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Want to lose weight delicious and without harm to health? Choose a Kremlin diet! In the article about its principles, as well as tables with points, an approximate menu and recipes of dietary dishes.


  • The Kremlin diet and the whole truth about it
  • The Kremlin's diet for weight loss: features and benefits
  • Kremlin diet results
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  • Menu of the first phase of the Kremlin diet.
  • Kremlin diet: menu for the week
  • Kremlin diet: menu for 10 days
  • Kremlin diet: menu for the month
  • Video: The Kremlin diet. Menu
  • The Kremlin diet: recipes for dishes
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  • Kremlin diet reviews of slimmed
  • Video: The Kremlin diet

The diet for weight loss is still in vogue. But most modern women no longer want to lose weight at any cost, for example, starving for weeks. It is important for them to be not only slim, but also healthy and able-bodied.

Therefore, young ladies increasingly prefer the right diet or the most balanced diets with a varied and sufficient diet, approved by nutritionists and doctors. One of these is the Kremlin diet. For decades of its existence, it helped to lose weight, probably hundreds of thousands of people.

The Kremlin diet and the whole truth about it

One name of the system of dietary nutrition is intriguing. Many still believe that it was made up for the representatives of higher power and somehow leaked to the people in an astonishing way. But the Kremlin diet has never become a secret. It is a kind of Atkins diet, which was adapted and published in the newspaper by Yevgeny Chernykh back in Soviet times.

Thousands of people picked up his idea and immediately decided to try the Kremlin diet on themselves. It has become extremely popular! Next came the book of E. Chernykh, in which the author explains all the subtleties of weight loss by his system, provides a detailed menu and a huge number of recipes for delicious, and most importantly, promote weight-loss dishes.

IMPORTANT: Despite the popularity of the Kremlin diet and its adaptation to the mentality of the Eastern European, it is considered less balanced and effective than its progenitor, the Atkins diet.

The Kremlin's diet for weight loss: features and benefits of

The Kremlin diet is not even a diet, but rather a staining system. Its duration can be different, it depends on what the initial weight of a slimming person and how many kilos he wants to lose. Usually, according to a special system, they are fed from 7 days to 2 months. But there are people who preferred to stick to the principles of the Kremlin diet all their lives.

Very often, the Kremlin diet is considered to be non-carbohydrate, in reality it is not quite so. Yes, the weight loss system provides for a limited consumption of this macronutrient, but does not completely exclude it. Thus, a person continues to eat in a balanced way, receives all the substances necessary for his body.

Carbohydrates are the main "fuel" in the human body.

  • To get energy in the process of metabolism, they are involved first of all
  • If carbohydrates enter the body in an amount not sufficient to cover the daily energy consumption, the compensatory mechanism
  • is activated. The metabolism includes internal resources stored by the body, so to speak, in reserveenergy is converted to its own fat. Weight loss begins
  • The developers of the Kremlin diet took into account the peculiarities of metabolism in humans and the time that is necessary to rebuild the body for a new type of food.
  • Therefore, the weight loss system is divided into two stages, each of which has a length of one week or two

  • The amount of consumed carbohydrates in the first stage of the diet should not exceed 20 g
  • In the second stage, when the metabolism has already been restructured and accelerated, the amount of these nutrients can be increased
  • The daily rate will be 40 g
  • Nutritionists and all those who tried to lose weight "by-Smilewski ", note that the diet has a number of undoubted advantages
  • Diet nutrition is sufficient, balanced and varied
  • There is a possibility to cook many delicious dishes
  • You do not need to starve in the evening, refusing to eatin the supper
  • The system of balls abolishes the complex calculation of calories and greatly simplifies the compilation of the menu
  • . You can eat affordable and inexpensive products on the diet, it does not hit your pocket

IMPORTANT: By consuming enough calories a day, a person on the Kremlin diet not only has the strength to work anddaily business, but also can engage in fitness, go to the gym, which will make the result of losing weight even more significant.

Even considering all the obvious advantages, the Kremlin diet can not be called universal. It is suitable only for absolutely healthy people. You can not sit on it categorically:

  • to those who have chronic problems with the kidneys, liver, stomach and intestines
    to pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers
  • to people undergoing recovery from surgery or serious illness

IMPORTANT: Before taking any diet, includingincluding the Kremlin, you should assess your own health and get medical advice.

Although the Kremlin diet does not have a direct principle to focus on nutrition on proteins, it follows from its menu. Excessive consumption of proteins, be they plant or animal, leads to the accumulation of toxins in the body, creates a load on the liver, pancreas and kidneys. The fact is that the protein is not stored in the body "for a rainy day," but is consumed right here. The organs of excretion have to work more intensively to withdraw its surpluses.

Kremlin diet results

Some imperfections and contraindications to the Kremlin diet do not detract from its result. If you strictly follow its rules, losing weight will necessarily happen, and it will be significant.

In this case, weight reduction will occur solely due to fat burning. Dehydration of the body does not occur, muscle mass, if a person is engaged in sports in parallel, only grows.
So, the following results are possible:

  • minus 5 kg, if you sit on a diet for two weeks
  • minus 10 kg or more if you switch to diet food for a month or two.

Which foods are suitable for the Kremlin diet?

The basis of the diet of the Kremlin diet is animals and vegetable proteins, they can be consumed in unlimited quantities and in every meal. Fats should also be present every day, but they need not be overzealous. Carbohydrates - 20 g or 40 g daily, depending on the stage of the diet.

IMPORTANT: The Kremlin diet means the division of carbohydrates into simple, or fast( sugar, baking, confectionery, etc.), and complex, or slow( cereals and cereals, bread, etc.).Preference should be given to the latter

Therefore, the products suitable for the diet are:

  • lean meat and poultry, by-products
  • sea and river fish, seafood
  • chicken and quail eggs
  • hard and processed cheese
  • milk, cottage cheese, kefir, other fermented milk products
  • vegetables and herbs
  • fruits and berries
  • mushrooms
  • nuts
  • sausages, sausages and ham
  • creamy and vegetable oils
  • cereals
  • coarse bread or diet breads
  • coffee, tea black, green oozeHerbal( only unsweetened)
  • dry wine, spirits( brandy, whiskey, vodka)

Under the ban is sugar, white bread, pastries, candy, cake, and other pastries.

The Kremlin Diet Score Chart of


Each product( 100 g) allowed on the Kremlin diet is assigned a certain number of points( points, conventional units).This amount depends on how many grams of carbohydrates it contains.

Menu of the first phase of the Kremlin diet.

It should be noted that the Kremlin diet means keeping a diary of food. Using the table above, it's easy to make a Kremlin diet menu for every day, week or month. It is necessary to choose dishes and products so that in sum they give the allowed for a certain stage the number of points - 20 for the first and 40 for the second.

If you study the table, it becomes clear that even fruits and vegetables that contain enough carbohydrates and are endowed with a tangible amount of points, in the first stage of the diet should be consumed in a limited way.

The daily ration of the first stage can look something like this:

  • Breakfast : cottage cheese 100 g( 3 points), two boiled eggs( 1 point)
  • Lunch : vegetable salad( 7 points), chicken steamed( 0 points)
  • Snack : walnuts 30 g( 4 points)
  • Dinner : cauliflower casserole 100 g and eggs with cheese( 5 points), boiled chicken( 0 points)

Total: 20 points


  • Breakfast : coloredcabbage boiled 100 g( 5 points), 2 boiled sausages( 1.5 points)
  • Lunch : squid boiled with mayonnaise 150 g( 1 point), tomato salad( 4,5 points)
  • Snack : 10 olives( 2 points)
  • Dinner : chicken breast with cheese 150 g( 0 points), cottage cheese with dill 100 g( 3 points)

Total: 17 points

Kremlin diet: menu for the week

The sample menu for the week of the second stage, where all meals in the aggregate give up to 40 points, Eugene Chernykh leads in his book. You can follow these examples, or, focusing on them, develop your own diet and fix it in the diary of nutrition.
People who have been sitting on the Kremlin's diet for a long time or constantly say that they eventually remember the number of points assigned to a particular product, learn in their minds how to calculate the "value" of the menu for each day, it becomes much easier for them.








Kremlin diet: a menu for 10 days

There are people who want to use the Kremlin diet as a short-term and sit on it for 10 days. Then for the first five days the menu is made with a score of 20 points, for the next five days - by 40 points.

IMPORTANT: Do not expect stunning results from this weight loss system if you sit on it for a week or 10 days. The body will not have time to regroup, it will not be possible to significantly reduce the weight.

The Kremlin diet: menu for the month

If you need to lose 10 kg of excess weight, you need to stick to the diet for at least a month. Every day for the first two weeks you need to consume food and food for 20 points, the second two weeks for 40 points. The last week will be a way out of the diet, which implies a gradual increase in carbohydrates in the daily diet.
It is not enough to know the number of points assigned to a particular product. It is also necessary to calculate how much "ready" multi-component dishes are "priced".Therefore, the author of the diet and her followers have developed a table of ready-made dishes, which helps to orient oneself slimming.

Video: The Kremlin diet. Menu

The Kremlin diet: recipes for dishes

Recipes of delicious dishes followers of the Kremlin diet are divided into forums on the Internet. Also, they are published in magazines and newspapers. The very first were given in the book of E. Chernykh. A couple of examples will give an idea of ​​how deliciously you can lose weight on this system:

RECIPE № 1 : Julien( 4 servings)
It is necessary: ​​chicken breast - 0,5 kg, champignons - 200 g, onions - 1 medium piece, cheesesolid - 100 g, mayonnaise, salt, seasoning.

  • Cut the meat from the breast, cut into 1-1.5 cm pieces
  • Mushrooms are cleaned and cut into slices, onions are cleaned and cut into semi-rings.
  • . Lay out in a baking dish, sprinkle with seasonings, grated cheese, savor mayonnaise
  • In a preheated ovenhold for 30 minutes. One point of the finished julien is 1-2 points

RECIPE № 2: Meat salad with vegetables( 4 servings)
It is necessary: ​​pork chop without bone - 300 g, 1 zucchini, 3 tomatoes, lettuce and watercress - 150g, olive oil, balsamic vinegar - 2 tablespoons, 1 teaspoon of mustard.

  • Meat is thinly cut and fried until ready
  • Vegetables cut into thin slices, salad tear with hands
  • Mix the ingredients and fill
  • 4 servings of

for one portion of the finished salad

RECIPE 3 : Fish cages( 4 servings)
Need: Hake fillet orpollock - 700 g, egg - 1 piece, cheese hard - 100 g, tomato - 2 tablespoons, lemon juice - 1 teaspoon, seasonings and salt - to taste.

  • Fish are cut into 0.5 cm slices, placed in a pot of water, brought to a boil and cooked for 1 minute.
  • . Remove and cool, remove the bones.
  • . Mix the fish with grated cheese and lightly beaten egg.
  • .them on the minimum amount of oil in a non-stick frying pan
  • One portion of cutlets account for 1 point

Soups of the Kremlin's diet

  • Fans of the first dishes will be pleased - on the Kremlin diet can soups. But there are better ones in the second stage, since the portion of each of them tightens by a significant number of points. RECIPE № 1 : Cabbage soup soup( 4 servings)
    It is necessary: ​​onions, carrots, bay leaves - 1 piece, broccoli, cauliflower - 0.5 kg, egg - 2 jokes, hard cheese - 50 g,salt, pepper - to taste.
  • Broccoli cauliflower is divided into small inflorescences, carrots and onions are cleaned, cut into cubes and pass
  • 1 l of water is brought to a boil, salt
  • Put bay leaf, cabbage and passage into it, cook for about 10 minutes, pepper, cook for 3 more minutes
  • Before serving, add eggs boiled in hard soup to the soup and grated cheese.
  • For one serving of soup there are 17 points

RECIPE №2 : Soup from fish and seafood( 4 portions)
Need: cod - 200 g, salmon - 100 g, mussels - 200 g, shrimps - 200 g, tomato juice - 1a glass, salt, seasonings, dill and parsley to taste.

  • Fish are cleaned and cut into pieces, poured into water, brought to a boil, salt, pepper, cooked over medium heat.
  • . At this time, shrimps and mussels are cleaned, they are added together with tomato juice and herbs three minutes before soup preparation
  • . For one serving of soupaccounted for 7.5 points

The Kremlin diet reviews of the slimmed

In reviews, people who chose to lose weight the Kremlin's diet, say that it is really effective. It's easy to get used to a dietary diet. The only difficulty is an internal struggle with the desire to eat something harmful. But it is present when following any diet.
Many are also happy that after the Kremlin diet it is easy to switch to proper nutrition and continue the process of losing weight.

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