What kind of sport is useful for varicose veins: recommended and contraindicated types of exercise

Varicose is a serious illness that imposes certain restrictions on a person's way of life.

Because many people are wondering whether it is possible to exercise with varicose.

An unambiguous answer can not be given to , because if some types of physical activity can significantly reduce the manifestations of varicose veins, others only aggravate the situation.


  • Summary of illness
  • Sporting with venous disease
  • Useful and contraindicated sports
    • Useful sports
    • Permitted sports with limitations
    • Contraindicated loads
    • Strongly not
  • What to do after training
  • Gymnastics for varicose
  • Video: Yogawith varicose veins

Summary of the disease

This disease is the result of the widening and lengthening of the walls of the veins and their valves. As a result, there is a decrease in blood flow velocity, which causes blockage of capillaries and larger vessels.

A person suffering from varicose veins has quite distinctive symptoms, one of which is the appearance of veins on the skin. It can also develop swelling, a sense of heaviness, ulcers - it's all due to a violation of blood flow.

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Sport activities during illness of veins

Varicosis and sports are completely compatible concepts, in addition, sports with varicose are welcomed by many doctors - the main thing is to choose the right kind of exercise. Thanks to such exercises it is possible:

  • to improve blood circulation;
  • strengthen the walls of the vessels;
  • to improve lymphatic drainage;
  • strengthen the body.

Quite often, sports with this disease are complicated because of the inability to relax or strain the muscles.

However, along with this relaxed muscles allow to ease the pressure on the veins, which significantly improves their throughput. That is why, if the correct sports are chosen for varicose veins, then they help to defeat this disease or significantly reduce its manifestations.

However, to engage in professional sports in this case is absolutely impossible - all loads should be as moderate as possible.

Useful and contraindicated sports

To be effective and do not harm your body, the following recommendations should be considered:

  1. The maximum workload is necessary for the vessels if you are training while standing. Therefore, squats, lunges and deadlifts are usually contraindicated in varicose veins.
  2. It is best to perform exercises in a recumbent or sitting position - this will significantly reduce the pressure in the legs.
  3. The muscles of the upper trunk can be trained without restrictions - in this case there are no special recommendations.
  4. When it comes to cardio infusions, it is advisable to choose a horizontal exercise bike or a rowing machine.
  5. During sports, you must drink water. Loss of a large amount of fluid causes a thickening of the blood, which can harm people suffering from varicose veins.
  6. Where appropriate, it is recommended to use special knitwear.
When conservative methods of treating varicose veins do not help, and there is no desire to do the operation, laser coagulation of varicose veins will help. More details on our website.

Detralex is the most effective for varicose veins, but very expensive. At the same time, finding an analogue of Detralex in Russia is not cheaper.

Useful Sports

So, what sport is most useful for varices:

  1. Swimming or water aerobics. These sports are most useful in this disease. The fact is that water procedures reduce the burden on the joints. In addition, breathing in water is very vigorous, which contributes to the enhancement of metabolic processes and changes in blood composition.
  2. Sports Walking .It is very important that walks in the fresh air do not cause discomfort. It is recommended to practice walking every day for at least half an hour. It is very important to pay attention to your breathing - breathing in and exhaling every three steps.
  3. Cycling .This type of physical activity is quite effective, because it involves moving with your feet at a certain pace, which excludes the development of stagnant phenomena in your legs.
  4. Golf .This sport involves a constant movement across the field of a large area, which positively affects the circulation in the legs.

Permitted sports with restrictions

  1. Running. Running is recommended in the open air, as it allows you to enrich the blood with oxygen. However, before starting workouts, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor. Only a specialist is able to determine the optimal amount of load on his legs.
  2. Training apparatus. Fans of attending the gym do not necessarily give up this hobby. However, the rate is recommended for exercisers, on which the exercises are carried out lying down. In addition, it is necessary to exclude loads that involve lifting large weights.
  3. Fitness. Fitness classes are also quite acceptable in the early stages of varicose veins. However, in the beginning, it is worth consulting with a doctor who will choose the optimal exercises.
  4. Dancing. Varicose can tolerate many types of dances, because they have a beneficial effect on the circulation in the legs and help get rid of extra pounds. In this case, dancing, including a large number of bouncings, it is better to exclude.

Contraindicated types of exercise

Contraindications in sports with varicose veins also have a place to be. In particular, with varicose veins, it is not recommended to exercise, which involves force or shock loads on the legs. Because the is contraindicated:

  • squats;
  • lifting weights or bars while standing;
  • fast running;
  • jumps;
  • step aerobics.

Strongly not

With this disease, it is absolutely not possible for to practice professional sports - especially for static exercises and excessive force loads.

In addition, you can not lift weights up. Categorically contraindicated are those sports that can lead to leg injuries.

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What to do after training

After doing the exercises, it is recommended to lie on your back for a certain time. At the same time you need to raise your legs. This will help improve the outflow of blood to the heart.

It is also very useful after a workout to take a contrast shower.

Gymnastics for varicose veins

Specialists-phlebologists have developed special exercises that significantly improve a person's condition with varicose veins, and in some cases even help to get rid of this disease.

The exercises "birch", "scissors", "bicycle" are very effective. It is also recommended to walk on your toes, do swings with your legs. The main thing is that all exercises are moderate and regular.

Varicose is an extremely unpleasant disease that can have dangerous health consequences. Therefore, when it appears, it is recommended to consult a doctor as early as possible - only a specialist will be able to pick up adequate physical activity and prescribe an effective treatment.

Video: Yoga with varicose

A short set of exercises that will help to solve the problem of varicose veins. Technique and proper setting of exercises.

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