The Swedish diet

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The effectiveness of any of the diets is indicated by its final result. Choosing the right option, it is necessary to pay attention to reviews of people who have tried the diet. As for the Swedish diet, its results are simply amazing, it can lose up to 7 kilograms a week, and this is not a joke.

The basic principles of the Swedish diet

It's quite simple: the dietary option offered by Swedish nutritionists allows you to get rid of the hunger that seems to be present all the time, especially those who want to lose weight and limit themselves in eating. The Swedish diet will not only help get rid of excess weight, but will improve health. By resorting to its use, you can not worry because of the possible appearance of dizziness or nausea, this diet is absolutely not harmful to health.

The main emphasis of the Swedish diet is that meat consumption is minimized, but at the same time, meat is still present in the diet of slimming, it can be chicken breast, however, only a few times a week. This diet is based on the use of protein products, which must be prepared correctly, without the addition of excess fats and excess salt.

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The diet on the Swedish diet

The set of products is quite simple and does not require serious material investment. Fish, milk, eggs, fruits and buckwheat are the most suitable products. Strangely enough, "on the Swedish diet" you can eat even potatoes, which in most cases is a prohibited product.

It takes only a week to stick to the diet and indeed the result is worth it. With regard to the recommendations for a set of foods that should be preferred in this diet, the list is fairly simple.

  • You can and should eat fruits and vegetables. It is best not to get carried away with bananas, melons and grapes, since they contain much more sugar than in all other fruits. Potatoes should be consumed only in boiled form, can be mashed.
  • The meat can not be completely eliminated, since the animal protein is very important for the organism, so if meat is, then only twice a week, it is desirable that it is a boiled chicken.
  • Among a wide variety of cereals, you should pay tribute to buckwheat and oatmeal. This is the best side dish for both meat products and fish.
  • Fish should be cooked in a double boiler or boiled. Diversify the diet can be cooking meat bits and fish cutlets.
  • Milk should be chosen low-fat.

Try this diet, and then your reflection in the mirror will start to please you again.

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