How and what to wear blouses with skirts and trousers in 2016

  • Fashion 2017 year
  • White blouse - for feast and peace
  • Black blouse - elegance and grace
  • Transparent blouses - bright and interesting models
  • Silk blouse for all times

Every woman's wardrobe always has a simple versatile blouse. To look stylish, you need to know how to wear blouses with a skirt or trousers. And for this you should orient yourself in fashion trends, styles, decor, fabrics and prints, and selection of combinations. We help to figure out what's what.

Fashion 2017 year

This season dresses fashionistas in blouses made of expensive fabrics. It is:

  • chiffon;
  • silk;
  • lace;
  • cotton;
  • atlas.

Color can be the following: classic white and black, monochrome, pastel shades, as well as variations of gray, wine, blue. The designers are attracted this year by the brightness, the warmth of the yellow color, the presence of the metallized glitter of matter.

Still willingly fashion designers use fabrics with graphic prints, and the strip prevails over the cage.

Fans of bright colors are asked to wear blouses with a Jacquard, leopard print or prints like neckerchiefs.

Fashionable modern blouses make the presence of such details as:

  1. Bow knotted in front.
  2. Jabot.
  3. Ruches.
  4. Ties.
  5. Butterflies.
  6. Overhead collars.
  7. Baska.
  8. Appliques and patches.
  9. Fringe.
  10. Embroidery.

The variety of styles of blouses allows any woman to choose her own version. The model can be like a bustier, with a smell, in a classic and ethnic style. Welcome asymmetric cut, spacious, as well as intact styles.

Much attention is paid to the sleeves. This beloved "flashlight", which came from the 50s of the last century, is a long, wriggly variant, the edge of which is framed by a shuttlecock resembling a shirt "a la musketeer."Also raglan, "bat" is also relevant.

However, no matter how fashionable the model is, the main thing is to know with what and where you can wear a blouse, what accessories and shoes to complete the ensemble.

White blouse - in a feast and in the world

Being the basis of the wardrobe, this option gives the woman a flamboyance and sexuality. A snow-white blouse is appropriate with a skirt, trousers, it is worn out or tucked inside. Jewelry from gold, silver, expensive stones, elite costume jewelery is suitable for her.

  1. The official style with a white blouse is achieved in pair with a leather skirt-pencil of dark blue color, which will suit girls who have any hair tone. Another interesting option with a black pencil skirt, which has an overstated waist. Finish the image of red sandals or boats on their legs, large accessories. The ensemble of a snow-white blouse with classic short trousers with a waist above the accepted position and a leather belt will allow to appear before the colleagues elegant and charming.
  2. For a city walk, you can wear a snow-white blouse and jeans-boyfriend or torn. The shirt should not be tucked up, or a bit caught on the edge of the belt on the jeans. This style of casual is complemented by boots. In the basic ensemble, you can go shopping or rendezvous with friends. Spacious, with a print sweater, thrown over the blouse, will help out on a cool day.
  3. Blouse of a snow-white shade with a denim skirt for everyday wear is better complemented with colored pantyhose, they will give the image expressiveness. The right choice is to go on a date in an elegant ensemble of a white-toned blouse with a midi skirt, heels and a pink blouse.
  4. Snow-white blouse and long waistcoat of ascetic cut complete with skinny jeans and coarse boots look great, so jewelry is not needed.
  5. The white model of a spacious cut and colored narrowed trousers for a summer day will help to look stylish and attractive. Slim legs will give beige boats. Decoration to the face and shoes on the hairpin make this option elegant.
  6. White top is perfectly combined with a leather jacket or waistcoat. Additions from the skin will help create a glamorous look, which is excellent for a party.

Black blouse - elegance and elegance

You need to know that black color is not for everyone. Therefore, you need to carefully choose items for clothing and accessories to a black blouse.

  • A black blouse with a purple narrow skirt is combined if you want to dominate the society. This ensemble does not need any decorations, but will counterbalance the contrast of the color duet of a shoe or barefoot bodices.
  • A black blouse with a blue translucent skirt on the same color lining should be decorated with silver jewelry, a wide leather or satin girdle. The ensemble looks different if the dark blue fabric is replaced with a sapphire-tinted material.
  • Set "black blouse + white pants( skirt)" will add a refreshing note. In such clothes you can hold official meetings, dinners, negotiations. You just need to follow the prescription: the number of white objects should prevail over the number of black.
  • Black blouse and skirt in a single outfit weigh the appearance of their possessor. Therefore, the presence of jewelry is mandatory. Dilute the "mourning" attire bright shoes, accessories, manicure.
  • In the office or university you can appear in the kit "black top + gray skirt( trousers)".However, without the bright things - accessories, shoes and jewelry( scarf) - the image will be boring.
  • When deciding how to wear a blouse with pants, you can use the option of beige or cream pants with a blouse in black. In this set it is easy to go to a business dinner, to a cheerful party.
    For the evening it's better to prefer an open cut blouse made of light chiffon or lace fabric.
    A scrolling black bra will give an image of charm and sexuality.
  • Chiffon black blouse looks great with a skirt made of a cheerful color fabric. The translucent top looks great when paired with yellow, green, purple, pink and orange tones.
  • A black blouse made of lace, giving an image of elegance and festivity, is appropriate for the celebration. Made of silk, it allows you to buy a spectacular and expensive look, so in a blouse made of such a fabric, it is better to go for an evening walk, to a restaurant or to meet friends in a cafe.

Transparent blouses - bright and interesting models

Blouses from translucent fabrics sew different: straight and fitted, loose and with long and short sleeves, etc.

  1. In order not to look vulgar in such clothes, one should choose models with a sleeve, without a deep decollete.
  2. If available, the buttons must be buttoned all or just one or two.
  3. It is forbidden to use two transparent garments in one ensemble.
  4. Lingerie for translucent blouses is selected under the skin tone of the owner of this garment. Well, if the body bra in the wardrobe will not be one, but several - for different shades of sunburn. Suitable and the top color of the skin, especially if it is without straps - so will create the effect of naturalness. It is also appropriate to put on tops of other shades.
  5. Colored bras are acceptable if they are similar in tone to a blouse. Under white transparent clothing, only body-colored underwear may be slightly highlighted.

Together with a transparent blouse wear:

  • blazer or jacket is a classic for the official situation, but the shelves should cover the chest area;
  • a single-colored corset for a transparent top can be worn if the task is solved with what to wear a blouse in a flower or with a different print, and the corset, worn on top, will turn the outfit into an informal one;
  • transparent top with proper underwear and competently matched black skirt brings an inimitable style to the look, with a white bottom is obtained incomparable femininity in the appearance of the girl;
With a T-shirt, worn over a translucent blouse, in an ensemble with trousers or leather pants, you get an actual outfit for a night club.

If you want to buy a transparent thing, you should choose a black blouse. However, sewn from chiffon, lace or ruff, it should not have an excessively fitting silhouette. Chiffon models harmonize with business and evening style, lace and openwork are appropriate only in an informal atmosphere.

Transparent blouse of any fashionable color does not require an excess of costume jewelry, calling bags or special tights. As an ornament it is better to use one chain with a pendant or beads, then the clothes are provided with an expensive look.

Silk blouse for all time

Designers give models from silk femininity. Dresses with a short and elongated sleeve are offered to be worn with business suits, during romantic meetings or as a practical outfit for a daytime promenade.

Models of silk blouses are usually modest, as the matter itself assumes the presence of elegance and luxury. But also some rules are required to be observed in order to look in accordance with the fashion trends and style:

  1. One-color silk shirt is worn with trousers or a skirt, suitable in tone. An accent in the form of shoes will be a contrasting shade. To white trousers or a pencil skirt is to look for shoes, identical to the tone of the blouse.
  2. Modest shades of one-color products allow the owner of a silk blouse to appear at work, without violating the dress code.
  3. Evening version assumes the presence of bright embroidery or use in the manufacture of blouses fabric with fancy prints - animalistic and floral.
  4. Trend blouses are recognized as buttons or made in the rustic style. But classical models with the usual collar and modest buttons are not denied.
  5. Unusually feminine silk blouses with short sleeves, which are appropriate to use every day and come to work. The effect of the models attached to the sleeves in three-quarters or elongated, rolled up to the elbows folds.

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