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  • How to prepare a skin for a wedding makeup?
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  • Wedding bridal make-up options with brown eyes

Wedding is a central event in the fate of every girl who dreams of her since childhood,to be in the image of an irresistibly beautiful bride is quite predictable and explainable. What is the image of this image? Of course, from a fabulously beautiful dress, elegant shoes, beautiful hair, manicure and spectacular make-up.

A great success can be considered if nature has endowed the bride with expressive brown eyes, since the bridal make-up for brown eyes allows using almost the entire color palette of a lady's cosmetic bag, you only need to choose the shades that fit to the festive side of the bride and harmonize with the overall style of the celebration.

How to prepare a skin for a wedding makeup?

Before you do make-up for the wedding, you need to carefully prepare for him skin.

  1. Part of the keratinized skin from the lips and face of the bride can be removed with the help of a gentle peeling procedure, and this should be done at least a week before the appointed ceremony, since after peeling the skin needs to be restored.
  2. Accelerating the restoration of the skin will help the use of high-quality moisturizing creams and cleansing masks from already proven manufacturers. Do not risk using a completely new, unfamiliar cosmetics, even if very expensive: no one can guarantee that the bride does not develop an allergic reaction or individual intolerance to her individual ingredients.
  3. At the same time, it is customary to make and correct the shape of the eyebrows, because otherwise you will have to mask the inevitable irritation of the skin with a thick layer of foundation, which can not but affect the quality of the bride's makeup.
    If the bride has decided to tattoo her eyebrows, she should be concerned about this at least a couple of weeks before the marriage ceremony.
    Eyebrow coloring should be done seven days before the wedding celebration: this is the time it takes to eliminate excess dye.

If the bride - brown-eyed brunette

  • Bridal makeup for brunettes suggests choosing shades of rich shades of golden, brown, lilac, black, blue, silver and grassy colors with a flickering effect.
  • The sequence of application of flickering shadows should be the following: using a wet applicator, shadows of a lighter shade are applied to the outer corner of the eyelid, darker shadows to the inner one.
Brunettes with brown eyes should once and for all give up the use of shades of light yellow color scheme, as they are able to give girls with this color appearance a very painful appearance, which is extremely undesirable on such a happy day.
  • While doing makeup with arrows, the bride should remember that the ideal option for black hair will be the eyeliner made in pencil only in black. With chestnut hair, it's natural to look like a walnut-colored eyeliner.

Makeup for brown-eyed blonde

  • Wedding make-up for blondes is performed with shades of beige, lilac, blue, sand, green and pink shades. In order to make the image of the bride soft and romantic, you should give preference to shimmering shadows.
  • The upper cilia of brown-eyed bride-blondes are usually stained with two or three layers of carcass, and for painting the lower ones, one layer is enough.
    In the case of dark circles under the eyes of the bride from the coloring of eyelashes on the lower eyelids are completely discarded.
  • The yellow-orange palette of shadows is unacceptable and in this case, since the eyelids, painted in orange or yellow tones, can focus on small defects in the skin of the eyelids and create an unpleasant impression of soreness or fatigue.
  • Bride-blondes should remember that in an effort to achieve the effect of tanned skin, they are strictly forbidden to use a dark make-up base: it will look ridiculous and unnatural.

How to make smoky makeup

To create a fragile and chaste image of the bride, the most suitable is a gentle wedding makeup( which stylists call smoky-eyes), which amazes smoothness of color transitions and blurriness of contours. How to make it yourself?

See how to make makeup smoky-eyes for brown eyes - video:

We suggest our readers step by step to learn the technique of creating this makeup.

  1. In the first stage, the upper and lower eyelids are toned using a special corrective pencil( konsiler), the color of which should perfectly match the natural color of our bride's skin.
  2. At the edge of the upper eyelid, a contour line is drawn with a contour pencil, which is then gently blended with a brush made of natural wool.
  3. Now on the whole upper eyelid( up to the fold) they make shadows of a dark shade and also gently shade.
  4. With the help of the same gentle natural brush, just above the shaded border of dark shadows( and on this border itself), shadows of a lighter shade are applied, spreading them over the eyelid.
  5. The finest layer( almost to the line of the eyebrow) on the eyelid is applied to the shadows of the lightest shade.
  6. Cilia of the upper eyelid are colored with several layers of black or colored carcass.
  7. The contour of the lower eyelid is delineated using a special contour pencil.
  8. A small number of shadows of a dark shade are applied over the newly contoured line and produce a neat shade.

Let's talk about lilac wedding make-up

Make-up in lilac tones is a pretty bold stylistic decision in relation to the image of the bride. Nevertheless, with a competent and cautious approach, you can achieve an absolutely stunning effect, since such a make-up can decorate the bride, and make her image unacceptably vulgar. It's all about the correct selection of colors and sense of proportion.

How to choose the right shades for wedding make-up in lilac tones? To do this, it is necessary to take into account several factors at once: the color of the iris of the eyes, the color of the hair and the color of the skin, that is, determine to what color type of appearance our bride belongs.

  • Girls with aristocratic white skin are approached by shades of gentle pastel tones of lavender, violets and all shades of pale lilac.
  • For brunettes with tanned or naturally dark skin, shades of ink, dark purple and dark-lilac colors are recommended.

To make a beautiful make-up in lilac tones, the bride can buy an already completed palette of decorative shadows, consisting of two or three colors that harmoniously harmonize with each other.

When making a make-up in lilac tones, the bride should pay special attention to careful preparation of the skin, disguising all her possible defects, since lilac color like no other can emphasize the most minor errors: tiny pimples, insufficiently flat surface or light redness.

And now - a small master class to create a lilac wedding makeup:

  1. First of all, a make-up base, or primer, is applied to the face.
  2. After that, a special base agent is applied to the mobile eyelids area under decorative shadows, helping them to lie more smoothly and giving the make-up additional stability.
  3. Lilac shades of lighter shades begin to overlap in the direction from the inner corner of the mobile century to its middle. After this, from the middle of the century to its outer edge, darker shadows are applied. It is very important to skillfully shade the border of the transition of different colors.
  4. The skladochku on the century and the space above it must be emphasized with the help of silvery or light beige shadows, creating the effect of a smoky smoky line.
  5. In the line of eyelash growth in the lower eyelid, a neat thin strip is applied with purple shadows, shading with the help of an applicator. The strip must be exactly thin so that the impression of the bruises under the eyes is not created.
  6. Wedding makeup for brown eyes will be more effective, if you make neat arrows, beautifully emphasizing the contour of the eyes. In search of a unique image, you can experiment by giving the shooters a different shape, length and bend.

Options for bridal makeup for brides with brown eyes

Ideas for wedding make-up can be varied. We offer several original and popular options, used in makeup brides with brown eyes.

Make-up for a romantic image of

In this case, you need to take shadows of dark gray, light gray or pinkish-lilac color.

  • Shadows of a light shade with sparkles of sparkles are applied to the sub-groove area and the inner corner of the eye.
  • From the center of the mobile age, lilac shades are applied to the outer corner of the corner and make a thorough shade.
  • The outer corner of the century is decorated with shadows of a dark gray color.
  • The lower eyelid is made in the same way.
  • For a more vivid effect, the lower eyelid is emphasized with a thin line using a contour pencil or eyeliner.
  • Application of mascara to the cilia is mandatory. Mascara should be of good quality, and waterproof brands should be preferred, since during such an emotional event as a wedding, tears can often appear on the bride's eyes. It is unacceptable if they spoil a beautiful makeup.

This makeup is easy to do by yourself.

Oriental-style make-up

Bright bridal make-up made in oriental style will decorate a girl with an uncommon temperament, accustomed to surprise everyone. It should be noted that such a make-up will only suit a non-standard wedding party.

The image of the exotic oriental beauty is completely harmonious only with respect to brown-eyed brunettes. If brown-eyed bride has blond hair, such a makeup option is used simply to make a beautiful accent on her eyes.

How to make oriental-style make-up for brown eyes - video:

  • The upper eyelid is formed with dark shadows, and shadows of the same color palette, but of a lighter shade are applied to the area under the eyebrow.
  • The main decoration of oriental make-up is a spectacular shooter, which, skillfully held along the very edge of the cilia growth line, can adorn either the eyelids or only the upper eyelid. The arrow must necessarily extend beyond the outer edge of the eye, beautifully curving upwards.

Natural make-up

Natural make-up for the wedding should be subordinated to one goal: favorably emphasizing all the dignity of the bride's appearance, create the impression of a complete absence of cosmetics on her face. For all the apparent simplicity of natural make-up is a very serious preliminary work.

What should I do to successfully execute it?

  • The color range of makeup should be carefully thought out, because it is designed to harmonize not only with the color of the bride's appearance, but also with her attire, accessories and manicure.
  • Cosmetics for natural make-up should be water resistant and differ very good quality.
Before the wedding must make several approbation of makeup, looking for the most successful options. Some brides order a special photo shoot to compare the result before and after applying makeup.
  • The skin needs to be prepared for applying natural make-up, since any of its defects will negate all the efforts of the most skilful stylists. To do this, a couple of weeks before the wedding, you need to use the services of professional cosmetologists, doing a professional face cleaning and several special massage sessions.
  • The youngest brides are recommended light make-up, which is reduced to applying a small amount of foundation, powder, carcass and slightly noticeable lip gloss, because the natural beauty of a young face almost does not need decorative cosmetics.
  • To learn how to do a natural massage, just watch the video tutorial.

See how to make a natural makeup for the brown eyes:

Brides often wonder: "How much does wedding makeup cost?"This issue can not have an unambiguous answer, as the prices in different salons can differ significantly. To find out the cost of services for a stylist, it's easiest by phone, finding it on one of the corresponding websites on the Internet.


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