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  • Memory march "Immortal regiment"
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  • "In the city garden plays a brass band. .."
  • Walking through the parks of the capital
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Heroes die not when they comedeath, and when they are forgotten. Every year the Great Patriotic War fades into the past. Participants of those events are fewer. All the more valuable, that for millions of our compatriots, Victory Day remains a real national holiday. He is a symbol of respect and gratitude for descendants to his great-grandfathers, spiritual unity of a multinational country. We will talk about the events by May 9, 2017 in Moscow.

In honor of the 72nd anniversary of Germany's surrender, about 2000 interactive venues and interesting programs were organized for the guests and residents of the capital. Public events - rallies, parades, folk festivals, concerts, honoring veterans, laying flowers at the monuments to the fallen - are the main events of this day.

Parade at Kremlin's walls

The most significant event of the festival will traditionally begin at 15:00 on Red Square. Unlike the absolutely grandiose last year's jubilee parade, this will be a little more modest, but no less impressive. On May 9, 2017, 11,000 servicemen, about 100 units of equipment and 71 aircraft will participate in the march along Red Square.

For the first time viewers will see cutting-edge:

  • self-propelled artillery "Coalition-SV";
  • missile systems( RC) "Ball" and "Bastion";
  • new versions of Typhoon cars with increased protection.

On the pavement will also pass:

  • missile systems "Yars";
  • self-propelled howitzer Msta-S;
  • anti-aircraft complexes Buk-M2 and Pantsir-C1;
  • tanks "Armata" and T-90A;
  • anti-aircraft guns S-400;
  • armored personnel carriers "Kurganets-25" and BTR-82A;
  • armored infantry vehicles "Boomerang".

In the sky will be circling:

  • heavy transport aircraft AN-124-100, Ruslan,
  • strategic bombers Tu-22M3, Tu-160,
  • interceptors MiG-31,
  • fighters Su-34,
  • helicopters Mi-28, Ka-52, Mi-26.

Aerobatic teams will show their skills.

Legendary war workers - self-propelled SU-100 and T-34 tank - will again take their place in the ranks. The subdivisions of the Second World War will march along the Red Square: Cossacks, pilots, infantry and sailors. Accurately recreated costumes and historical weapons will give the real spirit of Victory to the whole event.

March of Memory "Immortal Regiment"

Muscovites and not indifferent visitors of the city on May 9 are invited to take part in the march "Immortal Regiment".

  • The action begins from the metro station "Dinamo" in Moscow at 15:00 and will continue at the walls of the Kremlin.
  • The purpose of the event is to unite all those who cherish the memory of their grandfathers who won the Victory.
  • In all metropolitan centers providing public services, anyone who wants to join the movement can print a snapshot of a front-line soldier for free.
  • "In 2017," Immortal Regiment "will go from the metro station" Dynamo "to Red Square. The procession will begin at 15:00.We expect from 700 thousand to 1 million participants. If more Muscovites come than last year, the action will be extended by 1-1.5 hours, "the words of N.Zemtsov( co-chairman of the patriotic public movement" Immortal Regiment ")
  • are also given. Participants of the procession will also be able to get free water aroundroute procession, but the field kitchen will not work. This year, the organizers intend to improve the music. Military music will play all the way, and for the participants will be placed screens for the broadcast of the Victory Parade.

Festive Salute

May 9, 2017 at exactly 22:00 Moscow sky lit up with a lot of lights. Victory will be saluted with the help of new installations equipped with a computer launch system to receive a voluminous light panorama.

For 10 minutes will be produced 30 artillery shots and 10 thousand volleys from special installations on the platform of KamAZ.An additional interactive effect will create a floodlight illumination.

It is best to enjoy colorful volleys on Poklonnaya Hill - the main salute area of ​​the capital, the Vorobyovy Mountains lookout and VDNKh.

"In the city garden plays a brass band. .."

Field kitchens, concerts, theatrical performances, military bands and songs of those years on May 9 - in all parks in Moscow. Each district of the capital offers its own special events dedicated to the Victory Day.

On Poklonnaya Hill

Horse show "Traditions of Russia"

The event starts at 17:00.Miracles of dressage will be demonstrated by the Guard of Honor Company, the Presidential Regiment, schools of riders from Moscow and other cities. The Presidential Orchestra will show its skills.

Virtuosi concert

On May 9, 2017, the unsurpassed Symphony Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theater will play on the Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill. Musicians led by conductor Valery Gergiev prepared a unique program specially for the holiday.

"Light of Memory"

On May 9 at Poklonnaya Hill activists will distribute 30 000 glowing bracelets. In the evening before the salute, their radiance will merge with a ten-meter symbol of memory - a composition of flowers and eternal fire.

Walking through the parks of the capital


Amazing vocal performances of the soloists of the television show "Voice. Children "and the performance of the band" Forbidden Drummers "will be heard in Perovsky Park. The highlight of the holiday will be created by the hands of guests from hundreds of paper pigeons "The Wall of the World".The solemnity of the event will be given by a parade of cadets.

To them. Baumana

On May 9th you will be able to visit the show of walking orchestras in the Bauman's garden. The festival is held in Moscow for the fourth time. In 2017, the most unusual brass bands are participating in it: Mosbras, Bubamara Brass Band, ½ Orchestra, Mishanyan Orchestra and others.

You will be surprised, but it turns out that in this form you can perform not only marches and jazz compositions. In the arsenal of walking orchestras - club house, mixes from works of various genres, performed in an unusual manner on the pipe or sousaphone.

Would you like to participate? Create a suit in a cardboard studio, master the basics of playing the trumpet or trombone in the master classes - and go!


The youngest participants of the holiday together with their parents can create costumes and scenery for the children's Victory Day parade and personally take part in it. March will be held on May 9 at 14:30 in the park "Tagansky".

Snow-white balls laid out in the form of a dove of the world, will soar into the sky at 15 o'clock. You can learn how to dance quadrille, waltz for fashionable hits of 30-40 years on a special master class.

In the evening, at 18:00, the event will continue the performance of Eurovision participant - Petr Nalic.

Small platforms

You can learn the basics of foxtrot, waltz and quadrille on Victory Day in the Lilac Garden, Goncharovsky Park.

The musical platform of "Northern Tushino" offers a diverse program - from performances by the soloists of the Bolshoi Opera and to the show prepared by Dacha radio.

Kuzminki Park

The live music of the brass band and the unusual rhythms of the Partizan FM group will be held on May 9, 2017, the costume quest "Military Intelligence. South-East "in the park" Kuzminki ".

The territory will be conditionally divided into subdivisions and, starting from the checkpoint, all participants will master the course of the beginning soldier, rendering medical assistance to the wounded and injured. At the break, you can taste the cooking of the field kitchen and play games.

In the aviation battalion there will be models of military technology. Fashion 40's will be presented in a special defile, and the retro cars can be viewed near. The Moscow part will be visited by Moscow artists with the concert of the concert, laureates of the contest "Spring of the 45th" will perform on the stage. In the evening hundreds of balloons with wishes and dreams will fly to the sky.


Take advantage of the opportunity to touch history in the fullest sense. In the Sokolniki Park in the center of Moscow, accompanied by military bands, there will be an exhibition of military equipment and retro cars of the 1940s.

The most beloved films about difficult years and wonderful people of the epoch and rich gruel, cooked in a real field kitchen, will create the right mood. The performance of the group "Bravo" will provide a pleasant spiritual atmosphere of the post-war years.

Retro cars and military equipment on May 9 can be seen on Pushkinskaya Embankment, in the Hermitage Garden.

Events worth visiting

  • On the Strastnoy Boulevard within the framework of the "Kino Pavilion" event everything will be devoted to the cinema of the war era, creative meetings with famous directors, actors and other filmmakers will be held.
  • For boys and their dads! In the cultural center "Meridian", located on the street. Profsoyuznaya, 61, the annual exhibition of stand models of military equipment is held. There are all: planes, armored troop carriers, tanks, ships, helicopters. And also dioramas of famous battles, fighting robots from the fantasy world, collector's historical miniatures and warriors of all epochs: from Egyptian warriors, to Saxon knights and fighters of special forces.
  • In the fashionable village on the square near the Central Department Store on May 9 will be an unusual event: you can plunge into the atmosphere of the 40's and look at the fashion show in the spirit of those years.
  • On the veranda of the theater "School of Modern Play" at 3:00 pm the program "And friends will convene. ..", dedicated to the works of Bulat Okudzhava, will begin. You are waiting at the address: Middle Tishinsky lane, 5/7, p. 1.The format of the event is open. Performers of the theater, songwriters and poets will perform. The main theme will be poems and melodies about the war.
  • On the Victory Day in Old Arbat will be a photo exhibition of culinary masterpieces of the 40s and 50s and master-classes for their cooking in the framework of the event.
  • May 9, 2017, you can visit the Spring Festival of Flowers in Moscow, held in the "Aptekarsky Garden"( botanical garden) on Mira Avenue, 26, page 1.Amazing tulips, hyacinths, outlandish sakura, magnolias and almond trees. A lot of rare and exotic plants bloom in the Botanical Garden during this period.
  • May 9, 2017 in the sports complex "Olympic" will begin the International tournament on billiards for the Cup of the mayor of Moscow. The event is open to players of any level.


An unusual extreme event for the Victory Day was prepared by Russian athletes.

May 9 at 15 o'clock in Moscow near the metro station "Kantemirovskaya", at Tarny Proezd, 2, will be an exciting stunt show of freestyle with the participation of the best riders of the country. Good mood will be asked by invited music groups.


In the 20 most crowded places in Moscow - near the Bolshoi Theater, Belorussky Railway Station, Manezhnaya Square, Poklonnaya Hill, etc. - interactive stands are installed.

May 9 on the screens will be broadcast information about all the festive events taking place in the city. There will also be poetry and war songs, stories, amazing stories and vivid facts about Victory.

We hope that the choice of interactive venues, concerts, social events and events that will be held in Moscow on May 9, 2017, will make your Victory Day celebration bright and unforgettable.

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