Treatment of cough with hot milk and soda

Most of the diseases of the upper respiratory tract are accompanied by an unpleasant cough, which sometimes causes anxiety for a long time after recovery. To combat the painful symptom is often used time-tested traditional medicine, for example, milk with baking soda and other additives from cough. Although many people do not believe in the beneficial properties of milk and soda, however, their combination and proper reception have a strong impact on the body.

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Benefits and Harms

Baking soda is actively used in the treatment of many diseases, including symptoms of ARVI due to its useful properties:

  • Disinfection.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Elimination of heartburn.
  • Suppress the growth of bacteria and fungi.
  • Normalization of the heart rhythm with arrhythmia attacks, etc.

In turn, milk promotes rapid treatment of the common cold. As a rule, it is recommended to mix the heated liquid with products having a thick consistency - this will help to eliminate perspiration in the throat and cough. In folk medicine, recipes of warm milk with honey, soda, cocoa butter, goat fat are very popular.

These two products work effectively both individually and together, especially when treating a cough. However, since soda stimulates the formation of sputum, it must be used with milk only with a dry cough that "cuts" the throat. Trying to cure this way a wet cough, you can get the opposite effect - to provoke an increase in sputum production.

Despite the useful properties of milk and soda, before using them for treatment, you need to consult a specialist, because even milk can be an unsafe drink. People suffering from hypolactasia( intolerance to milk) are not allowed to use it, as it can cause abdominal pain, discomfort in the intestine, flatulence and other unpleasant sensations.

Applying warm milk from a cough, it is necessary to remember that soda is also capable of causing serious damage to human health. Possible harm to baking soda for the body is its chemical properties to change the alkaline balance of gastric juice. Excess dosage or frequent intake of soda inside has a negative effect on the gastric mucosa, which can subsequently lead to an ulcer.

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Proportions of

To cure a dry cough, take 250-300 ml of hot milk and add 0.5 teaspoons of soda, 1 teaspoon of honey and a small slice of butter. You can replace butter with cocoa butter, which is also considered a good cough remedy.

When preparing a medicine, do not exceed the dosage and take more soda per glass of milk. If you change the proportion, you can turn the medicine from cold into a strong laxative.

If a cold causes the patient to sweat profusely, then during treatment with milk and soda should drink as much water as possible, since this medicine further increases the loss of fluid. Use a warm mixture 2 times a day before eating. It can be used not only for colds with a cough, but also for preventive purposes.

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For children

For the treatment of dry cough in children, the dosage of soda should be reduced in2 times, that is instead of ½, enough ¼ teaspoon of soda add in 200 ml of hot milk. Warm milk with soda is good for laryngitis in children, effective in the complex treatment of bronchitis. Children are recommended to give a medicine cooked with honey( in the absence of allergies), since the taste of pure milk with soda is hardly pleasant.

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When pregnant

With a dry, irritating cough, milk with soda can be taken and pregnant women, which is very important at a time when most medications are contraindicated, and the likelihood of getting sick is greater. This folk remedy will ease the cough and will not harm the health of the future mother and fetus.

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