, college and work, if the rules of your office do not specify special standards of appearance of employees. Using a brush and a hairdryer, lift and arrange the strands in the desired direction, fix the result with a lock. Sharp feathers will help to create the mousse put on the tips.
  2. Straighten hair with a hair dryer and comb, fasten them with a bandage decorated with stones. Such an accessory will not let your hair become disheveled, it is suitable for hiking in a restaurant and themed retrovecherov, where your image of a lady from the 20s of the last century will make a splash.
  3. Styling in the spirit of the famous Marquise de Pampadour, adoring high hairstyles with a tuft, will emphasize and highlight facial features. Having received a second birth a few seasons ago thanks to Miley Cyrus, she has not lost relevance today. To create it on short hair, separate the front part of the curls, sprinkle them with varnish and make a light hair. Then put the hair back, slightly combing without damage to the volume.
  4. The lucky owners of haircuts will go to fashionable Greek hairstyles, helping to create an unusually gentle, feminine and soft image. To create them, usually used all sorts of hoops, but you can do without them, twisting the side strands in bundles and zakolov their hairpins.

High hairstyles for medium and long locks

On average, and the more long, the hair range of possible laying is amazing. And the current "hairstyle" boom obliges every self-respecting beauty to try at least a few options.

Classic version - a high beam of

Such a hairstyle will go to almost all women of fashion. She will love you with the simplicity of her creation and the external elegance, suitable for both solemn events, and for daily styling. To create it, follow the instructions below:

  1. Carefully comb the hair with a brush. Obedience to the locks will help to give the spray applied beforehand from the roots to the tips for styling.
  2. Assemble the highest tail, fastening it with a tight elastic band. Ideally, the tail base should be visible in the mirror.
  3. Curl the curls in a bundle, fixing the studs.

Lacquer with super strong fixation will help to give the hair a smoothness. If desired, the strands that have been knocked out can either be secured by invisible persons, or left free to fall into deliberate disorder. After twisting curls curling your face, you add an image of romance.

Your pencil is lined with a rubberized bagel. The locks are neatly fastened with pins, and the ends are hidden beneath its base.

High tail

High, or horse, tail - another win-win option for long and medium hair. A similar hairstyle is a favorite of many celebrities, including Angelina Jolie, Rooney Mara, Jennifer Lopez. The tail advantageously opens the neck line and is easy to carry out. It will take no more than 15 minutes to create it.

  1. Treat curls with a styling agent.
  2. Use a shovel-like comb to collect all the hair on top of the head.
  3. Watch for the absence of "cockerels" - unattractively knocked out and protruding strands around the tail.
  4. Fix curls with a tight elastic band.
  5. A small string wrapped around the base of the tail will help to hide the elastic band.


The snail, or shell, which got its name due to the shell of all known mollusks, originated in ancient Greece. Interest in it has not declined for several tens of centuries, and there are a great many varieties. Locks can be collected in a tight bundle, woven into an intricate braid, playfully disheveled.

Regardless of the chosen variety of "shell" you will look feminine and elegant. Such a hairstyle is appropriate for a gala evening, for dinner with business partners, and for attending a lecture at an educational institution. The optimal length of hair is medium.

How to make a "snail", the following instructions will tell:

  1. Treat locks with a styling aid and carefully comb. Easy combing will help add extra volume to your hair. Tie a loose, low tail.
  2. Grab the tail at the base with the hair knitting needles and start twisting.
  3. Evenly distribute the curls along the surface of the knitting needle.
  4. Fasten the curls with hairpins and invisible objects. A few falling strands will give you a playful appearance.
  5. Fix the result with a varnish.

60th come back - a high hairstyle babetta

This fashionable high evening hairstyle comes from the middle of the last century, is a more voluminous analogue of the shell. It gives the volume of thin curls, and naches allows you to keep the styling for a long time even in difficult weather conditions.

  1. Preliminarily washed and processed with styling agent, split the hair with a horizontal part.
  2. The top part of the headpiece is combed to the face and temporarily fixed with a hairdressing clip.
  3. The occipital part of the hair, gathered in a tall tight tail, is carefully scratched from the inside.
  4. From the resulting lush beam, form a roller and roll it closer to the crown.
  5. "Cover" the design with unkempt strands and secure with invisible devices.

Very impressive looks Babette's high hairstyle with a bang, the latter can be laid obliquely, straight or curled in curl.

It's time to try on a crown

A classic high hairstyle made of braids framing the head like a crown or a wreath is appropriate with both an evening gown and a business suit. She decorates the heads of the film stars and business ladies. And in its basis lie all kinds of weaving and braid from the classical Russian to the unusual Greek.

Your locks should be at least medium length. Most often, two braids are braided, which are then fixed around the head, giving you a resemblance to the crowned person.

Similarly, a wreath of braids can be weaved on the head of a spiral or heart.

Back to childhood - bows and horns

The image of a naughty girl will help create tall horns made of hair.

  1. Divide the hair into oblique or straight parting.
  2. At the site of the proposed horns, collect the two tails. To create a strong "rod" you can use not one, but two or three rubber bands.
  3. Around the base of the tails, twist your hair spirally upward.
  4. Fix the result with the studs.

Bright and youthful look will give your image a bow of hair.

  1. At the site of the proposed bow, collect the curls in the high tail, it can be both in the center of the head and on the side.
  2. From the tail form a loop and secure it with a second rubber band. Leave the tip loose, pointing to the face.
  3. Divide the loop into two parts, and from the free tip make the core of your bow, wrapping it back and securing it with a hair clip.
  4. The resulting result, fix with varnish. If it is appropriate, you can use varnish with sparkles.


When a girl's soul wants diversity, use one of the variants of high hairstyles suggested by us. They are simple in execution and original, and the undoubted plus is the possibility of recreating them with your own hands.

Do not be afraid to experiment and change, do it more often and with pleasure!


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