Hairstyles in the style of emo

Let's see what style is inherent in emo. First you need to understand what emo is. This name comes from the word "emotional" and is a way of life in which the expression of feelings is not a sign of weakness. The emo lifestyle means the presence of vivid emotions, and any: both positive and negative.

In the emo style, the main colors in the hairstyle, clothing, make-up are pink and black. But the most important difference of emo style is of course the hair.

The hair is made on the basis of black or pink, smooth or slightly disheveled hair. Particular attention is paid to the bun, which should hide the eyes. Therefore, the bangs most often cover up to half the face and should be necessarily straight with any design options: long oblique, with "torn" edges, etc. The length of the hair can be completely arbitrary.
Medium-length hair in the emo style is cut with a "ladder" closer to the front, and strands on the crown are shorter to form a volume. If the fringe is oblique, you can spread it along the eyebrows, grease the gel and gently lay along the face.

Long hair is formed with milled tips, it is well beaten on the vertex. A long slanting bang is more suitable for such a hair. It is possible to emphasize the hairdress with a bright wide rim or a large hairpin.

Long hair can be made and "tail", but not high, it is good to whip it with foam or gel. The chalk should be smooth at the same time and, like the strands that have been released, it's like to fringe the face.

Short hair can also be made with enough hair styles. The most popular is long straight strands in the face of bangs and sideburns and a short occipital part, whipped with gel or mousse.
With any length of hair, you can do asymmetric styling.
Real emo style devotees must have at least a few black strands. Hair can be milled, strands around the face can be painted in pink, white, red, or you can invent and more eccentric colors.

Clothing in the style of emo often in pink and black colors, it comes with belts with an iron buckle, gloves with cut fingers, backpacks with various emo icons.

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