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  • To whom are vintage stackings suitable?
  • Images for long-haired girls
  • Hairstyles for Hollywood - video
  • Ideas for medium-length hair
  • Hairstyles from the film "Breakfast at Tiffany" - video
  • Fantasies with short hair
  • In a piggy bank for the bride
  • Variations for small fashionistas

Fashion is peculiar to return topast trends. On the catwalks are popular not only the outfits of past years, but also retropricheski. They are slightly changed, because in the arsenal of girls - a lot of tools for styling and accessories. But even a modern range of beauty products will not change the true essence of the elegant and elegant retro, its unforgettable charm and femininity.

Who is suitable for vintage styling?

The era of retro includes the period from the 20's to 90's of the last century. It surprisingly combines tresh-images, aristocratism, tranquility and outrageous spirit. Hairstyles in retro style are not suitable for everyone. Girls should remember several rules:

  • Take into account your character and manners. If the main image does not have to aristocratic waves or napes, glamor laying is unlikely.
  • Rare onion - not only sophistication. Rioters are good at style hair styles or risky pin-ups.
    Gangster style can try on the girls-reeds with a long neck and narrow face.
  • Open forehead and "inconspicuous" curls correct triangular facial features, and large curls - round.
  • Volumetric crowns, side strands, bangs visually soften an elongated or square face.
  • The correct features will shade absolutely any styling.

Creating vintage hairstyles is a fascinating process. Retro is actual regardless of the length of the curls, and every fashionista can find her own unique option.

Images for long-haired girls

Most haircuts and stylings were created to emphasize the beauty of flowing on the back of the head of hear. Hairstyles in the spirit of the last century for long hair - it naches, small and large curls, perfectly flat prodrivers, waves or ideas with a handkerchief. Each of the ideas is easy to implement independently.

High tail in pin-up style with a handkerchief is a good everyday solution:

  1. On the frontal side, select the strand by making a parting in the shape of a crescent. Secure it with a clip.
  2. For the rest of your hair, apply a wax-spray, mousse or gel. Form a tall tail and fasten it with an elastic band.
  3. Divide the tail into 10 strands and screw each on a large curling rod. To "rings" were perfect, fasten each invisible and podkolite.
  4. Frontal strand form a plait or make hair.
  5. Dissolve the locks on the tail. Please fix the style with hair spray.

The vintage tail can be played by simply dismissing it, and the hair will look natural.

Hollywood waves are suitable for a grand event. This uneasy laying requires pre-workout. The retro waves are made step-by-step:

  1. Take a thin comb-scallop, a few invisible, mousse and hairspray.
  2. Moisten hair, apply mousse on them, evenly spreading it over the entire length.
  3. Each lock is clipped invisible, forming a "wave."Begin the installation from the temple area.
  4. Dry the styling and sprinkle with varnish.

Variation of the hairstyle provides only a few "waves", and the rest of the curls fit into the low tail.

"Hollywood Wave" hairstyle - video

Ideas for medium length hair

Vintage styling for medium hair allows you to give even the rarest hair the splendor and volume. Hairstyles combine asymmetrical rigor, a hint of exclusivity. They are ideally combined with scarlet lips, false eyelashes, embroidered pearls and rhinestones with ribbons.

Layers "a-la lion's mane" was very fond of social ladies of the 80s. Now this idea is used for thematic parties and discos. Variation of the hairstyle - hair combed back.
  1. Apply mousse for styling to damp hair.
  2. Divide the entire head of hair into several strands, each scrub and smooth the comb.
  3. Hair, try combing back.
  4. Hairstyle fasten with a varnish.

Remember the laying of the heroine "Breakfast at Tiffany"?A stunning hairstyle Audrey Hepburn is suitable for a gala event:

  1. You will need several combs - with rare and private teeth, small and brush. Also take care of a beautiful hair clip, invisible, hairpins and hair spray.
  2. All curls comb back. Using a comb with rare teeth, separate the square at the crown level. Fix it.
  3. Rest the hair with the clips.
  4. Select "squares" one by one and, combing, lay them in the roller. Tip the tips down. Secure the roller with the studs.
  5. Now go to the ringlets on the right. Comb each strand comb with frequent prongs, laying on the sides of the roller. Pinch your hair.
  6. The strings on the left should also be combed and laid on the left side. Secure it with the studs.
  7. Strands need to be combed with forehead from the roots, forming parting. Spray the lacquer with a strong fixation.

Use a hair clip or diadem as an ornament.

Hairsty's hair from the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany" - video

Another idea, but already from the 90's - small curls, like the famous "Beauty".They can be repeated even on medium hair:

  1. The hair is done only on wet hair. You will have the right studs, stationery gum, shower cap and a strong fixer.
  2. Apply mousse, wax or foam to wet locks. Distribute the product evenly.
  3. Grip one strand of hair with studs. Twist the strand in zig-zag movements and fix it with a rubber band.
  4. Put on the shower cap.

Stacking is best done before bedtime. Overnight curls well dry. Hairstyle fix foam or varnish.

Fantasies with short hair

Ideas of the 20's and 60's - the ideal solution for women with boyish haircuts. The images of Twiggy or gangster girlfriends are now at the height of popularity. Moreover, each of the folds on short hair does not take much time.

Back to the era of the great Gatsby you can if you approach creatively:

  1. You will need a thin comb, gel and hair spray, as well as hairdresser clips.
  2. Wash your hair and dry it a little with a hairdryer.
  3. Apply gel to the hair, separate the section of hair near the ear and fasten it with a clamp.
  4. With the rest of the hair, do the same, forming the relief of waves with your hands.
  5. Apply a lot of varnish to the dried gel.
  6. Wait for the adhesive to dry completely and carefully remove the clips.

Waves in the style of Mary Pickford disguise ugly ears.

The extraordinary girl-reed has become a symbol of a whole era. Repeat the stylish hairstyle of Twiggy is easy:

  1. Wash your hair, dry it with a hair dryer, apply gel. Evenly distribute it throughout the hair.
  2. A thin comb with small teeth make the parting on one side.
  3. Carefully comb hair, wait for the gel to dry.

Glamor 20 is ideal for secular exits, and the image of the 60's will effectively complement the everyday style.

In a piggy bank to brides

The ceremony of marriage is a touching and tender moment. Elegant wedding hairstyles in retro style will create an elegant, touching image. Be based only on your own preferences:

  • Slender elegant beauties can try the glamorous ideas of the gangster era. Waves protruding on the forehead and whiskey, do not require any decorations. Variation of waves is a bunch in the style of "Charleston".It is a combination of a "cold wave" and a beam. The smooth, rounded lines will create a halo of tenderness and elegance.
  • Try on the current in the 30s. Depending on the shape of the face, stop at the haircut with a bang, or discard it. Decorate the laconic styling can be rims, bandages, embroidered stones and rhinestones. They will be a good alternative to the traditional veil.
  • Tenderness and sexuality will create the image of Marilyn Monroe. Classical styling of the 50's provides for curled on large curlers, lacquered curls. The curls will give your face charm and tune in an optimistic mood.
  • Some girls stop on high hairstyles in style of 60's. They are attracted to the image of Brigitte Bardot.
    To create a solemn babette, you need a lot of varnish. Overhead strands or a hairpiece will be superfluous.
  • In the early 70's were popular Greek hairstyles. The modern interpretation is a beautiful bandage, under which the curls are alternately refilled. A laconic performance will emphasize an unusual wedding dress.

Create exclusive images on hair of any length. Do not forget about accessories - tiara, hairpins, beads or flowers.

Variations for small women of fashion

To make your baby the most beautiful on the holiday, it is worth turning to rare ideas. Hairstyles for girls in retro style are slightly different from those for adults. They practically do not require fixing facilities, but they provide for originality:

  • "Cold waves".The girl remains beautiful even with short or medium hair. Form bends on wet locks with the help of fingers or clamps. Fix the finished packing with varnish. After drying, remove the clamps. Do this carefully so as not to damage the "waves".
  • Femininity of the 30's like your daughter. The main thing is to take care of the decoration. Buy or make a bandage with feathers or beads. Screw the hair to the girl and put a bandage on her head.
  • The elegance of the 60's is a babette. Voluminous hair loss leave for adult solutions, and gentle baby ringlets stack on a special "bagel".Hairstyle fix lacquer. It can be completed with a bang.

Baby styling looks good on holidays. Choose suitable dresses with shoes, and your daughter will be the most beautiful at the celebration.

Retro bookmarks are relevant at any event. They reveal femininity, embody an unobtrusive sexuality and emphasize the tenderness of childhood. Such ideas are easy to implement independently. You just need to follow the step-by-step instructions.

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