Diet of Dr. Kovalkov

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The diet, developed by the famous Moscow dietician Alexei Kovalkov, does not promise you fast weight loss. However, when you apply it, you can hope for a stable result, which is quite realistic to keep throughout life.

Principles of the Kovalkov diet

Alexey Kovalkov's diet consists of four stages - the preparatory and the three basic ones. With the use of his technique, not only the weight gradually decreases and the volumes go away, but the metabolism in the body is also restructured.

The basis of the diet is the restriction of foods with a high glycemic index. However, foods containing complex carbohydrates are not excluded from the diet, so it is impossible to attribute this diet to a low-carbohydrate diet.

It should be remembered that Dr. Kovalkov's weight loss system is not only a diet. Very important are also rational physical activity, water procedures. We must try to lead an active lifestyle.

Initially, the technique was developed for use in a weight correction clinic, under the supervision of dietitians. However, it is entirely possible to apply it on its own.

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Preparatory stage

The purpose of this stage is to normalize the increased appetite, to teach the body to the necessary restrictions in nutrition, to cope with harmful habits that interfere with losing weight. Its duration is from 2 weeks to a month.

From the diet it is necessary to completely exclude foods with a high glycemic index, as well as any alcohol. Prohibited:

  • sugar and any sweets;
  • baking, bread rolls, white bread;
  • potatoes, corn, carrots, boiled beets;
  • dried fruit, sweet fruit;
  • pasta;
  • white rice.

The main products should be legumes, coarse grains, unsweetened fruits, vegetables( except for banned).In a small amount you can eat lean meat, rye, whole-grain and bran bread.

It is advisable to adhere to a five-time power supply. If you notice a tendency to overeating, then you need to carefully monitor the size of portions.

Already at this stage it can take up to 5 kilograms of excess weight.

The first stage of

The goal is to fundamentally reorganize the metabolism, accustom the body to small portions of food, clean the intestines, restore its microflora, and also get involved in the necessary rhythm of physical activity. Duration - 10-14 days.

At this stage of the Kovalkov diet, the most stringent dietary restrictions are provided. It is necessary to strictly adhere to the daily routine and the prescribed diet.

  • After waking up, drink a glass of warm water.
  • In the morning, before breakfast, - 1 hour walk fast.
  • Breakfast( one hour after the walk): a glass( 200 ml) of low-fat kefir or natural food yogurt, a handful of nuts( any, but best, cedar), a tablespoon of powdered bran.
  • Second breakfast( no earlier than 2 hours): 1 green apple.
  • Lunch( 2-3 hours): 200-300 grams of Greek salad( coarsely chop tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, onions, soy cheese, add olives, fill with a small amount of unrefined olive oil).
  • Snack( not earlier than 2 hours): half a grapefruit or a green apple.
  • Dinner( 2-3 hours): a glass of milk or a squirrel of two boiled eggs.

During the day you can drink 3 cups of green tea, you should drink it no earlier than an hour after eating.

During this phase, it takes 6-7 kilograms.

The second stage of

The task of the second stage is not such fast, but stable weight reduction. There is a transition to a balanced, full-fledged diet. It is necessary at least to keep the level of physical activity, continue daily hourly morning walks, it is desirable to add more serious physical activities, for example, visiting the gym, fitness club or swimming pool 2-3 times a week.

Meals: low-fat cottage cheese, chicken and turkey meat, seafood and low-fat fish are added to the ration of the first stage, as well as any vegetables other than those banned at the preparatory stage. In the day you can also eat up to 700 grams of unsweetened fruit. Methods of heat treatment of products - only cooking or steaming.

Strict adherence to the schedule of meals prescribed by the clock is no longer necessary, but the food should be 5-6-times, with approximately the same intervals between meals. It is necessary to control the volume of portions, in no case to overeat, not to eat up to a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.

The duration of the second stage can be from 1 to 7 months, follow its rules until you reach the desired weight or, despite all the efforts, it will not cease to decline. After this, you can proceed to the third stage of the diet, to adhere to the principles of which Dr. Kovalkov recommends throughout life.

The third stage of

The ration is gradually introduced cereals with a low glycemic index: buckwheat, millet, barley, wild and brown rice. Once in 2-3 days you can eat a little black, whole-grain or bran bread, baked potatoes. From fats to give preference to olive oil, but butter and other animal fats should be used as rarely as possible.

It's rare to eat almost everything, including pastries and sweets, but a little bit. A little more often, about once a week, you can pamper yourself with bitter chocolate and dry wine.

Do not reduce the level of physical activity, on the contrary, try to increase it, however, without bending the stick. If you manage to maintain such a diet and life, the weight loss will not come back to you for many, many years!

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