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"Pheromone" from Greek translates as "attracting hormone".For the first time this concept was described by scientists Martin Lusher and Peter Karlsson in 1959. They claimed that the bodies of living beings produce certain substances that contain information that affects the behavior of other individuals. Pheromones are still being studied. And today in this issue there are not enough clarified moments. The only more or less indisputable scientific fact is the very existence of pheromones. Although here the intensity of discussions is not weakening. But many believe in their action.

A little story about women's perfumes with pheromones

Women's perfume with pheromones! How do perfumes work with pheromones?
Women's Perfume with Pheromones
Women's Perfume with Pheromones from Pheromone

Since the mid-20th century, many animal spirits have begun to add to many spirits. But the composition was taken by the one that was most suitable for human perception. To the attractiveness hormones, the pheromones of sperm whales, wild cats and beavers were the closest.

In 1986, Americans made a real breakthrough - they singled out pheromones from the sweat of a woman. This technology is patented and kept secret. Spirits with such pheromones really make a splash in the male society.

Variety of pheromones

There are many types of pheromones: danger, marking of territory, protection of offspring, rest, scaring, etc. Living beings with these mysterious substances solve various problems. For example, insects can not exchange information by playing sounds. Therefore, pheromones are an important part of the signal system for them.

Perfume with pheromones: the action of

Pheromones do not have their own fragrance. With the perception of smells, they only have a common way to the brain: the information that pheromones send can be considered only by inhaling. Next, the human vomeronasal gland is involved, which is in the nose. It fixes the presence of pheromone in the air stream, gives a signal to a specific area of ​​the brain, resulting in a corresponding reaction.

The theory of pheromones is similar to the theory of the "sixth sense" - it is unconscious, but clear impressions and impulses associated with the perception of special substances that disseminate information by chemical means.

How to choose perfume with pheromones?

How to choose men's perfumes with pheromones
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how to choose perfumes with pheromones

The fragrances that contain pheromones of animal origin in most of Europe are banned, including in Russia. From the purchase of such perfume is better to refuse, since aromas with sexual pheromones of animal origin are too strong and can cause such an unhealthy reaction in the partner, as a dependence.

If you already have a favorite smell in luxury perfumes, you can pick up perfumes with pheromones with a similar flavor. But when buying, pay attention to the absence of alcohol, which destroys pheromones.

How to use perfume with pheromones?

How to use perfume with pheromones
how to use perfume with pheromones
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Perfume with pheromones act relatively briefly - 6-8 hours. And to enhance their effect, apply a mysterious fragrance to the exposed skin areas, which are as close to the blood vessels. Specialists consider optimal zones of application of pheromones of the wrist, cheekbone, inner part of the ulnar fold, earlobe and dimple between the clavicles. The body must be clean. Do not use deodorants, lotions, or creams before applying perfume.

When applying such perfume, observe the measure: the fewer spirits, the better. And it is better to use them as rarely as possible.

To make pheromones better perceived, wear clothes made of natural materials. Such fabrics, in comparison with synthetic fibers, let out a natural smell.

When storing, never leave the bottle open. It is recommended to keep it in a dry, dark place, then the pheromones will not lose their effect.

If you want to enhance the exchange of pheromones with a person, then a simple kiss on the cheek will help. A close contact is what you need. But do not think that perfumes with pheromones are so omnipotent that they will throw at your feet any. If in the wild nature a lioness who smells the perfume of an ideal partner will overcome many kilometers, then people do not influence pheromones so much that they can not control their sexual desire.

By the way, jealousy also depends on the perception of pheromones. Scientists have proved that the smell of another woman that comes from her partner, the fair sex can feel throughout the day. At a subconscious level, it causes fury in a deceived woman. That's why ladies so often suffer from unexpected attacks of jealousy. But it is not worthwhile to completely rely on the nose in a serious relationship issue. Pheromones can "brainwash" anyone.

Oil perfume with pheromones

Action of Spirits with Pheromones on Human
Buy oil spirits with pheromones
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Oily perfumes are much more durable than alcohol analogs that are more saturatedand intense, but exhausted faster. The fragrance of the first is more restrained. In natural perfumery, olive, almond, apricot, wheat germ oil, grape seeds, cocoa and jojoba are used as base oils.

Women's fragrance that men like

If you are interested in what spirits men like, then give preference to floral scents and will not lose. Such an aroma can drive any man crazy. After all, a strong sex loves natural smells. But choosing such spirits, consider the time of the year for which you buy them. In summer, jasmine and lilac fragrance is more relevant, and in winter - lily-of-the-valley or pink.

In this regard, men will like the fruit notes. Only they must match the age of the lady. For example, very young and young girls should choose an easy, unobtrusive and not very cloying smell: berry or citrus. But adults and already established in life, you can prefer a more serious and persistent fragrance, which will attract a respectable man. Only such a perfume should not be too heavy and harsh. Oriental notes are suitable: cumin, musk, amber, patchouli.

And when you buy a mono-aroma, you are very at risk. After all, it is just the one you selected that a man can not tolerate. Therefore, it is more expedient to buy a composition from several notes, to insure yourself and get into the top ten. Related Videos:

Women's perfume with pheromones!
How do perfumes work with pheromones?
Women's Perfume with Pheromones
Women's Perfume with Pheromones from Pheromone
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