Short dresses for graduation year 2016

  • Short dress is an excellent alternative to a long one
  • Fashion trends 2017 year
  • Choose a dress according to the figure
  • The actual color palette of short evening dresses

There is not much time left before the graduation parties, so now the girls are thinking about choosing the outfit in which they will lookdazzling. The last school ball is a responsible event, which needs to be prepared well in advance. The image should be thought out to the smallest detail, so that the young lady felt like a real party queen. Classics of the genre are considered luxurious outfits in the floor, but many yesterday's schoolgirls prefer short dresses for graduation.

Short dress is an excellent alternative to the long one

The purchase of prom dresses is not an easy task. We have to go around a lot of shops to finally buy the outfit of your dreams. What is the advantage of the cocktail dress:

  1. First of all - in practicality. It can be worn after the graduation ball that marked the end of the 9th or 11th grade, for example, at parties, discos or just a visit, but a long outfit will most likely remain unclaimed. Buying a chic dress in the floor - not a cheap pleasure, but the opportunity to wear it again may not be introduced soon. By that time there will be a high probability that the dress will simply go out of fashion. Short dresses constitute a serious competition for long, this is due to a lot of fashion trends, dictated by leading designers.
  2. It is also important that for the summer heat the cocktail dress will be more appropriate, and to dance and have fun in it will be much more convenient.
  3. The most important argument: a short skirt makes it possible for others to admire the beautiful slender legs of a young graduate, makes her charming and seductive.

Fashion trends 2017 year

If the girl has made a choice in favor of a cocktail dress, she should understand that her task is to shine, but not to shock the former teachers, parents and peers, so frank and provocative outfits flaunting the charms of yesterday's schoolgirl will be completely out of place.

Sparkling fabrics, flashy design and excessively lush skirts are a thing of the past. Of course, this does not mean that you have to choose an absolutely simple, strict outfit, but the main qualities that a short graduation dress should have are femininity and romance.

In the coming year in the designer collections there is a huge variety of models for the prom. In the trend:

  • classic dresses;
  • is charming with a lush multi-tiered skirt;
  • detachable at the waist, with a skirt resembling a bud of a non-blooming flower;
  • model with American armhole;
  • asymmetric models;
  • corsetry;
  • with a loop;
  • with an overstated waist in Empire style.

As used textures relevant materials satin steel, silk, lace, chiffon, organza. These expensive and exquisite fabrics with their tenderness and airiness set off the youth and beauty of the graduates.

Choosing a dress for the figure

Choosing a dress is a matter of taste, however, to look dazzling, you need to remember not only the features of the figure, but also the features of your character.

For example, strong girl with a reputation as a rebel will not fail to take the opportunity to show off their slender legs in a mini dress and will look dazzling in this case. Modest lady hit the surrounding femininity and charm in a romantic chiffon dress in the Empire style, and it is unlikely to dare to brave a short dress with a corset.

The main thing that the girl was comfortable and physically, and morally in the dress that she chose. This is an important condition for creating a harmonious and expressive image.

Well, of course, you need to consider the features of the build:

  1. The tulip dress will look great on a skinny slender girl, but a young lady with broad shoulders will do too. The skirt, extending from the waist down, will give the thighs the right volume and balance the upper and lower parts of the body.
  2. Corset dress will suit a girl who has magnificent shapes. The main thing - pick it up in size, so as not to create the feeling that the dress is small, and the bust is about to fall out. It will look vulgar.
  3. The dress-case fits all the girls without exception - both slender and plump. Such an outfit perfectly fits the subject of the event, looks elegantly in an adult way, expensive and refined. A girl with fluffy hips needs to give preference to a half-fitting silhouette. Sophistication and charm along will give silk or satin ribbons-ties at the waist and shoulders. In cool weather, you can throw a nice cardigan or stylish jacket on top of the dress.
  4. Chiffon with ruffles and flounces is also suitable for every type of figure, besides it looks festive, touching and cute. A lush skirt will smooth the seductive and provocative mini and make the image soft, even modest.
  5. A mini dress with a long train is sure to be chosen by a brave person with an impeccable figure. By the way, you can buy a dress-transformer: after the solemn part of the tail loop is unfastened, and with a light movement of the hand the dress turns into a short stylish outfit. Thus, the train will not be a hindrance to a girl who wants to have fun all night and have fun. After graduation, the girl will find an application for such a dress. However, there is a risk that it can make the figure shorter than it actually is, so during fitting you need to look at whether it reduces growth.
  6. Dresses in Empire style with high waist, wide trapezoidal skirt and a lot of draperies look delightful and suitable for any shape. This model is ideal for a girl with full legs, lush hips and a miniature top( narrow shoulders and a small bust).Also these girls will wear dresses with spectacular decorative trim on the chest.
  7. Dresses with a belt, a trapezoidal silhouette with a drapery or a skirt year will look great on the girls with a figure resembling an hourglass. In this case, you need to make a bright accent on the waist to emphasize it and balance the top and bottom.
  8. Dresses with multi-layered lush skirts are suitable for young ladies with the figure "inverted triangle".They visually narrow the shoulders, make the hips wider and balance the silhouette, making it light, feminine and seductive. It looks good on such a figure and models with an asymmetrical top or skirt with uneven edges.
It is important to remember one more rule: the shorter the skirt, the more modest the upper. But the model with an open back or a bold neckline should have a skirt more authentic.

If the girl adheres to this recommendation, she will look chic and respectable, not being afraid that she will be accused of vulgarity and lack of taste.

Actual color palette of short evening dresses

No strict canon of what color the dress should be at the prom, no. Many girls prefer a pattern of pastel delicate scales, but one should not adhere to extremely light colors, the image may be dull and insipid. It is necessary to add to it some bright accent: decoration, purse, belt. Then the onion will turn out to be tender, romantic and stylish at the same time.

  • Actual shades in 2017: fuchsia, ultramarine, turquoise, white, pink, peach, and, of course, red. A girl in a short red dress at the graduation party will make a real sensation!
  • In the trend - an exquisite shade with no less exquisite name "shining orchid".
  • A small black dress will be quite appropriate for the prom. This is an eternal trend, and its variations exist a great variety - from laconic models to luxurious ones. Exquisite accessories will make the image really evening and dazzling.
  • The dress can be plain or decorated with ornament. Stylists recommend giving preference to the first option. Girls who love everything bright and colorful, one should take into account that the popular floral print last year gave up its position, giving way to stylish graphic drawings.

When choosing a short beautiful dress for the final stylists recommend orienting yourself to the color-like appearance:

  1. Girls with chestnut, fair-haired or ashy hair and matt, dark-complexioned skin will be dresses of beige, golden, coffee, chocolate,peach, gray, dark blue, purple, mustard, cherry and plum shades.
  2. A burning brunette with light skin is better to give preference to bright colors: black, white, red, yellow, green.
  3. Blondes with a light skin of warm shade should choose cream, light blue, turquoise, emerald, scarlet shades. Will suit them and black.
  4. Young ladies with light skin with a pinkish tinge, red, light brown or flaxen hair will face white, orange, blue, copper, pink, lilac, apricot.
And, of course, no matter what style of short dress for the prom or girl chose, the dress must be supplemented with beautiful shoes with high heels or platform, because such shoes will make the figure slimmer and slimmer.

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