Dress for graduation: choice and models of 2016

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  • Interesting variants of the final dresses
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Graduation party is a wonderful event requiring a thorough approach. Most often, all the excitement and emotions of the girls are not due to the fact that the beautiful school or college season ends, but with the right choice of evening dress. The outfit itself has great expectations, since any person on this evening wants to be the most beautiful and attractive.

Dress selection begins long before the appointed day and includes fitting a huge number of outfits of different silhouettes and models.
And, as it turns out in practice, it's really difficult - to find that perfect dress that would emphasize all the advantages, hide flaws and at the same time it was the most original, stylish and fashionable. The task is complex, but quite feasible.

Dress taking into account the figure

Stylists advise before browsing a bunch of fashion magazines in search of a fabulous dress at the prom, first determine the shape of the outfit. And do it better based on the proportions of the body and the features of your own figure, which can be one of the following types:

  1. Hourglass - a thin waist, the same width of the shoulders and hips.
  2. The inverted triangle is an undeveloped waist line, broad shoulders and narrow hips.
  3. An ordinary triangle - a narrow upper part and massive hips.
  4. Rectangle - proportional to the width of the upper and lower parts of the body, and at the same time the waist is not particularly drawn.
  • If the figure is in the form of an hourglass, then perfectly fitted dresses that have a fixing belt or strap, as well as corset dresses, are ideal. Very slightly it will look a little narrower or, conversely, flared skirt. You can also use tight dresses, delicately emphasizing the curves of the figure.
  • This is an "inverted triangle"?Then you can pay attention to outfits that visually reduce the shoulders and a little volume will add the lower part of the body. In this case, completely avoided dresses with volumetric and convex sleeves or with a wide rectangular cutout. Such outfits will only rivet your eyes to the clavicles and shoulders and add width to them. You should also beware of ruches and flounces in the chest area. The best option will be a straight, stern V-neck style and with a length that opens slender legs.
  • For the figure "triangle" the task is to visually align the proportions of the body. To do this will help dress with three-dimensional elements at the top and with a lush skirt made of thin chiffon. In this case, corset dresses on thick straps with a long train underneath will fit well. Excellent will also look round neckline or free top. But from the dress pulling the top cut with a low waistline and a lush skirt will have to give up.
For girls with a rectangle shape, the main thing is to create a waist. In this case, you can choose a short light dress with a wide leather belt.
It will also be good to sit with an overstated or understated waistline. But straight cut here definitely does not fit. The emphasis should be on the chest or on the hips.

Fashion trends this season

When the features of the figure is clear, you can go to the very choice of dress for graduation. To make it not only beautiful and elegant, but also relevant, you can refer to the fashion trends of 2017.

  • This season, the most popular are dresses with a light top made of satin, silk, chiffon or tulle, as well as outfits with lush skirts decorated with all sorts of feathers or elements resembling them. As for the latter option, these dresses are more suitable for tall and slender girls.
  • Another sip of the fashion season are cocktail dresses of medium length with short sleeves, sewn from brocade fabric. The outfit itself is monophonic, but its skirt is decorated with painted large flowers. A special trend is a black dress with red poppies and turquoise with yellow lilies. Such an outfit will help hide the massive hips due to its tight bottom.
  • Also very fashionable this summer will be outfits in the Spanish style. They represent a trimmed top, but without the use of a corset, and a long lace skirt of a straight cut that slightly widens in the region of the knees. And necessarily a little elongated hem. These dresses slender and lengthen the silhouette, and also give the image a subtlety, romanticism and refinement.

There is a category of beautiful outfits that do not go out of fashion and remain relevant at any time. These include:

  1. Short dress with basque. A beautiful elegant outfit to demonstrate slender legs and emphasize the elegant waistline. This dress is better to choose an unusual shade: the color of fuchsia, turquoise, richly lilac, crimson.
  2. A lace set made of a fitted top and a pencil skirt is a bit elongated, which together look like a single dress. The lace fabric itself is quite elegant, symbolizing a femininity, sensuality, romanticism. This outfit is better to choose pastel tones.
  3. Dress of asymmetrical cut. Such cuts always look stylish and original. And in this season dresses are becoming very popular, the asymmetry of which passes both from below and from the top.

    A big plus that due to this model you can divert attention from not quite perfect proportions of the figure.

  4. Chiffon outfits. Dresses from flying and light fabrics are always in demand, as they give girls special tenderness and youth. In this case, they can easily veil the figure and hide flaws.
  5. Dress with fringe. You can not wear such a thing for nothing. It requires an appropriate occasion, such as a prom. The outfit, which is fringed all around the perimeter, will be able to emphasize the individuality and make a note of extravagance. The girl in this dress certainly will not go unnoticed. However, to abandon this model follows lush characters with low growth. On such a figure, a dress with a fringe will look unprofitable.
  6. Dresses decorated with beads and stones. Always look elegant and solemn. The main thing when choosing such a beautiful dress, observe the principle of moderation and not overdo it with glitter and brilliance.

This season, fashion designers advise to ignore the outfits of velvet, especially the long style. Such dresses, in their opinion, are a remnant of the Soviet era and will not be able to decorate a young modern person. Especially this applies to the big size dresses, velvet for them is the most inappropriate option.

Be careful to be with the outfits, which are completely decorated with sequins, rhinestones and glass beads.
They are more suitable for more mature women, because they give the image a massiveness, status and heaviness. And if you really want to put on such a sparkling and shimmering outfit, it's better to choose one that will be richly decorated either from below or only from above.

Interesting variants of the final dresses

The following outfits will help to create a bright image:

  • lilac dress with pleated long bottom and top in cross-section fabric;
  • short dress on a single satin blue harness with a long tail behind it;
  • corset dress without slippers with long straight skirt, made in golden-black tones;
  • attire on thin straps with a bodice decorated with shiny stones, and with a terracotta skirt in several layers;
  • dress is a deep blue shade without a loafer with a small triangular neckline, and below is an asymmetrical skirt in the form of falling waves;
  • a short lace dress of red color with a very lush skirt and a large orange bow around the waist.

If the task is to create a gentle and soft image, you can use the following ideas for the dress:

  • long outfit, consisting of a lush snow-white chiffon skirt and a gentle pink top made of lace of large mating;
  • is a tight-fitting, flesh-colored dress with a deep triangular but narrow neckline, decorated around the perimeter with dairy small flowers of starched fabric;
  • cocktail dress with a heavenly hue with an open top decorated with snow-white fluff and a skirt of medium length in the shape of the sun;
  • long attire of a free cut of a warm chocolate shade with one long sleeve and a silver thin strap;
  • is a medium-length gently pink dress with a transparent chiffon top and with snow-white feathers on the hem.

When choosing one of the suggested options, the girl should also consider the type of her appearance:

  • Young ladies with fair skin should stop on pastel soft shades and light fabric textures.
  • Swarthy girls will be approached by warm saturated scales and dense material.
  • Blondes should take a closer look at pink, peach, blue hues.
  • Brunettes are suitable for red, purple and green colors.

If you take into account such moments when choosing, the graduation dress will further decorate your possessor and become an integral continuation of it.

Smart ready-made kits

Choosing your best dress is only half the battle. It is important to supplement it with the right and appropriate accessories and suitable footwear.
It is the combination of a dress with such auxiliary details that will help to make the image complete and elegant. To learn how to correctly combine selected outfit with accessories, you can use the following illustrative examples:
  1. Blue chiffon dress with uneven edges of medium length, which is complemented by a strap in the form of a pearl thread. Shoes of blue velvet on a platform and high heels with two thin straps, fastened on the ankle. Clutch milk color with a metal frame. Hanging earrings made of light beige plastic.
  2. A black open-work dress of a fitted style just below the knee with a lush skirt. The top is decorated with white small beads. Suede shoes with a sharp nose and a high thin hairpin. A voluminous dark bracelet with transparent stones, silver earrings with rings and a miniature black handbag on a chain.
  3. Yellow strapless dress with long skirt. The corset is decorated with iridescent stones. Flats of lemon color and a long rectangular yellow clutch, also decorated with a small amount of stones. A lush flower of dense material is put on the neck.
  4. A gold dress of medium length with a tight and tapering style on wide straps. Black lacquered shoes on a metal hairpin, the same color is a round purse on a long strap. And in the hair you can stick invisible with golden beads.
  5. Lilac dress from lacy top with a round neckline without sleeves and an asymmetrical, slightly flared skirt above the knees. White leather shoes on the heel with an open nose and the same color handbag, decorated with lilac butterflies.
  6. White dress from dense fabric with a curved line of skirt and with a pimply top. Tender heavenly color straight double-breasted jacket, white sandals with a clasp around the ankle, a light blue shade of a square clutch and miniature earrings in the form of blue-transparent pebbles.
  7. A long, flowing red dress with a fully open top. The hem of the skirt is slightly framed by gentle waves of a darker shade of red. Silver sandals with one thin strap and a convex handbag, fully decorated with silver pebbles.

By giving preference to some particular side for the upcoming prom, it is necessary to be able to listen to the inner voice.

If the girl in the fitting dress likes her own reflection and does not bother her, then the choice is made correctly. And if the dress is very like, but putting it on yourself, the girl feels some discomfort and something seems strange and unusual, then the dress should be postponed and look for something else.

The ideal dress for the prom must fully meet the inner needs and feelings of the girl. Only then will the whole image look like one.

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