Hairstyles for graduation for moms: stylish styling options

  • Hairstyles that are young
  • Festive laying with a cut of the car at the base
  • 3 festive layings for the quads - video
  • Volume and airiness: laying for medium length hair
  • Tail: fashionable variants
  • Romantic classic: Greek style
  • Stacking at the graduation for shorthair
  • Elegance and simplicity: a bunch of long hair
  • Jewelery for prom hair
  • Beautiful evening hairstyle with your own hands - video

The school graduation party has long become a kind of pasfashion hell. Graduates carefully select outfits, shoes, handbags. No less girls are puzzled by the problem of their parents' image. Congratulate and celebrate the whole family! Hairstyles at the graduation party for moms should be smart, but concise. The mothers of graduates have long been 35. But their images should meet the main idea of ​​the school ball, the holiday of youth.

Hairstyles that are young

A stylish woman should avoid the hairstyles that will make her at the school ball more adult, will give a tinge of bad taste. It:

  • rigid, ringlets, abundantly filled with varnish;
  • high complex laying;
  • overhead tails;
  • contrasting coloring.

Hairstyles with bangs mask wrinkles on the forehead and create a mysterious effect. It is possible to put the bangs in the original way at home, without the help of a stylist:

  1. You need to apply foam to lay on slightly damp hair.
  2. Then dry the bang bar with a hair dryer, slightly bending inwards.
  3. The side parts are smoothed out with an iron, and in the middle they give a careless look with your fingers and special wax. The hairstyle fits any type of face.

The second option is soft waves. Curls in this hairstyle are created only on the ends of medium length hair:

  1. Clean hair is smeared with a modeling tool, dried with a hair dryer with a large round brush.
  2. Separating the thick strands, curl them curl up to the middle of the head. Stylists advise before styling to treat hair with indelible cream with silk keratin, which will give them a healthy shine.
  3. Fix the spray - and the hair is ready.

The third way to look younger is natural waves. Styling is easy to perform on medium length hair:

  1. It is necessary to apply foam, curl with curlers or with hair curlers large curls.
  2. Then shake the curls with your fingers, fix it with a spray for elastic fixation.
  3. Raise the roots with a blower with diffuser nozzle.

Festive styling with a cut of the car at the base of

Many women of elegant age are cut under the square. This style is comfortable, elegant, always relevant. Festive hairstyles from quads are created easily and well in harmony with the atmosphere of young fun at the graduation party.

The elongated car can be slightly modified for the ball by shifting the focus to one side:

  1. Clean wet hair is covered with a modeling tool, combs most of the hair to the left.
  2. In this position, the hair needs to be dried with a hairdryer.
  3. Smooth the tips with iron, apply serum for shine. The face of any form looks delicious in framing such a styling.

Another option for an elongated square - "soft framing":

  1. The hair is treated with foam for styling, dried with a thick brush, without twisting.
  2. From the middle to the tips straighten the hair with an iron.
  3. The finished packing is fixed with a spray.

Modern and chic looks "ruffled square."It is suitable for medium lengths.

Create an unusual style is very simple:

  1. Apply a modeling gel.
  2. Dry with medium-thick brush.
  3. Run the individual strands with a curled rod.
  4. If in ordinary life the lady wears a square with straight bangs, on the graduation you can shift the accent to the left.
  5. Then lightly tousle the curls with your fingers and apply a flexible fixing spray.

3 festive laying for the square - video

Volume and airiness: medium-length hair styling

Moms of 17-year-olds often choose haircuts to the shoulders. This length is optimal in everyday life. Transform it before the graduation ball is easy, the main thing is to create an additional volume and beautifully arrange the tips.

For example, the haircut "cascade" is laid from the face:

  1. Foam is applied to damp hair.
  2. Then dry, turning each strand back.
  3. Fixation with a brilliant lacquer complements the holiday image.

Another styling version - large curls:

  1. At night, you need to roll curlers 3-4 cm in diameter.
  2. After removing the curlers, curls are beaten with fingers.
  3. The chalk is laid with a hair dryer with a thick brush, turning to the left.

Women with thin hair often do not know what haircut to do to increase the volume. But thin hair is easily formed into soft feminine piles:

  1. A modeling tool and a large diameter brush will create a base.
  2. Next, you need to comb the hair at the roots with a small comb, fix it with a varnish.
  3. Use a thick curl to curl the curls, allow them to cool.
  4. Comb one individually.
  5. The spray needs to take a weak fixation to avoid sticking the strands.

Tail: fashionable versions of

Moms with long hair take the most advantageous position before the prom night. In the beauty salons offer a lot of styling for long hair. But my mother, first, should not look too "solid" next to her son or daughter. And secondly, do not distract attention from graduates with a complex "construction" on the head. Hairstyles with a tail are comfortable, democratic, elegant.

Current variations 2017:

  • Tail with bubbles a la Olivia Wilde. Collected on the top of the tail, pull it every 5-6 cm with a thin elastic band. Each section is drawn and lightly combed to make "bubbles".
  • Glamorous low tail. Apply the gel on the hair, comb it as smoothly as possible. Collect at the base of the neck with an elastic band. One strand of the tail is wrapped around the elastic and fixed. Lightly drizzle the whiskey with varnish and glitter.
  • Collect hair in a high tail at the top. Straighten the strand behind the strand ironing. Spread part of the tail through the right shoulder. The base of the tail is decorated with one wrapped strand;
  • Make a high tail on the crown. Divide it into strands, curl it. Hands ruffle the curls to have a natural appearance. To work with varnish of weak fixation.

Tails can be decorated with small pigtails, French weaving. It is better to avoid large hairpins with rhinestones.

Romantic classics: Greek style

The undying classical classic gives a fresh solution for the graduates' mothers. Stylists have more than 100 Greek hairstyles for medium and long hair. Their common base - flowing curls - perfectly suits the emotional atmosphere of the school ball.

The easiest option:

  1. At night, wind long hair on curlers.
  2. After removing them, comb all the hair on the right shoulder, braid them in a non-coiling braid.
  3. Finger to stretch the weave so that the braid looks thicker.
  4. Separate fragments of weaving slightly to comb.
  5. At the base of the braid on the right, attach an artificial flower or twig.

Another hairstyle in the Greek style on the graduation - with a bunch of free braids:

  1. Dry hair must be combed, divided into straight cut.
  2. Separate two strands of 4-5 cm thickness. Fasten them temporarily separately with hairpins.
  3. From each strand weave a braid, pull the tip off with a thin transparent rubber band. Stretch the weave so that the braids are thicker.
  4. From the remaining hair braid 2 free braids, roll them on the back of the head in a bun.
  5. Both plaits wrap with tips around the base of the tail, stab with studs.
"Under the Greek goddess" can be combed and mothers with hair up to the shoulders. It is enough to curl thin strands of a 2-cm thick curled strip.

Curl the curls in the direction from the face. Beat curls with fingers, sprinkle with a spray.

Greek hairstyles allow graceful ornaments in the form of delicate flowers, thin woven bandages, small diadems.

Styling at the outlet for short hair

Most of all, they break their brains, what hair can be done on the prom, mums with short haircuts. Comfortable and practical "pixies", "bean", "asymmetry" put women in a dead end before the holiday. But there are a few simple ways to transform them.

  • Apply the styling foam, with a medium-sized brush dryer, lay the side strands down, lift them to the center of the hair. Sprinkle with a spray with sparkles.
  • Cut the asymmetrical haircut with modeling mousse. Brush a medium volume to lay a shorter part back. With the iron, straighten the long part forward and down. Secure with varnish.
  • Apply mousse to the front and side strands. Dry them with an average brush, give an ideal smoothness ironing. Rear and occipital strands tousle, comb, raise with wax.
Short haircuts can be decorated before the release of unusual staining. A good idea - a bright highlight in the side, red or bluish prjadki front.

Elegance and simplicity: a bunch of long hair

Making up the image for the prom, one should not forget about the unity of style. The harmony of attire, shoes, make-up and hairstyle is important. A bunch is great for a classic evening gown.

The simplest version of this haircut is done with the help of hairpins:

  1. Hair is curled on the back of the head, pinned.
  2. Increase the volume of the foam insert.
  3. Brilliant hair gel and beautiful accessories complete the styling.

Unusual texture bundle attached twisted flagellum:

  1. The hair is collected with an elastic band on the back of the head.
  2. Separating the fine strands, twist to form beautiful loops.
  3. The tips of the loops are fixed at the base by the studs.

The volume and the original shape of the beam will be given by the preliminary preparation:

  1. Clean, damp hair for the night plaits in small pigtails.
  2. In the morning they are dismissed, combed.
  3. The bundle in this version is shifted to the right, under the ear. Above him, you can pin an elegant ornament.
  4. At the left temple pull out a comb with a thin strand, curl it with a curl in a spiral curl.
  5. Fasten with a spray.

Jewelery for graduate hair

An elegant lady on a school ball of her son or daughter should demonstrate an impeccable taste. Therefore bulky defiant decorations for styling are unacceptable. There are many types of accessories:

  • hairpins, diadems( crowns);
  • combs;
  • dressings;
  • flowers;
  • hoops, elastic bands;
  • pins.

A woman with a good taste will choose one great decoration or a few small exquisite additions from expensive materials. Ladies over 35 suit pearls, Swarovski crystals, silver, natural gems. Do not use large feathers, bows, cheap hairpins with rhinestones. Good for creating the laying will serve as a modern twister twister and haygami. They are invisible in the mass of curls, they help to easily form beautiful bunches.

Women with a long, thick head of hair will approach the final hairstyle with a crown:

  1. It is enough to wind hair for a night on curlers.
  2. Beat the finished curls with your fingers and put on an elegant diadem.
  3. Complicated variant - the temporal locks should be laid with a brush back from the face, tucked, fixed with invisible ones.

Beautiful evening hairstyle with your own hands - video

It is not difficult for a graduate's mother to choose a hairstyle for her prom night, if guided by a sense of proportion and advice from the stylists. Related Videos:

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