Secrets of beautiful eye makeup

  • Basic techniques of eye makeup
  • Drawing ideal arrows
  • How to Draw an arrow - video
  • makeup for brown-eyed girls
  • Quick makeup brown eyes - video
  • Make-up for green eyes
  • Day makeup green eyes - video
  • Paint blue eyes
  • Universal smoky eye makeup
  • Smoke makeup - video
  • Permanent

To make the look expressive, it is enough to learn several rules of applying makeup. Then you can easily experiment with the colors of shadows, eyeliner and carcass. The number of types of eye makeup and the variety of means for its application pleases with diversity. Learn all the secrets of beautiful makeup for the eyes, to skillfully emphasize your natural beauty!

The Basics of Eye Makeup Technique

And brown-eyed brunettes, and fair-haired girls with blue eyes, and red-haired green-eyed beauties are important to remember the main rules of eye makeup. The look will be attractive, and make-up - literate, if you consider the following items:

  1. Eye makeup base - primer. This remedy can be in the form of a waxy powder, a liquid cream or a gel with a brush. Modern primers perform several functions. First, they moisturize, protect and care for the thin skin of the eyelids. Secondly, give firmness to shadows and eyeliner. And, thirdly, mask small skin imperfections.
  2. Before applying the next layers, the base tone must completely dry. Otherwise, the dyeing parts of the pencil and the shadows will roll down. Wait 5-10 minutes - and you can proceed to the next stage.
  3. If you are concerned about dark circles or very noticeable vessels, use a concealer. This special corrector will equalize the skin color. It is applied to the area under the eyes pointwise, in strokes or in the form of an inverted triangle, and then shade.
  4. Make the view open will help the highlighter. It is applied with fingers or a brush under the eyebrow and on the inner corners( closer to the bridge of the nose).
  5. Do not underestimate the curling irons for eyelashes. They will easily transform your eyes in a few moments.
  6. Learn how to dye eyelashes correctly with mascara. Apply the layers evenly. If the paint gets under your eyes, do not forget to remove the traces of a cotton swab or brush.
    Keep an eye on the expiry date of the carcass - fresh make-up gives the best result and is safe for health.
  7. The correct technique of eye makeup is a competent combination of shade colors. The general rule is not to use more than 4 different shades at the same time.

Drawing the perfect arrows

Make a great make-up for the eyes with the help of arrows. They will emphasize an attractive cut of the eyes and give the image an effect.

The arrows can be drawn by various means:

  • sharply penciled;
  • with a brush using liquid liner;
  • with a dry spout;
  • with a special felt-tip pen-liner;
  • shadows of a dark shade.

The most convenient is a felt-tip pen. It does not need sharpening, it makes it easy to make even strokes. However, the lines will be quite thick. With the help of shadows a thin brush can make arrows with a smoky effect. Liquid podvodka has a more glossy consistency, and it is more difficult to work with it.

Pencil - universal, it is perfect for beginners in drawing arrows. When the ideal lines are ready, you need to go through liquid pencil along the pencil layer. This method will fix the makeup and make it more clear.

How to make beautiful and symmetrical arrows:

  1. Before applying the eyeliner, cover the eyelid with a layer of shadows. They do not need to have a bright color. Let it be the shade of a solid shade, light peach or beige. They will give extra durability to the piping.
  2. Direction of the arrow: first along the contour of the eye, and from the outer corner - upwards. Draw with a pencil right along the line of eyelash growth.
  3. The hand that you apply makeup should have emphasis. Place the elbow on any stable surface, for example, on a table. So the hand will not falter in the make-up process, and the result will be pleased with the accuracy.

Kinds of arrows for different eye shapes:

  • Small eyes. Make them noticeably more will help the following method: draw an arrow not from the inner corner, but from the middle of the eye. Make the outer line long enough.
  • Round eyes. In order for the eye to have a more elegant cut, bring the arrow along the whole line of the upper eyelid, extend it beyond the edge of the eye.
  • Narrow eyes. To round off an overly slanting glance, draw a solid arrow, thicker make it in the middle of the century.
  • Close-fitting eyes will correct such an arrow: more thin until the middle of the century, and thickened at the end.
  • Widely located eyes. We draw a solid thick line.

There are many variations of everyday and festive shooters. Simple step-by-step schemes will teach you a skillful, beautiful make-up. There are also stencils for drawing ideal lines.

Without the arrows, the expressive make-up "Cat's Eye" does not do. A dense layer of rich shadows along the contour of the arrow will add to the look of even more sensuality.

How to draw arrows - video

Makeup for brown-eyed girls

Before learning how to paint your eyes, we learn what colors of shadows and eyeliner are recommended. For beauties with a brown shade of the iris, the following tips are relevant:

  • black color will give a look to the volume and depth;
  • are universal for them shades of olive and brown;
  • for brunettes with brown eyes is ideal for dark blue and gray shades;
  • if you have a very light skin of a cold shade, then the shades are blue, purple, turquoise and crimson;
  • brown-eyed blondes prefer to choose brown mascara, brunettes - black;
  • brunettes face golden and silvery cosmetics, blondes - pink and green hues;
  • avoid underscoring eyes orange tone - it will take away the look of clarity and expressiveness.

Visage for brown-eyed ladies can be catchy or natural, daytime, for evening out, strict or seductive. Let's consider some of these options in more detail.

Make an easy makeup for the brown eyes:

  1. The upper eyelid is painted with matte beige shadows.
  2. We draw a black pencil on the fold of the upper eyelid. We are growing it.
  3. Now the upper eyelid is covered with colored shadows: golden, greenish or other recommended color.
  4. We perform the strokes with black eyeliner along the line of growth of the cilia.
  5. Once again we will work a fluffy brush for feathering.
  6. Apply the black extension mascara.

To look fresh in the morning and throughout the day, remember the rules of daytime makeup for the brown eyes:

  • give preference to light pastel colors of shadows;
  • liner must be thoroughly blended;
  • consider the color of your clothes when choosing a makeup palette.

And to look better in the evening, use the following step-by-step scheme:

  1. Visually pull out the eyeliner through the contour of the eyelids, raise the corners.
  2. Take a small brush, dunk it in mother-of-pearl shades, apply them to the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrow line.
  3. We paint the mobile eyelid with two or three shades of a single color. The inner corner is lighter, the outer corner is darker.
    Choose color on your own. You can take white, gray and black.
  4. Over the arrows draw a line of dark shadows.
  5. In the fold of the century, you can apply turquoise, crimson or purple shadows.
  6. We rinse all the lines applied.
  7. We apply mascara. On the upper lashes - two layers, on the bottom - one. If the cilia turned out stuck together, comb them with a special brush.

Quick makeup of the brown eyes - video

Visage for green eyes

Girls with a green tinge of the iris can boast a rarity of the color of the eyes. Emphasize this unique beauty, following a set of rules:

  • To emphasize the color of the iris, use the rule of contrasts. It says: in order to show your color, take the shadows of the contrast palette. For green it is: purple, purple, lavender, all shades of pink, red, warm brown tone.
  • In addition, universal for green-eyed ladies are considered bronze, gray and beige colors.
  • Regarding the use of make-up in green colors, this is possible for a successful effect, but it is important to know one rule. The shade of the shadows should be different from the eyes. You can use a pair of other colors at the same time as green to achieve the best result.

For brunettes with green eyes, the following palette is preferable: lilac, marsh, greenish-brown, golden and silvery.

For green eyes and light brown hair: gray-brown, light brown, dark green, olive or plum. For redheads with green eyes: fresh greenery, emerald, copper and bronze, apricot, brown, dark purple.

Try to make a bright and charming make-up for green eyes on the graduation:

  1. Paint a light tinge of the upper eyelid to the middle. In the same shade, underline the lower eyelid. Let it be a beige or caramel tone.
  2. With dark shadows, draw a long arrow from the top and bottom. You can take black and gray pencils. Thoroughly blend the upper border of the arrow. Corners should be sharpened.
  3. Apply volumetric mascara in several layers.

Daytime makeup of green eyes - video

Beautiful blue eyes

For deep eyes of the color of the sky and ocean waves, the following colors will be most suitable:

  • pale or brighter pink;
  • silver and gold;
  • light purple;
  • light brown and beige.
For light eyes and light hair, it is ideal to take pastel shadows, gentle. For dark-haired - more saturated tone.

Examples of make-up for a blue-eyed girl:

  • From above, we paint the shades of a shade of milk chocolate;on the lower eyelid - lilac;on the inner corner - white mother-of-pearl paint. Draw the arrows and finish the makeup with black ink.
  • Tint the eye on the outline in golden color. Above it we impose a brown tone. We will emphasize the eyelashes with ink.
  • Let's put on the upper eyelid a grayish-brown tone. The mobile eyelid is saturated with violet. On the bottom - light lavender. Plus a clear arrow on top and mascara.

Universal smoky eye makeup

Meikap smokey ice comes from romantic France. He is able to make the view enigmatic and add to it a languid depth. Learn its secrets:

  1. First, we cover the eyelid with a light foundation.
  2. We circle our eyes with a soft black pencil. We use the applicator with a touch.
  3. We take three shades of the same color. We put the shadows first light, then dark - from the inner corner to the outer.
  4. Make smoky eye make-up: we shade all the transitions.
  5. Do not forget about mascara.

Smoke makeup - video of

Permanent of

If you find the perfect shape of the shooter and the color of the shadows, you can apply permanent makeup. This is a tattoo on the eye. It is done in the salon by a trained specialist.

Paint falls into the deep layer of the skin and therefore lasts up to 10 years. A very convenient solution for saving time, money for cosmetics, the opportunity to always be on top.

The focus on the look is an incredibly effective weapon for conquering others with its beauty. Knowing the subtleties of this fascinating art, you can always remain confident in your irresistibility. Learn new techniques of make-up, boldly experiment with a palette of shades, and let your attractiveness blossom.

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