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Moderngirls are increasingly decorating themselves with all sorts of braids and plaits. These hairstyles are universal: they hold their hair well and look very beautiful. With a scythe you can go to work, study, holiday, party. You can supplement the packing with ribbons, flowers and beads. About this, and how to weave braids, this article will tell in detail.

Hairstyles to itself

Not always there is an opportunity to address to the professional hairdresser. Yes, and ask someone for help, sometimes, I do not want to. It is better to learn how to weave braids to yourself. It's not that hard. A little patience, training, and everything will turn out.

In order for the process to be effective, it is worthwhile to prepare everything necessary in advance.

It will be required:

  • large mirror;
  • spray for styling;
  • comb;
  • rubber bands, hairpins, hairpins;
  • means for fixation.

You can learn how to weave a French braid

This style looks stylish and interesting. Suitable in any situation. At first, hands with unaccustomed use can get tired, but with time the experience will come.


  1. To comb the strands back.
  2. On the vertex or near the forehead, select the area of ​​the hair. Divide it into three parts.
  3. Throw an ordinary pigtail of three strands. Then gradually add hair strands from the sides.
  4. Get to the base of the neck and go to the usual braid.
  5. Secure it with an elastic band.

The difficulty of self-weaving is the lack of the opportunity to see yourself from behind. Therefore it is better to use two mirrors. In the second, the back of the head will be displayed, which will make it easier to work. If the stitching has turned out sloppy, it is necessary to pin the individual hairs with studs.

How to braid a French braid - video

You can make yourself and burn.

Its weave is much easier.

  1. It's enough to comb your hair and pick it up in a tall tight tail.
  2. Divide it into two parts.
  3. Weave them in a spiral in the form of a bundle.
  4. The tip needs to be disheveled so that the bundle does not splinter.
  5. Then fasten with an elastic band.

Spit fishtail

Styling, similar to the tail of a mermaid, looks interesting and fervent. It will suit both small girls and adult women. If the density of the head of hair allows, you can braid two braids. You can leave them smooth or dishevel.

With proper skill in the braid, you can weave tapes.


  1. Hair wash, comb and moisten with water.
  2. Divide the head of hair into two parts. You can at the base to collect strands in the tail, and then divide.
  3. Start the weaving. To do this, select a thin string on the left and flip it to the right.
  4. The strand on the right is thrown to the left.
  5. So weave a braid of the required length. The thickness of the sites should be monitored, otherwise the hair will turn out uneven.
  6. Finished fishtail fastened with rubber band. To impart negligence it can be disheveled.
Beginners are advised to weave the braid from the tail to beginners. And then you can weave immediately on her hair.

In order for the fish tail to look impressive, it is worth putting on the locks a styling aid, and then fixing the hair with a varnish. Such a braid reflects the light well, so it will shine.

Bezel from hair

Many girls complain of a naughty bang and hanging strands on their face. You can remove them with a rim of your own hair. This hairstyle looks very feminine and elegant. Any outfit she will make more romantic.

Weaving scheme:

  1. First, the hair should be well combed.
  2. Separate near the ear three strands and begin to weave them with a regular braid.
  3. Continue weaving with a "spike".With this, you need to move on the vertex, and take strands on both sides.
  4. Near the other ear, the stitching can be fixed or finished with an ordinary braid.

Such a bezel will remove the hair, so they will not interfere. It is possible to separate the strands by a straight parting and start the weaving from the center to the ears. Then everything depends on the imagination: you can pick up the curls in a bun or tail.


The braid and loose hair are combined well. Girls are now popular hairdo waterfall. The weave fits well with slightly curled locks. Styling looks great on hair of different shades.

Scheme of weaving:

  1. Divide the into an entire hair mass with an oblique parting.
  2. On the broad side, separate the three strands. Weave them first, like an ordinary scythe, but the strand that is down below should be let out. The next lower strand will be formed from the other hair. In this case, the upper portion slightly widens.
  3. Clutches are taken from below, shifted to the center.
  4. Medium strand intertwines with the bottom.
  5. The upper strand is taken, passed through the other two, is below.

It turns out a beautiful hairstyle, imitating a waterfall. Plus this arrangement - the ability to remove hair from the ears and leave them behind. At the same time, they are dissolved. The base of the waterfall is a spit that passes around the head and leaves curls falling down.

To prevent the waterfall from falling apart, fix it with the studs.

You can make a fantasy and weave a small ribbon. Or make two braids on the right and left sides. Then they should be connected.

A braid of 4 strands of

A braid of four strands is a more varied variant of a bored "grandmother's" braid. With this styling you can go to the office, school, party, walk. The braid can be made from the side. Weave it easily. Those who have at least a little experience in creating hairstyles from braids, will cope with this option.

The head should not be washed, but the hair should be clean. Strands should be slightly wet, because wet hair is better to be weaved. If the hair is unruly, it is worth first applying a styling aid.

Scheme of weaving braids from 4 strands:

  • carefully comb the entire mass to the back of the head;
  • is divided into 4 sections;
  • grab one strand and put on the other, support both parts by hand;
  • with the left hand to throw a bunch from the left on a lock on the right;
  • the remaining section should be placed under the first, which is now in the center;
  • the second is placed on top of the third, and the fourth - on top of the second one;
  • the first section is stretched under the second, the third lies over the fourth;
  • first stretches over the third, and the second - under the third;
  • thus weave the braid to the end;Secure the
  • with an elastic band or studs.

First, in the process of weaving, you can get confused, so the hairdressers give beginners advice:

  1. The first section on the right is always pointing down, and the last one is up.
  2. Those strands that are on the edge should afterwards be in the middle of the weaving. This is the whole principle of creating a braid.

Spit from 5 locks

No less interesting looks and a pigtail of five strands.

This hairstyle can be both solemn and everyday. It all depends on the technique of execution.

For the beginning it is necessary to familiarize with the scheme of weaving:

  • carefully comb the hair;
  • make a tall tight tail( this is optional, but it will help fix the braid, so beginners should choose this option);
  • divide the whole mass into 5 parts.

For convenience, the sites are better numbered.

How to start the weaving:

  • plot 5 to place above 3 and under 4;
  • 1 place above 3 and under 2;
  • 5 hold over 4 and under 3;
  • plot 1 to hold over 3 and under 2;
  • repeat all the actions;
  • at the end of the braid is fixed with an elastic band.

You should get an interesting three-strand braid. It looks such a hairstyle effectively. But if you want to decorate it in addition, you can use ribbons and beads. Weave the ribbon in such a braid is not easy. If you want to try, it's better to choose a thin ribbon from the sliding fabric, otherwise it will get tangled in the weave.

If it turned out well to braid the scythe from the tail, you can start to do your hair right on the loose hair. It is better to number the sections and memorize them. This will simplify the task. To the spit of 5 strands looked volume, you should pull a couple of locks and slightly fluff the hair. It is better to fix it slightly with a varnish.

African braids

This hair style is slightly different from other types of weaving. African braids are chosen by courageous and confident girls who always want to be in the spotlight. Hairstyle may seem simple, but in reality everything is much more complicated.

  • It is worthwhile to understand that African braids are made according to a special technology. Therefore, it is better to contact a stylist or a hairdresser. Weaving of African braids is a long and tedious occupation. Sometimes it takes several hours to create a hairstyle.
  • Some girls learn the principle of weaving and gladly reproduce it on their hair. To do this, you need to wet your hair and divide into many small squares. Then from each site a thin, tight pigtail is plied.
  • Hair does not have a pleasant effect on hair. They get worse nutrition, and after "removing" braids they look lifeless. It is not necessary to completely abandon afropricheski, but you should not walk with it for weeks. It is advisable to pamper your head with nutritious masks.

Useful advices

  1. If it's difficult to understand right away, it's worth using the schemes for beginners. Then your hands will get used to, and you can do without schemes.
  2. Stylists advise to braid slightly damp strands. Dry quickly decay.
  3. Braids - an excellent solution for owners of spiky hair. All kinds of interlacing make it more voluminous and rich.
  4. Make weaving festive help additional accessories and jewelry. Tapes, beads, studs will give a styling pomp.

How to plait a braid of 4 strands with a ribbon - video

Braiding of braids was valued at all times. All kinds of pigtails do not lose their popularity even now.

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