Cultivation of a winding strawberry

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The most delicious and healthy strawberries are those grown in your own garden. In this case, you will be sure that it does not contain harmful additives, and will be able to give it safely to your children. Many are sure that it is very difficult to grow this berry, and the winding strawberry is, in general, something of a fantasy field. In fact, this is a delusion. Even a beginning gardener can cope with this plant. The main thing in this business is to follow the advice and tips of professionals.

We unleash the myths of

Some time ago, the advertisement of hanging strawberries was very common on the Internet. However, even now you can still meet ads in which we are talking about miracle seedlings of such unusual berries. It is not difficult to learn such advertising: it always shows walls covered with strawberries and covered with a lot of huge bright red berries.

As a rule, magic seedlings cost incredibly expensive, but the result after landing is very doubtful. So, the strawberry that weaves is just a myth created by unscrupulous sellers who want to earn money from gullible summer residents? This is partly true. If you are offered to buy such seedlings, it is better to refuse such a proposal.

However, the winding strawberries still exist, and you can grow it not only without labor, but without serious financial costs. The fact is that any ampel strawberry will curl and bear fruit.

The ampel varieties are those that bear fruit on the mustache. Sorts of such a lot, and you can choose the option to your taste. It is enough just to plant a similar bush, and you will get almost the same thing that promises to advertise expensive seedlings.

Of course, you will not get as many berries as painted on the brochures. The number of them will be the same as the usual strawberry beds. However, with proper care, you will calmly provide tasty berries to your whole family.

Choosing a suitable variety

As you have already understood, in order to grow strawberries curling at home, only the ampel varieties of this berry are suitable. But one ampel variety is different. In order not to get lost in a huge choice, let's look at the most successful options that you can grow in your garden.

If you are looking for the most unpretentious variety, then you will like Aluba and Geneva. They are really easy to care for, so that even a person who is far from gardening will cope with them.
  • Sorts Queen Elizabeth and Queen Elizabeth II are our native, such seedlings are cheaper than others.
  • Grades Osatra and Moscow Delicacy are pleased with the fact that they give fruits even in autumn. If it is important for you to have a strawberry as long as possible, give preference to these options.
  • Ampellum remontant strawberry is another variety that bore fruit all summer until the fall. He is able to bear fruit several times a season.
  • Strawberry ampoule large-berry is a sort of Elsanta. Berries from these shrubs will be very large and bright red, but the taste is rather sour-sweet. In addition, this variety quickly freezes, as it is foreign and not accustomed to cold.
  • Grade Eros is slightly more resistant to colds, although it is also imported. A distinctive feature of Eros - the color of berries. They are not red, but, rather, orange.
  • The most resistant to colds, as well as to other natural phenomena, variety - Crown. He is not only hardy, but also has delicious berries.
  • The Honey variety is considered one of the sweetest. In addition, the berries of this variety are very beautiful appearance.

Vertical garden bed

One of the most popular ways to grow a climbing strawberry is a vertical bed. This design has many advantages:

  • Firstly, it takes up a minimum of space, so that even at the smallest dacha site you can get a great harvest of strawberries.
  • Secondly, berries will not lie on the ground, so they will not rot, they can not be bitten by slugs.
  • Thirdly, it is a pleasure to harvest from vertical devices.
In addition, the plantings thus constructed will not have to be weeded.

The vertical bed consists of two pipes( one inside the other).The role of the outer tube can be performed, for example, by a barrel or any other similar objects. Its device:

  1. The diameter of the outer pipe should be within 40-60 cm. In this pipe it is necessary to make holes for the bush. This can be, for example, circles 2-4 cm in diameter or small triangles. Do not forget that the distance between the holes should be sufficient - about 20 cm. Also for 15 cm you need to retreat from each edge of the pipe.

    Preparing the tubing for planting the strawberry

  2. The inner tube should be metal, about 4-6 cm in diameter. It is intended for water and make-up of the strawberry. In this tube, you need to make small holes 0.5 cm in diameter at a distance of 2 cm from each other. In addition, this tube needs to be wrapped with burlap, so that the holes for watering are not clogged with soil. Note that the inner tube must be slightly longer than the outer tube.
  3. You just need to build a bottom for this design and find a suitable place for it in the sun. Ideal position - near the fence, so the garden will be protected from gusts of wind.

Planting seedlings in a vertical bed is also easy. The outer pipe must be filled with soil, and the seedlings should be placed in the holes so that their 10 cm roots go deep, and the leaves stay outside.

When it's time to water the strawberries, fill the inner tube with water. Through it, plants can also be fed and fertilized if necessary. Please note that when watering the soil will settle slightly, so it should be periodically poured.

Other ways to grow curly strawberry

In addition to vertical beds, there are other ways to grow strawberry strawberry. The most common - with the help of flowerpots or lattice.

The winding strawberry in the flowerpots is not only practical, but also very beautiful. These flowerpots can be decorated in an original way. Plant strawberries in them in the middle of summer. To do this, put a drain on the bottom of large pots( at least 30 cm deep) and then cover the soil. Plant strawberry seedlings need, first, not too deep, and secondly, not very tight.

It is interesting that in this way you can grow strawberries in pots even at home! However, in this case you will have to take care of her pollination. To do this, it is enough to walk on all the flowers with a brush or lean the flowers to each other.

Curly strawberry on the grill is a great way to decorate the mesh fence and at the same time to obtain an excellent harvest. All you need to do is plant the seedlings of the amp strawberry along the fence or along any other grid. The distance between the seedlings should be approximately 30 cm. The anus must be tied to the grid. It is desirable that its height does not exceed 1 meter.

The main rules of care

Cultivation of ampel varieties and care for them do not differ much from traditional ones taken for strawberries on ordinary beds. There are several basic rules. If you follow them, the sweet and fragrant harvest will not take long.

  1. Never water a strawberry bush from above. The plant does not like this very much. Leave the water strictly under the root.
  2. The sun is the guarantee of your harvest. The more sunlight gets on the bush, the richer the harvest and the sweeter the berry. Climbing varieties in this sense, of course, are less demanding than usual, and this is a big plus, but sunlight is still important.
  3. Be sure to get rid of weeds in time. Weeds "steal" moisture and important trace elements, which are so necessary for your strawberry bush.
  4. Do not regret and remove excess cirri and bushes. If they do not bear fruit, then, like weeds, they steal moisture and useful substances from fruit-bearing plants.
  5. And most importantly - make sure that your bushes have less greenery and as many berries as possible. This is what gardeners are always trying to achieve.

With the basic rules figured out. However, I would also like to touch upon the topics of harvesting, as some gardeners make serious mistakes at this stage:

  • First, always collect strawberries exclusively with hands.
  • Secondly, immediately put the crop in the container in which you will transport it. The less you shift and touch the strawberries, the better. Otherwise, the berries very quickly deteriorate.

Strawberry Transplantation

One of the most difficult features of strawberry growing is the need for its transplantation.

Do this only in early spring. At this time, it is necessary to nip off the large flowering bushes along a pair of the strongest and thickest antennae. You can plant a climbing variety of 70 bushes per 1 square meter of land.

The second method of transplanting strawberries is seeds. In summer or autumn select a couple of the largest berries, dry them and collect the seeds. In the spring you can land them in the ground. Remember that different varieties of strawberries should not grow nearby. Especially do not grow in the neighborhood of ordinary and ampelnye varieties.

You should not also grow strawberries from old seedlings. Saving here is inappropriate, because of such saplings you will not get a good harvest, they will only take a place in the garden. Small shrubs also do not need to be multiplied. Let's better be a dozen beautiful large bushes than 20 small ones.

How to make vertical beds for strawberries - video tutorial

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