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Easter is traditionally the largest and most popular Orthodoxholiday. At the end of Lent, a few days before the Easter celebrations, people begin to cook cakes and colored eggs. And if everything is clear with the recipe of the test for the most delicious and religiously important treats, then its decoration may have some problems. How to decorate Easter cake effectively, and what goodies for this can come in handy?

Decorating with glaze

For the decoration of Easter cakes traditionally used protein glaze, as well as a variety of sprinkles and sugar pellets. To prepare a protein glaze, it is necessary to separate the egg whites from the yolks and beat them in a mixer( approximately 2-3 eggs are needed).After the mass thickens, it is required to add half a glass of sugar to it and continue to beat the ingredients until a uniform mass is formed.

Beautiful cakes are obtained if you cover with a given mass the whole baking cap. As soon as this has happened, it is necessary to display glazes on the surface, until it is frozen, a variety of patterns with the help of a powder, cream, figurines from marmalade. What patterns from the sprinkling are found most often:

  1. Crosses of different sizes, symbolizing the religious identity of baking.
  2. Images of angels and apostles.
  3. Image of the letters "ХВ", which symbolize the phrase "Christ is Risen".
  4. Even drawings of churches and various temple buildings are found on Easter cakes.

A person should not be afraid of experiments, because, the brighter he decorates Easter cake, the better. After applying the glaze and the picture, the baking should not be touched, since the top coating should completely dry. Usually it takes 10-15 minutes.

Now the decoration with the mixing of sugar and protein is used everywhere for several reasons:

  • First, it is extremely convenient, because cooking such a delicious decorative component does not take a lot of time.
  • Secondly, on glaze it is possible to display any drawings, playing on contrast with white color.
  • Thirdly, this coating is extremely tasty, making festive food a real gastronomic gift.

After decorating all the cakes, you can proceed to their consecration and eating, as it is the most delicious baked goods.

Making Easter cakes with chocolate

Decorating Easter cakes is usually a real creative experiment, because you can use a wide variety of components for this task. Often people replace sugar icing, to which everyone has long been accustomed, no less tasty component - chocolate.

  1. The first , which is worth doing, is to melt a couple of dark chocolate bars, stirring occasionally the thickened mass.
  2. If the resulting mass is not enough to decorate the cake, you can add a little milk to it and mix the ingredients carefully. It is very important that the chocolate remains sticky, not too liquid.
  3. Next, it only remains to apply the molten mass to the top of the cakes.

To make the design even more interesting, you can decorate the hat with the following goodies:

  • with decorative fruit( for example, you can add the letters "ХВ");
  • colored sugar powder, with which you can create the most original drawings related to the holiday;
  • grated white chocolate, too, can decorate the cake with contrast;
  • coconut shaving can also be used to create a picture, because in contrast it will look very interesting.

A beautiful Easter cake does not have to be traditional with white icing. Using chocolate, a person will get a much brighter and more unusual drawing.

For those who love experiments, double use of chocolate and glaze for decoration is suitable. Dark melted chocolate can cover one side of the cake, and white glaze - the other, and as a result will get a very original and bright design. On the dark side, you can draw a picture of a cross with coconut shaving, and on white - with the help of a powder, create the face of an angel.

This kind of decoration is original, interesting and completely fits in the concept of celebration. In addition, the cakes, covered with chocolate, are incredibly delicious! No less sweet and fragrant is chocolate fudge, made from cocoa powder.

Chocolate glaze for cocoa cake - video

Decoration with powdered sugar and coconut shaving

Ideas for decorating Easter cakes on the Internet can be found very different. Inspired by such a variety, many housewives refuse to use the standard glaze of proteins and sugar. Now you can fully express your imagination, while not making any special efforts in decorating.

If there is no time for long decorating and making glaze, , you can safely use powdered sugar. With her help, you can cover the cap of a cake abundantly, supplementing the design with a few drops of jam, applied on both sides in the form of a cross.

So that the cake decorated with sugar powder does not seem boring and uninteresting, it can be decorated with a special lace stand, and also with the help of usually a ribbon of contrasting color. These inedible details will not make Easter cakes tasty, but they can significantly transform it, adding the most popular Easter dessert of originality.

You can cook beautiful Easter cakes for Easter using a wide variety of coconut shavings. So, for example, with her help you can create interesting drawings on chocolate glaze.

With coconut chips, you can create an original glaze. To do this, it is enough to add this component to the proteins and sugar in the process of making the glaze.
As a result, the glaze itself will acquire a more original, unforgettable taste, and even a new shape. It will seem more voluminous, and therefore more attractive. Decorate such a cake can be a variety of details, ranging from colored sugar powder and ending with marmalade.

Especially effective looks colorful coconut shaving. If there is one in the arsenal of the hostess, then with her help you can create a bizarre design.

To do this, cover the top part of the cake so that the protein glaze covers the top with a thick layer. It is necessary to fill it abundantly with colored coconut shaving( now you can find both green and red).As a result, the design of Easter treats will not seem overly screaming, but it will be extremely original and memorable.

Original elements of easter decoration

Decorating an Easter cake is the very thing in which you can show your imagination in full. If a person wants to make the main festive dish truly original, then he should forget about the traditional icing and colorful sprinkling.

What unusual decoration elements can be used to decorate cakes:

  1. A variety of fruits that can be added to the dough itself instead of raisins, and to the top of the cake.
  2. Candied fruit, which can be used as an original alternative to sprinkling.
  3. A variety of marmalades, which can also decorate the cap of the Easter cake, making it extremely original.
  4. Edible decorative flower figurines, which can be purchased in pastry shops.

An interesting variant of decorating, which will be to the liking of all lovers of beautiful cakes, is their decoration with flowers. The kulich cap itself can be covered with either melted chocolate or protein glaze, after which it is necessary to plant the purchased flowers, made of wafers or chocolate. Some mistresses go further, using for decoration of fresh flowers, for example, chamomile, but nothing good from this is not obtained at least because these jewelry very quickly fade.

The hostess can make her cakes unique, complementing them with the widest variety of decor elements. Sometimes culinary masters go further and create decorations for cakes not with the help of fruits and chocolate, but using a pastry syringe and a normal protein cream. Similarly, you can create absolutely any drawings.

Those who know how to use such a device can display an image of an angel on the Easter cake or even redraw an icon with the help of a cream. This work is laborious, but the result is simply amazing.

Being imaginative in decorating, you can not only make each cake unique in appearance, but also give it a unique taste.

Decorating cakes with inedible elements

Decorating an original cake is possible not only with the help of chocolate and fruits, but also using inedible elements. So, for example, various images of angels or churches, made in miniature, can be useful, which can be planted on the top of the cake. In this case, festive food will look extremely attractive, emphasizing the grandeur of the celebration.

Now sells a variety of decorative figures, including those depicting a cross or small yellow chicks. All this can be on the cake, making it even more attractive.

Cake decorating options using inedible elements almost always involve the use of a variety of decorative ribbons made of paper. They wrap around the bottom of the festive treat, complementing the original design. If it seems that such a decor is not enough, you can use a variety of ribbons and bows, which should be tied with Easter cake.

Here the most important thing is not to overdo using different methods of decoration, otherwise the cake will not look original, but ridiculous. It is also important not to lose behind the decorative elements the religious value of this batch.

It's great if, after decorating, a person takes Easter cake to the church together with decorated eggs. There they will be sanctified, making food not only tasty, but also sacred.

Easter is truly an amazing holiday, and it is celebrated all over the Christian world. After a long Lent, people can enjoy themselves and baking, and a variety of other dishes. When preparing a cake, it is important to show originality, because then the holiday starts to play completely different, new colors.

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