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Leather leggings have become firmly established in the life of modern women of fashion and have become the subject of a basic wardrobe. This element of women's clothing tightly fits an elegant figure and advantageously emphasizes the legs. A girl in such tights attracts admiring glances of men, feels attractive and sexy.

They can easily fit into any image, from glamorous to sporty. So, let's figure out what to wear leather leggings, how and with what to combine, to look stylish and fashionable.

To who will approach

  • On girls with not absolutely equal legs and excess weight such article of clothes will underline shortcomings and will look, to put it mildly, inappropriate. Therefore, frank leggings will suit the slender representatives of the fair sex.
  • If you have only a couple of extra pounds, safely wear leggings. Due to the dragging effect, they slightly reduce the size of problem areas.
  • Such models of pants can be worn by women of the age. Stylists and designers advise to mix them with elongated blouses to the middle of the thighs and tunics .

Actual images

When choosing what to wear with leggings, consider that in themselves they look defiant and enhance the expressiveness of any kit. For example, if you combine them with a bright tunic in paillettes, then you will turn into a disco-herl "hello from the 80's."Therefore, balance the image with calm patterns and do not allow busting. For this purpose knitted sweaters, sweatshirts, classic boots will do. Use layering.

Examples of fashion images

  1. With denim fabric. The combination of leather + jeans - this trend 2017goda, which for several more seasons will be at the peak of popularity. Add to this ensemble comfortable slippers, a bright backpack, which will accommodate all purchases, and go shopping.
  2. Soft stuff. Rough leather leggings look great with cozy, warm sweaters and woolen coats, topical in this season of sand color. This contrast will provide a stylish and stylish bow. A hat and ankle boots on a thin heel will add femininity.
  3. New trends. On the snickers and svitshotsah a couple of years ago, no one knew. Now almost every brand produces such sweaters. The combination of such things with tights will create an original image in a sporting style.
  4. With the skin. A long T-shirt with a bright print, leather leggings and a jacket-scythe - a stylish image of a biker girlfriend. Such attire came to us from the distant 90s, but the fashion is cyclical, because this outfit is now especially relevant. Choose accessories that are in the same style.
  5. Cell. The print is gaining popularity. Create a fashionable ensemble will help the shirt in a cage long to the middle of the thigh and comfortable shoes. Stop your choice on comfortable sneakers. Under the shirt, you can put on a top, this will enable you to unbutton the top buttons of the shirt and make the bow even more spectacular.
  6. Grunge. Combine with trousers an extended t-shirt with a pattern, a denim jacket, a backpack and brutal shoes. Red lipstick and red nails will be the final accent.
  7. Romance. Use leggings of light shades and complement them with delicate fabrics, perfect lace or silk. Wear the boats on the hairpin, take the bag on a thin strap and go for a walk or a date.
  8. Into the office. Girls working in the company with a non-strict dress code can afford a variety of variations in the style of smart casual. Mix leather leggings with a long sweater and biker boots.
  9. In the movies. Combining leggings, a top with a space print and leather sleeves, elegant boats with a sharp nose, you will get a non-banal, gothic bow for a trip to the cinema, a museum, a concert.
  10. Business meeting. Destroy stereotypes and build a stylish and restrained image with defiant and daring leggings, a white blouse, a blackout jacket, a black jacket, comfortable boots on a small platform or a wedge. A minimum of accessories, success will not keep you waiting.
  11. Weekend. With topical trousers, you can easily create a dress for presentation, corporate party, club get-togethers. Combine a laconic top, you can also leather, sandals on the mind-boggling hairpin and flashy punk jewelry.

Choosing the right shoes

  • A set of light shoes and dark leggings will give an image of freshness. Take with you a spacious backpack and go to the gym or a long walk.
  • Almost any winter footwear is suitable for leggings: high boots with a heel and without, boots, ugg boots.
  • The latest fashion trend is to wear sneakers with things in the classical style: coats, skirts, dresses. Combine the leggings with overcoats and a large leather bag.

Leggings are suitable for almost any footwear, the choice depends on the season and the chosen style. Feel free to wear ballet shoes, oxford boots, sandals, sandals, boots, boots, sneakers and sneakers. But consider that too bulky models can weight the bottom.

Tips and Conclusions

  1. Leggings should not strongly tighten, showing to associates all anatomical features. They should sit tight on the leg, not going to the accordion.
  2. Do not choose too short models, the ideal length is just above the ankle.
  3. Do not wear leather outerwear in winter. Prefer woolen coats, sheepskin coats, fur jackets. Modern fashion is democratic, you can easily choose colored fur coats from artificial fur. Any nonsmooth and non-shiny texture will do.
  4. This wardrobe item covers the buttocks considerably, so combine them with lightly closing hips with blouses, cardigans, jackets, sweaters and short tops.
  5. Create a fashionable outfit this season of losin, sweater rough knit with an emphasis on bright ankle boots. But such an ensemble will be good and look only at tall, slender girls with an ideal figure or as close to it as possible.
  6. Accessories will help create radically different styles: rocker, star-glamorous, brutal and even romantic. Put on a small hairpin hat and get an unusual bow with a hint of retro style.
  7. Experiment, leggings look great with clothes, decorated with a variety of prints. Now the most popular are geometric and futuristic prints.
  8. An animal drawing, if properly beaten, will look good. Do not repeat the animalistic drawing under the snake, zebra, leopard in other elements of the outfit. Leather tight pants are sexy in themselves, and such a print only further emphasizes this.
  9. Choose leather leggings that do not shine very much. Let their surface be matte better, otherwise you risk looking too defiant.
  10. Colored leggings is another fashion trend of the season. Of course, black is a classic, it is appropriate everywhere and universal. Muted, soft colors and all shades of brown are quite popular. Especially actual tights are "metallic".Pay attention to the trousers of the color "aged silver" or "aged bronze".
  11. Be neat with the shiny elements of the kit and the bright accessories. You do not want to look vulgar or shine like a Christmas tree.
  12. Do you like jeans? Replace them with leather leggings and play with styles.

Leggings for several seasons have not come off fashion shows, with them you can combine things of any stylistic direction. Creating an image with these tight trousers, remember that they carry a certain passion, aggressiveness, insolence, make any ensemble expressive and sexy. Therefore, if you doubt your sense of style, choose to them the most neutral items of the wardrobe. With what to wear leather leggings?

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