African American Hair Extension Technology

  • Technology of build-up
  • Advantages of afro-growth of hair
  • Cons of hair afro-growth
  • Contraindications.

In the African-American technology of hair extensions on the occipital part of the head from ear to ear, a very thin micro-braid is called a braid, and certain threads( such as a hairpiece in the form of a thin stripe of hair) are sewn to a certain length, color and suitable structure.. It can be natural hair or artificial.
Thus it is possible to make both three rows, and the whole head! African Americans have a widely used method.
Sewing a tresd refers to an "environmentally friendly" method, not "afraid" of high temperatures, staining, while natural hair on the tresse can be used an infinite number of times! Time of wearing as the hair grows: 2-3 months.

The hair extension of the hair allows you to give your hair a desired volume and length without risking trauma to natural curls. This technology - one of the most sparing, as for the growth does not need absolutely no auxiliary tools and materials - resin, glue, forceps. All that is needed is the skillful hands of the master and high-quality donor strands. Prices for afronaraschivanie relatively low, but the result looks very natural.

Extension technology

Afroneuraschivanie( tressovy hair extension or sewing of the tress) - one of the safest ways of artificial lengthening ringlets. He appeared on the hottest continent of our planet. African girls are naturally hard and curly hair, they grow slowly, and after straightening( which, alas, is saved only until the next washing of the head), they deteriorate and lose their luster. But the black beauties still managed to come up with a way to make their hair straight, long and thick. Around the head, they began to braid the braids, and to them attach the bunches of artificial hair. Today it looks different, after all barbers, naturally, have perfected the invention of enterprising people of Africa. The master braids the whole head of the client with thin pigtails. To them, with a special needle and thread, he sews ready-made hair tresses fastened on both sides of a strip of fabric. At the same time the master tries to arrange the tracks as close as possible to the roots of the hair. Overhead strands completely cover the pigtails, so for others they are invisible. On the nape of the neck are fastened wide tracks, at the temples - narrower. The hair is afro-grown for a length of 20 cm. The braiding of braids and sewing to them takes 2-3 hours.

Correction of accreted hair

Correction is recommended every 2-3 months. The hair grows, as a result of the braids fall down, and the places of fastening of tresses and natural curls become noticeable. Focus on your hair growth, but as soon as you feel that the weaving has weakened, hurry to the master. To remove false strands, in contrast to many other techniques, special tools and solutions are not used in afro-culture. The master untwists the braids and binds them higher, and then re-sews the donor strands. Tresses do not deteriorate during operation, they can be used an infinite number of times.

Advantages of hair extensions

  • This type of hair extension is almost harmless, but requires correction every 3 weeks.
  • Hair is not exposed to chemicals, thermo devices, adhesives, all kinds of forceps and clamps;
  • The AFD is suitable for any color and type of hair;
  • Overhead strands are not combed;
  • Stresses sewn during the first build-up can be used many times;
  • The procedure itself takes less time than many other more sophisticated methods of building;
  • The master uses only environmentally friendly materials;
  • You can use any masks and balms, paint, curl, tonify accrued hair, visit the sauna, solarium, not being afraid that the slips will slip;
  • Overhead curls can be removed by yourself, but it is better, of course, to contact the master;
  • Hair extensions on pigtails will suit even those girls that suffer from allergies and can not, say, build hair on capsule technology.

Negative hair extensions of the

  • When washing, the hair dries for a long time, it is difficult to do with short and too thin hair. The original length of your own hair should be at least 20 cm, that is sufficient for weaving braids. In addition, unlike other methods, this does not provide an increase in the total volume of the hairstyle - only the desired length of the
  • It will be necessary to abandon the high hairstyles, as the weave will be noticeable;
  • It is difficult to comb the hair at the fastening points, it is necessary to do it very carefully;
  • The faster your hair grows, the more often you have to make a correction;
  • This hair extension technology is not suitable for short haircuts.


Afro-growth can not be used in case of excessive hair loss, vegetative-vascular dystonia, skin diseases of the head, oncological diseases, during the intake of potent medicines.

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