Cleansing Diet

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If you want to find the perfect cleansing diet, because you want to lose weight a little, accelerate your metabolism and improve the condition of your skin, hair and nails, you will probably be surprised at the diversity that you will find in your search.

But almost all of their varieties share common basic rules:

  • consuming large amounts of water,
  • using a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables,
  • including whole grains, seeds and nuts in the menu.

Regardless of which of the cleansing diets you choose, determining the appropriate for your body and taste, these 3 elements will surely be present in it. Without them, such a diet is not able to provide the proper level of efficiency.

When to apply a cleansing diet

Diets of this type are acceptable to use only as short-term, best of all - at the end of winter and early spring. Then the body most of all needs regeneration and additional energy resources, as well as getting rid of toxins and undesirable metabolic products accumulated in it.

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Exact recommendations on the duration of the application of this type of diet does not exist - it depends, basically, on the individual characteristics of each person, his lifestyle and health status.

Recommended schedule for

Some cleansing diets may differ from one another in duration of application, as well as with other principles. For example, the recommended products in them, the number of meals allowed or the rate of daily energy consumption.

But, as a rule, such a diet lasts not less than 3 days and not more than 2 weeks. During this time, you can "dump" 3-4 kg.

Popular cleansing diets

Among the cleansing diets, it is worth paying attention to some that distinguish certain advantages.

1. Vegetable Diet

It is based, basically, on vegetables, which, according to its author, should lead to spontaneous purification of the body. This diet is quite strict - may not be suitable for those who are not able to accurately comply with its requirements. In addition, it provides for the consumption of a very small amount of calories, so it should not be used by persons who perform heavy physical work.

2. Fruit Diet

It is readily used by many people around the world, mainly due to the fact that, along with the effectiveness, it is distinguished by the excellent taste of the dishes used. Practitioners almost do not feel hunger attacks - they eat very often. But such a system helps to get rid of unwanted weight and skin, hair and nails. A huge amount of vitamins in the diet has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body.

3. Apple cleansing diet

This is one of the simplest and cheapest diets. It consists only of apples, which are prepared in different ways. The diet lasts no more than 2 days - do not use it longer, because after a while there may be a shortage of many nutrients.

4. Lemon diet

This diet is popular in the West, among celebrities. We still do not know much. Its other name is lemonade. Its essence lies in drinking lemonade from lemon juice, water, cayenne pepper and some other ingredients. This method allows to achieve effective cleansing of the body of toxins and, due to this, to give significant results in losing weight.

5. Fruit and vegetable cleansing diet

One of the most popular cleaning methods for us, consisting primarily of consuming mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. It consists of several stages, which stretch for 10 days.

6. Cleansing diet on

juices The most stringent of all methods of purification of the body. It includes only the drinking of juices. All the time it is used, there is a ban on food. This difficult period lasts only 3 days. Thanks to this, a high efficiency of removing practically all accumulated toxins from the body is achieved.

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