Jockey diet

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Perhaps the most effective and fastest diet is the power system that jockeys adhere to. After all, this difficult profession has to constantly monitor its weight, which should not exceed fifty kilograms. Otherwise, they do not see victory at the races.

When you can apply the jockey diet

First of all, it should be noted that a jockey diet for weight loss can be resorted to only as a last resort. In addition, too often and for a long time to adhere to it is simply impossible, because of the severe stress that the human body is experiencing. This can lead to a negative result - a set of excess weight and, in addition, to serious health problems.

Jockey diet can become a real "wand-zashchalochkoy" when we need to lose a couple of extra pounds in a short time. Before an important event in our life, before the competition, where our weight and figure play an important role.

Diet of diet jockeys

The diet lasts no more than three days. The basis of her diet is protein food, which allows you to maintain muscle mass with a general weight loss by burning fat and losing excess fat. High-carbohydrate and fatty foods are strictly prohibited during this period. The diet itself must be observed with all severity, otherwise the result may not justify your expectations.

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1 day - Prepare a carcass of one chicken in the oven( or on a grill).To give a taste and a more appetizing flavor, you can season the dish with black pepper or turmeric. Salt can not be used! Then divide the chicken into four equal parts. This will be your breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

Day 2 - a three-hundred-gram piece of beef is cooked in the same way as a chicken( without salt, it is possible with a spoon of table vinegar and condiments).Also divide the dish into several meals. You can not drink a lot of water that day.

Day 3 - coffee and coffee only! Better strong, black and sugar-free, but do not abuse this drink. In a day, you can drink up to four cups of coffee without sugar. If there is an attack of severe hunger - drink a glass of ordinary water.

Rules of the jockey diet

Before the start of the diet, it is useful to spend several days on a vegetable unloading diet. This will allow your body to easily transfer three days on a fairly sparse diet. After the end of the diet also adhere to a couple of days of low-calorie diet. Eat fruit and vegetable salads, meat and poultry cook for a couple, drink a variety of juices and fruit drinks.

Massage procedures, swimming in the pool, outdoor exercise and sauna significantly increase the effect of the diet. Moreover, physical activity prevents the return of dropped kilograms.

Important! Any chronic disease can become a serious contraindication for a jockey diet. To avoid serious health problems, consult your physician before starting. Or use a more gentle method of losing weight.

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