How to dye eyelashes correctly and beautifully

  • Determine the type of eyelashes
  • Choose the suitable mascara
  • The key rules for staining
  • Eyelash staining techniques
  • How to dye your eyelashes( video)
  • Useful tips
  • How to remove mascara from eyelashes by all rules

Almost all girls use mascara. Someone does this more often, someone is rarer, but in any case, such a cosmetic is in every cosmetic bag. How to properly dye eyelashes, many do not even know. It would seem that the difficult in this process? And in fact, the slightest mistake can lead to the fact that the cilia "decorate" the lumps, the ink will fall off or another trouble will occur.

Determine the type of eyelashes

Before selecting the mascara and eyelash coloration, you should determine their type. Conditionally, all eyelashes are divided into soft and hard, as well as to rare and long.

  • The main problem with soft eyelashes is that they constantly stick together during staining. To solve this problem, you should give preference to hard brushes. They, first, perfectly stain every cilium, and secondly, separate the hairs from each other.
  • On mascara, mascara often lays very thick, gathering lumps. It looks completely unattractive. To avoid such an effect, you need to choose liquid carcasses. They are distributed along the hard hairs as evenly as possible.
  • And here for rare eyelashes, on the contrary, thicker carcasses will approach. Due to their texture, they perfectly fill the space between the cilia, giving them the proper volume.
  • Long eyelashes are the dream of every girl. If you are the lucky owner of this type, then you certainly do not have problems with their coloring. All that is needed in this case is just to give the cilia color and a little extra volume.

Choosing a suitable mascara

In modern cosmetics stores near the departments with mascara, the eyes just run away. Indeed, dozens of brands - both foreign and domestic - offer us a variety of options. However, how not to be mistaken with the choice and buy exactly the remedy that will help you beautifully make up your eyelashes with mascara? Let's look at the main types of this cosmetic.

  1. Water resistant. This is the perfect solution for those who want to stay on top in any situation - and in summer on the beach, and falling under the rain, and crying with happiness. The fact is that this remedy covers the cilia with a special film, which is absolutely intolerable to moisture. Such mascara is usually produced in three colors - black, blue and brown.
  2. Water-soluble. Of course, such mascara will not withstand the impact of moisture, but it is much easier to remove from the eyes, it is considered very sparing. In addition, it is available in a wide range of colors.
  3. Extension. Now in the composition of such carcasses do not include microparticles, which, although they lengthened the cilia, but so fell into the eyes. Now the elongation occurs solely due to the special formula of the device, as well as the competently designed brush shape.
  4. Volumetric. This is a dense product, created on the basis of wax. It covers the cilia with a dense film and gives them a stiffness. In addition, such carcasses are always supplemented with hard and dense brushes.
  5. Spinning. The main secret of this remedy is in his tassel. It has a curved shape and villi of different lengths. Thanks to this just a couple of movements you can very beautifully twist your natural eyelashes.
  6. Nutritious. It combines decorative and caring properties. The composition of the product includes vitamins and minerals that saturate the cilia, nourish and protect them. This type of mascara should be selected if your eyelashes become brittle, weakened, and also drop out strongly.
  7. For sensitive eyes. If you are prone to allergic reactions, this does not mean that you will have to give up carcass. You just need to choose a specially designed product that does not cause irritation and inflammation.
  8. Transparent gel. This tool is for those to whom nature has given thick and dark eyelashes that do not require coloring with colored mascara. With the help of the gel, eyelashes will look more well-groomed, and will also receive the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Key staining rules for

If you are wondering how to properly color your eyelashes so that they are lush and beautiful, then you should learn the eight key rules. They once and for all will allow you to master the secret of creating the perfect cilia.

  • If you want to give your eyelashes more volume, it is important not only to choose the appropriate type of mascara, but also to apply it along the entire length from the roots and to the tips. Move from the inner corners of your eyes to your temples.
  • Get a special comb for the eyelashes. Carefully comb them both from the inside and from the outside to remove lumps and excess funds.
  • In order to dye cilia in the very corners of the eyes, use a brush with short bristles. As much as possible, open your eyes and carefully paint all the hairs.
    Apply mascara not only from the outside of the eyelashes, but also from the inside, so you will make your eyes more expressive and help the medium spread evenly.
  • Do not think that black is the only successful color of the carcass. If you are a natural blonde, black mascara will not look good on you. In this case, use lighter options.
  • Know the measure and do not overdo it with mascara. For daytime make-up, do not apply more than 1-2 layers. In the evening make-up, you can use 3-4 layers of carcass.
  • Do not neglect tweezers for curling eyelashes. They will help your cilia to take a very beautiful curved shape in just a couple of seconds.
  • If you want to make your eyelashes as long as possible, use the following trick. Apply the first layer of the carcass, powder the eyelashes, and then apply a second layer of carcass in zigzag movements.

What if mascara is imprinted under the eyes?

Many girls are constantly faced with the fact that mascara is imprinted under the eyes. This is very unpleasant, especially if make-up is done in a hurry before work. In fact, coping with this problem is extremely simple. Let's find out how professional make-up artists solve the problem.

Makeup masters always apply copiously under the eye powder, before proceeding to stain the cilia. After the process is completed, they simply resemble the powder with a soft brush and remove together with it the particles of the imprinted carcass. Take advantage of this trick to significantly simplify the application of your makeup.

Eyelash dyeing techniques

Modern makeup artists distinguish three key techniques for applying mascara to the eyelashes:

  1. Horizontal. This is the most common option, allowing you to gently paint all the cilia and do not glue them together. Arrange the mirror at the chin and look into it. Hold the brush horizontally and with gentle movements apply mascara from the bottom up, moving from the corners of the eyes to the temples.
  2. Zigzag technique. This option allows you to give the cilia more volume, but it is important to consider that it does not fit the owners of short cilia. Application of the carcass occurs by soft, but precise zigzag movements.
  3. Vertical. This technique is used to create the effect of tear-stained eyes. It consists in the fact that the brush is densely wetted in carcasses, and all movements are vertical.

How to properly dye eyelashes( video)

Useful tips

Now you know how to dye eyelashes, it remains only to find out a few points that will help you get even more stunning result.

  • First, always use only high-quality, and most importantly, fresh cosmetics. An uncovered vial with mascara is stored for no more than three months. If you use this remedy after the expiration date, you risk getting irritation or inflammation.
  • Secondly, always keep the brush strictly horizontal.
    This will help you avoid the formation of so-called spider legs and will not allow the eyelashes to stick together.
  • Third, do not apply too much carcass. Modern means allow you to put mascara in 1-2 layers to get the effect announced on the package. A large amount of mascara will only weight the hairs.

How to remove mascara from eyelashes by all rules

To make up eyelashes with mascara is only half the battle. It is also important to remove this cosmetic from the eyes, so as not to damage the structure of the hairs and not to lose the luxurious cilia.

The first thing that is important to remember: never go to bed with mascara on eyelashes! The prolonged action of the components that make up its composition severely destroys the structure of the hairs, making them brittle and thin. In addition, if at night the particles of dried out matter fall into the eye, it will lead to swelling or even conjunctivitis. Do not regret 2-3 minutes in the evening to do a simple procedure for make-up.

In addition, do not use ordinary soap and water to remove mascara. Acquire a special tool in the cosmetic shop. It not only cope with its task carefully, but also nourish your cilia with useful substances.

So, we proceed to the removal process:

  1. Take two cotton wheels and apply a little special tool.
  2. Next, squeeze the cilium above and below and hold for a few seconds.
  3. Repeat this action a couple of times.
    Do not pull the discs so as not to tear out the hairs and rub your eyes with your cotton disc to avoid wrinkles. Perform all actions carefully and gently.

Long and beautiful eyelashes never go out of fashion. They give the eyes expressiveness, and the image as a whole - femininity. No, even the most high-quality, artificial eyelashes do not replace natural, so treat with love and care for what nature has given you.


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