Salad Diet

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The most favorable period for weight loss can be considered the end of spring, summer and early autumn. It is at this time that a large number of different fruits and vegetables are ripening. Why not use such valuable products to achieve ideal forms?

Rules of the salad diet

Salad diet is the same example of nutrition, when the menu is almost entirely composed of plant foods. We can say that this is practically a vegetarian type of diet. Due to the fact that plants( in the form of spicy herbs, vegetable and fruit fruits) are rich in fiber, the salad diet promotes a mild and natural cleansing of the body. Not to mention the vitamin benefits of products.

The secret to the effectiveness of the diet is in one simple feature of the human body: more energy is consumed to digest raw plant foods than it does to it. That is, the calorie content of such a diet is minimal, and a change in human nutrition leads to rapid weight loss. Approximately seven kilograms for a two-week period of time. However, to gain harmony, you will have to limit the use of salt, and drinking on this diet should often: green tea, water with lemon, low-fat kefir. From sugar will also have to be abandoned, but the result is worth it.

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The principle of a diet is very simple - to eat fresh vegetables( as the main ingredients of a salad), diluting the diet with herbs and raw fruits. And the menu can be made independently on the basis of own taste preferences. Only there is one thing: it is desirable to introduce meat and fish of low-fat varieties into the diet only from the second week of the diet.

Sample menu

  • Breakfast is a salad of any fruit, seasoned with low-fat sour cream or natural yoghurt. The perfect combination: kiwi, apples, citrus. Bananas and grapes, as a rule, do not eat when losing weight. Dinner - vegetable salad( without potatoes).Ideally - cucumber tomatoes with fresh herbs. The dish can be filled with a small amount of vegetable oil( preferably olive).
  • Dinner - again a salad of vegetables. Only fill it with lemon juice.

Before each meal, nutritionists are advised to drink a glass of purified water.

The advantage of a salad diet is that all of its dishes are prepared quickly, and it is not difficult to observe the regime. The main thing is not to be limited to only apples and cucumbers. Each time you can prepare a salad with a new recipe( observing the basic principle of a diet - a minimum of fat).Then the diet not only helps to lose weight, but will benefit the whole body.

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