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At the mention of this thing, the image of the legendary Audrey Hepburn appears in my head. In the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany" she was shining in a black slinky dress from Givenchy. This detail of the wardrobe is still a must for every fashionista today.

Let's return a little to the history of

The first mention of this beauty is dated two years after the appearance of Coco Chanel's legendary little black dress in 1826.Dress-case differed from its counterpart with a round neckline, lack of sleeves and length to the knee. The versatility of this silhouette made it possible to use it for all occasions: from a party to a working environment. The most famous owners of this beauty were Edith Piaf, Jacqueline Kennedy and, of course, Audrey. Today, this style is actively used by Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham.

The last lady and all her star label has built on various variations of this comfortable clothing. It is worth noting that the image that she uses in everyday life and for publication is very much to the face of this modern style icon.


Despite the laconicism and severity of cut, this dress pleases with various prints and shades. Black classics prevail, but fashionable purple, maroon, dark blue, orange colors also do not lag behind. Semicircular cut is gradually replaced with V-shaped or drapery. The only thing that remains unchanged for almost 100 years is the length above the knee. It is this option that best emphasizes grace and femininity.

Today, the dress-case can be found both in the club and in the office. A day variant complete with a stylish belt is the most popular style of a business wardrobe. To complete the ensemble, it is enough to choose amazing high boats and pantyhose in tone. Of course, for work it is necessary to choose subdued shades with low-key, almost imperceptible prints or monophonic prints. For night activities, bright, noticeable colors are suitable. In the evening light, it will be beneficial to look and every possible decor - rhinestones, sequins, stones, embroidery.


The main thing is to leave the classic length - strictly to the knee. It is better to choose a dress with a zipper on its side, then it fits the figure as well as possible, and as a result, you get a smooth silhouette. If a perfectly flat stomach is not your plus, then it's worthwhile to dwell on a product with ruffles, drapes, insertions on the waist line. Are there any weaknesses in the figure? Choose not airy fabric, but more dense. But too heavy materials should be avoided - there is a chance to weight the hips instead of giving them a seductive roundness. A thin lacquered belt or belt on the buckle is preferable to a wide corset. As an accessory, a pearl thread or a pretty scarf will look perfect. The satchel bag and neutral boats complete the beautiful fashion image.

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With what to wear a dress-case. Tips from the image consultant Olga Yakovleva.
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