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Remained the last cold months, a little more - and will have to take away all the warm sweaters and jackets away into the closet. And since in our modern world everything is moving at a frenzied speed, you will not have time to look back, but already in June and the hot summer. Therefore, it is better to take care of the summer wardrobe in advance.

The expanses of the network are full of photos from fashion shows, which gives a lot of imagination and a wide choice of different styles. But let's try to determine what are the main trends for men's clothing this summer.


1. Trousers.

Classic trousers must be present in the wardrobe of a business man. When choosing trousers this summer, you should give preference to such colors:

  • white;
  • ivory;
  • cream shades.

They can be worn with a three-piece suit or with a simple shirt. For lovers of urban style will be an ideal option combination of light linen trousers, denim jackets and a pair of loffers. This combination of things will create a truly refined and magnificent combination.

But the main trend, as was seen in the fashion shows, will be narrowed pants. If you do not surprise anybody with classic white trousers, then their narrowed version, maybe even become a trend.

This year will not do without the usual jeans trousers. This season will be in the priority model straight cut.

2. English shorts.

Everyone knows a simple truth: something is temporary, but the classic is eternal. Here are such classics are English shorts. This is a universal thing, which is combined with almost any kind of clothing. Buy yourself two pairs of dark and light colors, and you will be almost ready for the summer.

3. Costumes.

Classic suits do not need any changes and upgrades. The only thing that changes in them is the colors. This summer, the picture in the cage decided to go into the background and gave primacy to neutral shades.

  • Choose suits of gray shades, you will not lose. Also, the double-breasted suits of granite and tin flowers will look great this season, which can be diluted a little with a small cage.
  • If you think that clothes for men should not be gloomy and bright colors must also be present in it, then you can safely add shades of cream, sky-blue and ivory to your wardrobe.
  • Do not forget that modern trends in men's fashion can wear three-piece suits in a variety of combinations and with different elements of the wardrobe. For example, a double-breasted jacket can be combined with trousers narrowed, trousers with a pattern or shorts.

At the last shows of the collections, it was noticed that in the men's fashion, voluminous suits that resemble the style of post-war America and the tendencies of the late 80's are gradually returning. In general, if you are tired of narrow silhouettes, you can easily choose bulk suits.

4. Double-breasted jackets.

From the trends of the summer fashionable men's clothing of last year, designers decided to move to the new season of double-breasted and single-breasted jackets. This tells us about the continuing influence of street fashion on many fashion designers. Also this summer in a wide range and mass of colors and shades will be presented blazers and jackets.

As 2017years passes under the sign of the Fiery Monkey, every fashionist who follows all the new trends of fashion will not be prevented from replenishing his wardrobe with a three-color suit, Deep cranberry. A deep shade of dark red not only makes the image noble, but also allows you to look stylish and expensive.

5. Jackets.

And although the jackets are more relevant in the spring, it happens that the summer warm days are replaced by inclement weather. In such cases, light bombs and jeans jackets will come to the rescue this season.

The fashion for the dashing 90's begins to return, so that in the spring it will be possible to watch on the shelves of fashion boutiques jeans jackets of various designs and cuts, with various drawings and accessories.

Bombers - flying jackets, borrowed from the 50's, also underwent a change this season. They became less brutal and easier to cut. A variety of colors, different styles and prints of new-fashioned bomb-jackets absolutely do not cause associations with the military.

Denim jackets and bomber jackets are suitable not only for a modern man, but also for a teenager, keen on street fashion.

6. Overalls.

And although the overalls are not so massively presented at the fashion shows, they will definitely be present in the fashionable summer men's clothes. In the 70s of the last century, overalls were very popular as everyday and work clothes. There is a possibility that overalls will reach the peak of popularity in the trends of men's clothing.

7. Shirts.

Shirts were and always will be in the men's wardrobe. This summer they will be very bright, with a variety of prints and laces. Yes, the designers decided that lace can now be present in the men's wardrobe! The only remark is that this season it will be appropriate to dilute a single-colored shirt with a bright unusual tie.

This summer ties will act not only as a standard addition to the male image, but also introduce some extravagance and unusualness into it.


In recent years, a mixture of styles predominates in male headdresses. In place of the classic came kizhual style, which, in principle, is natural for modern urban fashion. Still, fancy hats of various shapes and panama in the bucket hat style will be fashionable from the scorching sun.

Soft felt hats, for example, can be combined with a classic double-breasted suit, this will add to the image of brightness and cheerfulness.


In the summer, for everyday wear and leisure, you should choose something from this list:

  • simple sandals;
  • sandals without straps;
  • perforated shoes.

In materials it is necessary to give preference to natural, maximally open, with good ventilation, allowing the skin to breathe.

For lovers of costumes and adherents of the predominance of classical style in clothes this season will be widely represented various shoes without lacing, strict laconic oxfords and loffers.

  • Lovers are the hit of the season in 2017.They are comfortable and combined with both trousers, and with jeans and shorts, which makes the lofts not only comfortable, but also multifunctional.
  • Too remain popular and moccasins. When choosing moccasins and loffers this season, the focus is on color. Shoes can be a variety of colors - from classic black to poisonous shades of green and yellow.
  • As for sports shoes, this season popular with the sneakers with the most unusual and "wild" design. Designers in this season in the creation of athletic shoes set off in all serious. So this summer, in addition to its minimalist black and white sneakers, you can buy a few pairs with bright colors and insane design.

Colors that are in fashion in the summer of 2017

No dark colors, everything should be bright, bright and life-affirming! All kinds of shades of blue, blue, green, red, we will contemplate this summer. About the dark red shade called Deep cranberry, we already mentioned, let's look at a couple of unusual colors that will be present in the men's clothes of the summer season.

  • A discreet yet elegant and memorable image of a gentleman will be given to you by Oxford and a double-breasted jacket of a light green shade, which is also called "chromium oxide".For someone, he is associated with the color of money, and for someone - with the green cloth of a billiard table. But in any case, this color gives a piquant image.
  • For courageous and open men who are not afraid to show themselves and are confident in their strength, suit or an extended jacket of color Salamander. The bright orange color of the fiery salamander attracts attention and remains in the memory for a long time. The tie and trousers of this color will be stunningly combined with a black suede jacket and white shirt.
  • This year, an unusually popular accent will be an amber-gold color called Amber. He just attracts positive and joy. A tie of this shade successfully diluted not only a strict business suit, but also a gray dull day.
  • Another shade of yellow, but closer to the lemon - Citron. Color, which has no complexes, as well as those who prefer it in clothes.
  • But it's not always the same to walk cheerful and bright, sometimes you need to be serious and firm, like a rock. Graphite color is always relevant. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you can get too gray and depressed.
  • Another classic color of this season is chocolate. Especially good in this color look leather jackets and shoes.

As for the fabrics of this season, then the novelty will be light suede. The material is specially crafted to create elegant and luxurious suits and jackets.

Summer men's wardrobe of 2017 is very diverse and bright. Its main trend is bright colors and design, which used to be atypical for men's fashion. It is not necessary that boys dress in blue, and girls - in pink. Something is out of fashion, for example, narrowed pants and fitted suits, their place is occupied by the clothing of a free cut that was popular in the 50s and 70s of the last century.

Designers finally got to the trends of the 50's, which once again confirms the cycle of fashion, and modernized the then-style military for modern urban dandies. It can be summed up that the men's fashion becomes brighter and more diverse with each season.

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