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The long thick braid has always been considered a decoration of a woman, a subject of her pride, a symbol of attractiveness and health. And in Russia hair was braided to protect itself from evil spirits. It is difficult to imagine a simpler and feminine hairstyle. Twisting braids on long hair - this is a whole art! Today, the braids are again at the peak of popularity, the techniques of their weaving are huge, almost any one can learn independently and experiment with a new hairstyle each time.

Beautiful braid will become the basis of the style of his mistress, will last all day, will not disintegrate from a gust of wind, will not require a huge number of fixing means.

To whom the braid suits

More and more often flashes on the screens of celebrities and models, whose heads are crowned with braids. Nothing surprising, because make such a hairstyle with your own hands under the power of each girl, and the result will be no worse than a complex salon styling. The final image will be maximally natural, feminine, easy.

It's hard to find a girl who would not have a braid. But it is important to find your own version, focusing on the type of face, so that the hairdress really adorned, and not served only by laying the long hair:

  • For the oval face there are almost no restrictions, any type of braids will suit this type, especially great volume hair styles.
  • The round face should be visually lengthened, bringing its shape closer to the oval shape, with braids starting from the crown or higher. Look well spit, the ends of which are stacked on the vertex.
  • Make lines of the square face smoother with braids braided along the hair growth line, the ends can be left as is or around the head.
  • The rectangular face needs to be flattened and visually less drawn, avoiding straight long braids. The best thing to do with the task of coping with French braids, including - with a long asymmetrical bangs, as well as voluminous and openwork braids up to the neck( the ends can be hidden inside or put on your head).
  • Holders of a triangular face must choose hairstyles that cover the ears and part of the neck, for example, using a bang. This helps to balance the wide upper part and narrow bottom. You can make braids yourself.

The peculiarity of the braid is in its versatility: the hairstyle is suitable for every day and for solemn occasions, it all depends on the technique of weaving and decoration. Locks braided in braids, easily fit into any style - from romantic and slightly careless to strict business or sports. Each woman can afford them, regardless of age.

Simple braids are usually easy to braid yourself, but in some cases, help may be required, otherwise the result will be messy.

Basic braids

Spit braids on long hair is easy, especially for everyday images. The hairstyles themselves can be slightly sloppy or smooth, when weaving we usually use only a hairbrush and hairpins.

Classic braid

Traditional braid of three strands is the simplest:

Braiding of classic braids

  1. The hair should be divided into three identical parts.
  2. The right strand should be thrown over the center.
  3. Repeat this action for the left strand.
  4. Alternately alternating strands, finish the braid to the end, fastened with an elastic band.

In a simple braid, you can weave a tape by placing it on the wrong side of the two extreme strands. This will add romantic notes to the image.

  • For sports, a classic braid is suitable, which runs from the hair pulled into the ponytail.
  • Add a hairstyle with a classic spit, the center strand of which is also braided in the usual way.
  • The long hair looks spectacularly spit braided on one side. To do this, the entire volume of hair is combed to one side, divided into three parts, after which the ordinary braid is plied.
  • Two braids will always look feminine and romantic, do not need to tighten them, it is better to join the strands freely, slightly pulling them out for volume, creating a slightly careless image.

French braid

Unlike the classic braid, the French spins from the crown or from the bang:

  1. Separate part of the hair near the forehead, dividing it into three equal strands.
  2. The right strand should be thrown over the center stripe, adding some of the hair on the same side to it.
  3. Repeat the action for the left strand.
  4. Similarly, weave the rest of the hair into the braid, making sure that the thickness of all three strands is the same.
  5. Finish the braiding with a classic braid or assemble the hair in the tail.

Giving a hairstyle elegance is possible by removing the end of the braids inside and fixing it at the base, or by twisting it in a laconic bundle and hooked on the side with the help of pins.

Looks like a hairstyle when a French braid runs from the back of the neck to the top of the head, after which all the hair gathers into a tall tail or bun.

French braid with weaving from the nape to the top

Reverse French braid

When weaving the reverse French braid strands are thrown over each other not from above but from below. Due to this, the braid appears to lie over the head, creating the illusion of thick hair.

French braids can add a hairstyle volume that will suit girls with fine hair. To do this, you need to pull out a part of the curls, loosely collect the strands in a pigtail. Do it better as we weave, and not on the finished scythe.

Weaving French reverse braid - video

Fish tail

This braid looks original. It may seem that it's difficult to weave, but it's not like this:

  1. Make a low tail and divide it into two halves.
  2. On the outside of the right half, separate the thin strand and toss it over the main strand, connecting it to the left side.
  3. On the left side, do the same.
  4. Repeat the action, constantly making sure that there are two strands left in the hands.
  5. At the end, fasten with an elastic band.

The thinner the strand, the neater and more beautiful the hair will look.

It is better to remove the upper elastic, then the braid will be more feminine. Some of the strands can be pulled out, giving the hair a slight carelessness and extra volume.

Aerial braid

This braid on long hair looks impressive. The principle of its weaving is the same as that of the French:

  1. Collect hair in the tail( of any height).
  2. Separate the strand of medium thickness from above, begin to weave a classic braid from it, starting from the left.
  3. To the subsequent striae on the right, add a part of the hair on the same side.
  4. Continue the weave, each time adding a string to the right.
  5. At the end to fix the hair with a thin rubber band, the remaining tail is pinned invisible inwards to the base of the braid.


A spectacular and rather simple hairstyle looks on any hair, keeps the shape well. Her weaving combines the techniques of the French braid and the fish tail:

  1. Collect a part of the hair from the forehead to the crown and divide into two parts.
  2. The right part is thrown over the left.
  3. From the loose hair on the left side, separate the thin strand and toss it to the right side.
  4. Repeat the action on the other side.
  5. Alternately, throwing strands, continue the weaving until all loose hair is in your hands.
  6. Next weave a fish-tail like a fish tail.

Surround braids

Alas, not all owners of long hair can boast of lush and thick hair, so when braiding, braids often turn out to be not large enough. Give the image a femininity, and a thick hair will help such a hairstyle:

  1. Divide the hair into an oblique parting.
  2. On the larger side start to weave a French braid, trying to do it not tight, if necessary, pull the strands to the sides, making them bigger and lighter.
  3. Repeat the same on the other side.
  4. The resulting soft braids "loosen" with your fingers along the entire length, a little stretch a few strands.
  5. Spit the cross on the back of the head, tuck the tips inside and fix it with the studs.

Original hairstyles based on basic braids

On the basis of simple braids, you can make many interesting and stylish hairstyles suitable for any occasion.


This hairstyle looks spectacularly on curly long hair:

  1. On both sides separate thick strands near the temples, twist them into bundles. Connect the rear with a thin rubber band.
  2. From the resulting tail braid classic braid or "fish tail", slightly pulling the side strands, secure with a thin band.
  3. Decorate the hair with a bow or hair clip at the base of the pigtail.


Romantic hairstyle in the form of heart suitable for both holiday and everyday:

  1. Divide the hair in half to the crown.
  2. One half of the hair is divided in two by a semicircular parting from the crown to the back of the head.
  3. From the left front part of the hair begin to weave the reverse French braid.
  4. When its length reaches the ear, bend it and start adding strands on the right side.
  5. When it comes to the nape of the neck, fasten it with a pin or elastic.
  6. Repeat the procedure for the left half of the hair.
  7. Both plaits connect together and weave into a regular braid.


Perfect and fast option for every day, such a hairstyle is suitable for a date or a walk:

  1. Divide the hair into two parts by direct parting.
  2. Weave the reverse French braid back to the back of the head, secure it.
  3. Repeat for the right half.
  4. Assemble both parts in a low tail with the help of elastic bands, pull out a few strings for volume, if desired, decorate with a bow or hair clip.

Bunches of braids

Very gently and feminine look bundles, assembled from four braids:

  1. Divide lightly combed hair into 4 parts( from below or along the parting), each of which is braided into a pigtail.
  2. Loosen braids, pulling out a part of the strands.
  3. Combine everything on the back of the head, pinning it with invisible or, if the hair is too long, twisting in bundles, studs.

Beautiful braids do not mean at all that the hairstyle should be complicated:

  1. Divide the hair into parting and separate it from each side in strands.
  2. From these strands weave ordinary braids in the direction of the crown.
  3. Remove all hair together with braids in high tail, last braid into a regular braid, lightly release strands, secure with an elastic band on the end.
  4. Twist the pigtail into a bundle, securing it with a hairpin.

Festive braids

Among the festive hairstyles, braids also occupy a place of honor, they keep a good shape and keep a magnificent view to the very end of the celebration. Even the usual "fish tail" or a simple braid can become the basis of the solemn image, if you decorate them with ribbons, a bow or hairpin, twist into an exquisite bunch or make part of a more complex hairstyle.

Openwork braid

Such braids on long hair look amazing, their weaving does not take much time, but requires special tools for styling, for example, mousse for volume and fixation. That the hairdress has turned out accurate, it is better to resort to an outside help.

One of the variants of the openwork braid - "Waterfall":

  1. Separate a strand of hair near the temple, dividing it into three parts.
  2. On the arc from the temple to the opposite part of the head begin to weave the French pigtail, adding strands from the top.
  3. The added strand is let out from the braid from the opposite side, leaving its end free to hang.
  4. In this way, the entire head, slightly lowering the slope of the braid, is fastened with a beautiful hair clip or invisibility.

You can braid several braids at once, enveloping the head.

Unusual voluminous braid

On the basis of a simple braid you can make an elegant and effective evening hairstyle:

  1. Divide the entire volume of hair into three parts, where the main one will be centered and two thin ones on the sides.
  2. From the central part weave the reverse French braid.
  3. Strongly pull the strands out of it, creating a volume. Pull the tip of the pigtail, bending to the base.
  4. The left temporal lock is wound in a tourniquet, slightly fluffing it and toss it over the braid. Invisible to fix its tip near the right temple.
  5. The right temporal part is twisted into a tourniquet, thrown over the braid and tucked behind the left. The tip is taken out and fixed with an invisible under the scythe.

Romantic bundle of two braids

This hairstyle can be done daily, but if you decorate it with a hair clip or ribbons, , then for the holiday:

  1. . Throw hair back, lightly comb and sprinkle with varnish.
  2. Make of them two low tails, fastening each with a thin rubber band.
  3. Both tails to braid into regular pigtails to the very end, fastened with elastic bands. Slightly pull strands out of them for volume.
  4. One pigtail to turn clockwise, forming a bundle. Secure it with studs.
  5. The second pigtail is wrapped around the first beam counterclockwise and also fixed with studs.

Hairstyle from harnesses

Very unusual on long hair looks hair from the simplest braid - plaits. It is suitable for both the solemn occasion and for the office, where they are demanding of appearance:

  1. Collect a part of the hair near the forehead, temples, connect them to the back of the head, , twisting it in a bundle, shifting it slightly to the right, and fix it with invisibility.
  2. Take a piece of hair behind the right ear, so that they overlap the tip of the previous harness, twist, fasten to the left with an invisible.
  3. Repeat the action on all loose hair, wrap the last tail at the base of the neck.
  4. The tail is divided into two parts, twisting them together into a thick bundle.
  5. Secure the end or make a low beam from it.

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