Daytime make-up for the brown eyes

  • Face preparation for make-up
  • Shadow selection
  • Lining, pencil and ink
  • Blush and lipstick
  • Daytime makeup options for hazel-eyed beauty
  • Rough mistakes in make-up for brown eyes

Daytime make-up for brown eyes is made easier, as the brown iristhe eye already gives the main advantage - it provides an expressive and vivid look even without cosmetics.

But daytime make-up is necessary to get a well-groomed appearance of the face, emphasizing the main advantage - a quick twinkle in the eyes. With the help of makeup, there are also shortcomings: cyanosis under the eyes, fine wrinkles and tired look.

Face preparation for make-up

To apply a beautiful make-up for brown eyes, you need to prepare a face for him. This requires the following cosmetics:

  • day cream or a special cream base, if the skin has irregularities;
  • foundation;
  • correctors;
  • powder.

1. The base layer is applied to the cleansed skin.

If the skin is perfectly smooth, has no drawbacks, then you can start immediately with a foundation, applying it in a thin even layer.

  • The tonal cream should be selected in the tone of the natural skin, so that it does not stand out against the background of the neck and hands.
  • A high-quality cream has a uniform consistency and does not slip into wrinkles.

2. Without correctors, daily make-up can be done if you do not need to adjust the face shape or redness on the skin. Dark correctors can hide too wide cheekbones, and light - on the contrary, visually make them wider.

3. Powder is applied over the foundation. It should not be on the brush very much: just touch the powder lightly, and then shake it off. The powder should match the tone of the skin, it should not give out skin imperfections, much less - roll into the grooves of wrinkles.

Natural makeup for brown-eyed - video:

The choice of shadows

The most difficult moment is choosing a suitable range of colors that will add beauty to the face, and not make it painful.

The choice of the color palette depends not only on the shade of the brown eyes, but also on the chosen clothing, skin color and hair. Light daytime make-up, for example, should not be full of bright colors, unlike the evening version.

Depending on various factors, girls with brown eyes should stop on the following color range of shadows for daytime make-up:

  • Blonde girls can afford beige, sandy, dark pink shades of colors and any shades of green.
  • For owners of swarthy skin is ideal choice of olive-brown range.
  • The dazzling white skin fits perfectly with shades of blue or green in cold shades.
  • For brunettes, nature-awarded brown eyes, come with silvery, brown, black, soft pink and even chocolate shades.
  • If your eyes are close to black, then the daytime make-up allows the application of shadows not only medium, but also high color saturation. However, too dark shadows may seem very unnatural, which will spoil the image. Therefore, it is necessary to skillfully find a compromise between dark and light tones.

The choice of the color palette depends on the saturation of the color of the iris. Shadows that emphasize light brown eyes, can be absolutely useless for owners of dark brown eyes, and vice versa.

Below is a table where each shade of brown color is contrasted with the recommended shade shades.

Shade of color

Recommended color palette


This is the lightest shade of brown color. Therefore, such eyes require special emphasis on the general background. How to make them more vivid? For this you can not overshadow their dark shadows. Ideal for use are mauve shades or shades of color called "champagne".

Light brown

The owners of light brown eyes are distinguished by a mysterious look, full of uncharted secrets. To highlight the natural beauty will help light shades of shadows. Dark colors can only be applied to the crease of a mobile age. An excellent addition will be a contour pencil of brown color.


The owner of the eyes of pure brown color is incredibly lucky! They can safely choose the shadows of any color, saturation and hue, as everything fits them. But a beautiful daytime make-up should be as close to natural as possible, so do not use flashy colors.


For almost black eyes, it is important to find the optimal border between dark and light shadows. You need to use both. Experiment to achieve the desired result.

Padding, pencil and ink

  • Daytime makeup for the brown eyes will be more effective if you make the decoration of the brow ridges.

Eyebrows are first laid using a special brush. The right shade of eyebrows is achieved by painting them with a pencil.

  • Contour pencil or mascara-eyeliner helps to make the look languid or playful by adjusting the cut of the eyes.

They have an attractive appearance due to the thin arrows, held above the line of eyelash growth on the mobile century. They are carried out, starting from the inner corner of the eyes towards the external corner.

Looks like an arrow that looks beyond the edge of a natural cut with a line rising up.
  • If you perform everyday make-up for brown eyes, then do not abuse black ink, black ink, especially if it is very saturated. Colors such as gray, purple, blue or gold should also be left until the evening makeup is required.
For the daytime variant, brown piping is ideal, or better - a contour pencil, as it will create more blurred borders with the effect of haze. To do this, draw a line with a pencil brush or sponge.
  • To work in the office, the color of the pencil must match the color of the eyes, and the line should be very thin.
  • Eye makeup is completed by applying on the upper and lower eyelashes mascara. With its help, the image takes on a complete form. The eyelashes become long and lush, which gives the eyes even more expressiveness.
Daytime Makeup for the Brown Eyes - video:
  • For brown eyes with blond hair, it is best to use brown mascara to make your eyes look as natural as possible. For brunettes, the ideal option is coal-black quality mascara.

Blusher and lipstick

The daytime make-up for brown-eyed lips with lipstick and blush ends. It is important to use natural colors, so as not to get defiant.

  • Blush in the daytime version should be light sand or gently pink. Bright shades of pink and terracotta colors of blush are suitable only for evening make-up.
  • Finishing stroke - lip painting. If they have a vague outline, then a pencil of light shades will help to emphasize it.

In order not to divert the eyes of men from beautiful eyes, lipstick should not be bright: peach and caramel shades are quite suitable.

Daytime makeup options for the brown-eyed beauty

Here is an example of a daytime make-up, which is described in the following steps:

  1. Cleanse the face and apply a foundation with foundation cream.
  2. Use special correctors to visually correct the face shape. Sometimes, blush is used for this purpose.
  3. Finish preparing the face for make-up by applying powder.
  4. Once again apply the eyelids on the eyelids so that the shadows lie flat and steady.
  5. Choose 2-3 shades of shadows. One of them is basic, light. The other two should blend in with the main and add the eyes of expressiveness.
    Beautiful makeup for brown eyes is obtained through the use of matte shadows with the addition of mother-of-pearl in the corners.
  6. Apply dark shadows to the upper eyelid and outer corners. Internal corners and the skin under the eyebrows, paint in a light tone. You can draw a moving eyelid with a pencil, and you can shade the line well;
  7. Eyebrows lay and paint with pencils light strokes.
  8. On the lips, apply a transparent shine or a discreet lipstick pastel shades.
  9. Apply blush.
Quick makeup for every day for brown eyes - video:

This was another lesson on how to apply daytime makeup for brown eyes.

You can omit some steps if you do not have skin imperfections that need to be adjusted. The main thing in daytime make-up is to preserve naturalness.

Rough mistakes in makeup for the brown eyes

For brownies, there are still bans that should not be broken.

  • For example, orange shadows will make the face painful.
  • Depending on the saturation of the brown iris, the pink color of the shadows can be approached, or it can spoil the whole picture. But too intense pink shade - just not for girls with bright and expressive eyes.
  • Use shadows of purple with care. They are contraindicated if the whites of the eyes are not snow-white. Violet color contrasts with yellow hues, so it emphasizes them.

Daytime makeup for the brown eyes can be performed in countless varieties. But the resulting image will not look spectacular if you use low-quality cosmetics, which rolls into the grooves of wrinkles.

Experiment and fantasize, brown-eyed beauties, because for you there are almost no restrictions.

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