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The birthday of a beloved man is a celebration that must be carefully prepared for. Think about the concept of the upcoming holiday, the number of invited guests, choose the venue for the celebration, the details of the decoration of the festive interior, the menu and a thousand other important details, thanks to which the holiday will be bright and memorable. And, of course, a birthday is unthinkable without gifts.

Choosing a gift for a man is not an easy task. It would seem that you can choose a gift from your wife, who thoroughly studied all his attachments and habits during the long years of family life, in two counts. But, paradoxically, with each passing year this task becomes more difficult.

This is the very first years of life together with young people, a lot of original ideas for gifts. In spouses with solid family experience, noted the mass of anniversaries, birthday, international women's and men's parties, meetings of the new year, fantasy, simply runs low. Then there is a need to take advantage of the opportunities of Internet resources. We hope that our article will be useful to those caring wives who want to make a gift to their husband with their own hands.

Original gift to her husband

In order to make an original gift to her husband with her own hands, it does not necessarily have to be a skilled cook or needlewoman. It is enough to have a bright appearance, a certain amount of fantasy and a couple of reliable friends who would help you in implementing this idea.

So, you want to make an interesting present to your husband. What is required for this?

  • A large and sturdy box inside which the wife of the birthday boy can fit.
  • A set of exquisite erotic lingerie and a beautiful negligee.
  • A bottle of expensive wine.
  • A set of good chocolate or sweets.

Realization of the idea:

  1. The box for packing the original surprise should be colorfully decorated by gluing on bright gift paper and fixing on the cover a huge spectacular bow( of course, you will have to arrange in advance with your good friends to provide you with your apartment to prepare this surprise).
  2. After dressing in beautiful lingerie and negligee, you climb into the box, not forgetting to bring a set of chocolate and a bottle of wine.
  3. Friends of the husband deliver a box with a surprise to the house of the birthday man and are delicately removed, giving him the opportunity to see the contents of the mysterious box alone. Such a birthday present will be remembered for a long time by a loving man.

A gift to her husband for 30 years

What gift to make to her husband, who turns 30 years old?

  • 30 years is the age when the spouses are still very young and sexually active, so erotic dance performed by the beloved wife becomes a pleasant gift to her husband.

Watch the video and learn more about a private dance for a loved one:

Of course, such a surprise needs to be carefully prepared: if a woman has not had a good choreography in the past, she can take a few lessons of oriental dance or strip-plastics on the pole. There are even special courses in the art of striptease.

While preparing the dance, it is necessary to select the appropriate music, think over the choreography and take care of purchasing a suit suitable for the chosen image.
Suit can be made with your own hands or buy on the Internet. A young 30-year-old man will be very pleased with such a gift on his birthday.
  • If you draw well, as a gift made by yourself on the 30th birthday of her husband, you can draw his portrait of , for clarity using the most successful photograph. Many men are vain, and such a gift will not only be desired, but will also give occasion to your husband to praise his wife's talents more than once.
  • Wife-artist can present for the 30th birthday of her husband a beautiful still life or landscape : they will fit organically into the interior of the common dwelling and for a long time will remind you of your gift.
  • If you are not endowed with artistic abilities, you can make a gift for yourself to a 30-year-old husband by taking the already prepared plastic or wooden photo frame .However, even its basis you can quite make yourself from very dense cardboard, wooden slats or bamboo.




4. The substrate under the photo is made of cardboard: red shows the part that will need to be smeared with glue to fix on the frame:

5. Glue the bamboo stick itself on the underside of the frameshown in blue):

6. For beauty, slightly move the middle sticks aside:

7. Having developed a fantasy, decorate the frame base with pieces of cloth, leather, sequins, coffee beans, beautiful shells, dried sea stars and insert your favorite photo,imprinted your familypair.

  • Men in 30 years are still quite romantic and do not attach much importance to the value of the gift presented. For them, the attention shown to them and the originality of their presentation is more important. Noting the 30th birthday of her husband, you can give him a whole bunch of colorful balloons , with their own hands, putting in each of them a coiled tubular money bill and a pinch of brilliant confetti.

Such a gift will not only provide the 30-year-old a fine mood, but also help you in case of a catastrophic lack of time to find a present for your beloved husband( unfortunately, such situations often happen in your life).

Unusual gift to beloved husband

An unusual gift to your beloved husband with your own hands for 40 years can be done using a truly unexpected and quite affordable material: sea pebbles. Let's take a step-by-step look at how to make foot massage mat with your own hands. Make sure how simple this creative gift is made:

  1. Get a simple rubber pad for the hall and packing of the super glue in the hardware store.
  2. Stock up with the necessary amount of sea or river pebbles, visiting the nearest pond.
  3. Wiping the surface of the rug with white spirit( thus removing dust and excess technical grease), prepare it for gluing the pebbles.
  4. Lubricate a certain place on the rug and each pebble with super glue, tightly press them to the rubber base.
  5. Glue the pebbles until the whole surface of the rug is pasted over. Pebbles should be placed in dense rows, without the slightest gaps.
Rug, designed as a gift to your beloved husband for 35 years, will look much more interesting if you can lay out of the stones some fancy ornament or inscription. To do this, you need to find pebbles of various shapes, sizes and colors.

Using all the same pebbles, you can make an inexpensive gift to your husband, who likes to sit at a covered table or enjoy cooking various dishes. Using the technology described above, you can make an original underlay for cutlery, which you can then use as a stand for hot or floral flowerpots.

The only difference in the manufacture of such a napkin can be considered the shape of the stones: they must necessarily be flat, and paste them better with the help of a gun glue. The basis for such a napkin can serve as a nylon mesh, dense fabric or rubber.

Gift for the husband on the anniversary

What gift to present to her husband for the anniversary? The content of the presentation often depends on the age of the jubilee.

  • On the 25th anniversary it is quite appropriate to make a cool gift to her husband with her own hands. Wife-needlewoman, well-wielded with knitting needles and crochet, will be able to tie the original with a warm hat with a beard .In our northern latitudes there are often such frosts that men with a smoothly shaven face often envy bearded men. Similarly, a caring wife can protect her husband from frostbite.
    If the anniversary of the husband coincides with the New Year holidays, you can tie a cap of Santa Claus with a white beard.
    As a fun joke you can tie one beard and put it on the birthday boy, joking that this anniversary made him a mature man, and the beard only confirms this status.
  • A husband for 25 years can make a touching pillowcase on the pillow , which is always in his car. The central place on this pillow case should be your joint picture. The process of making pillowcases looks like this: selecting the desired photo in the computer, you must print it on the inkjet printer using special thermal transfer paper. Cut the image, put the pillowcase on the ironing board and put the carved picture down. After ironing the picture with a hot iron( without steam), it only remains to remove the paper substrate. A gift with your own hands is ready.

  • Sweet gift to her husband-gourmand can be presented for 30 years. To make the gift truly original, you need to give it the form of a bouquet of candies. Master classes for making such bouquets are many. Wife, concerned about the idea of ​​a gift for her husband, it will not be difficult to choose the appropriate option.

To make a gift to a husband from sweets, you will need some of your favorite birthday treats, a fortress or gift paper, a floral tape, wooden skewers, a scotch of scotch, pieces of colored foil, satin ribbons. All this can be found in every home.

View, how to decorate a bottle of cognac - a bouquet of chocolates, video:

  • A gift to her husband for 30 years, made by own hands, can be inexpensive. It is enough if it is just necessary and practical. Taking a beautiful male tie, you can make from it a case or cover for the mobile phone.
  • On the 35th anniversary, you can present a touching presentation of to your husband , having printed out in advance on separate sheets of a declaration of love, information about the history of your relationship or simply pleasant wishes. Taking a picture separately from each of these leaves, make a slide show( see the video for an example of an article).

  • For the 40th anniversary song-gift to the husband can become very pleasant surprise. If the wife is fluent in playing a musical instrument( guitar, pianoforte, accordion), it's enough to perform it on a gala evening. You can go more complicated way by ordering a studio recording. With the help of professionals, even a person who has never practiced vocalism can do this.

  • For 45 years the wife can make a photographic cube , pasted with photos of a couple or the whole family. To produce it, you will need a set of ordinary children's cubes, 12 large photos, adhesive tape, glue and a considerable amount of time, as this is a very small work requiring considerable care.

  • To her husband for 50 years, a loving wife, a master, can, with her own hands, tie something beautiful, warm and cozy. For example, a soft scarf with an original relief, a beautiful sweater or waistcoat. Such a thing, connected secretly from a loved one, will warm it on a cold day and will emphasize the warmth of your relationship.

  • A pleasant surprise for her husband on the 55th anniversary will be video greeting from the people dear to him : friends, relatives, co-workers. This idea is very difficult, because its implementation will require the wife to run after each of its potential participants, but the result will pay for the effort.

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