A scaffold - a fashionable hairstyle for long hair

  • The main questions about the
  • The scaffold on different types of hair
  • The combination of haircuts with the face
  • Color solutions
  • A scaffold with or without a bang
  • Haircut for the long hair - video
  • Who should not do the hairstyle of the ladder
  • Laying options
  • How to care fora haircut on long hair

Despite all the practicality and versatility of medium length hair, many girls prefer to let them go below the shoulders, and even to the waist. Long hair requires more careful care compared to the average, but how many opportunities to create exquisite hairstyles and styling for special occasions! A properly selected haircut will also in everyday life emphasize all their beauty. The best and universal option is to cut a ladder for long hair. Due to it, you can not only create an additional volume of hair, but also visually adjust the shape of the face.

The main questions about the

ladder If a woman first decides for an experiment with her appearance, she will, of course, ask herself the main question - will it suit her? The hairstyle of the ladder is no exception.

The main questions arising at the thought of making yourself such a haircut:

  1. What type of hair is the ladder used?
  2. What type of face is most suitable for an etestring?
  3. What is the best hair color for ladder?
  4. Doing a haircut with or without a bang?
  5. How difficult is it to take care of a ladder?

Before you cut your hair with a ladder, you should find the answers to these questions and decide for yourself whether it's worth experimenting with such a hairdo. To her, by the way, prefer such celebrities as Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson or Jennifer Aniston.

A scaffold on different types of hair

  • Since the ladder is a kind of cascade, it will most favorably and effectively look at the straight hair.
  • Thin hair such a hairstyle will give extra volume, thick hair - texture. In front, this haircut gives an elegant frame of the face, and the rear view is a chic and luxury of healthy and strong hair.
  • Doing a ladder on weakened hair is highly discouraged, since such a hairstyle not only does not hide, but does not emphasize the disadvantage in the best way. Before you decide on the ladder, you need to get rid of the tips of the tips and to heal the hair with masks and remedies.
  • Owners of hard wavy or curly hair should think about the advisability of this haircut. If you do not straighten or style your hair with such a structure, the ladder on them will look untidy and sloppy, and daily styling with the use of sprays and hot air harm the hair, making them weak, brittle and lifeless. However, if it is possible to constantly care for the hair and maintain the health of the hair, no one interferes with the owner of a wavy head of hair to follow the fashion and make a haircut.

The combination of haircuts with the face

The gait of the ladder is good in that it is suitable for any type of face, the main thing is to choose the right silhouette and the length of the steps. With a competent approach with the help of stairs to long hair, you can give the face oval a more elegant form, hiding those or other disadvantages.

  • Strands that lie on a round face, visually narrow it, and the triangular shape becomes more voluminous due to the framing of the hair with the tips twisted inward.
  • The angularity of a square face can be hidden thanks to the smooth silhouette of the haircut.
  • For an elongated shape, a ladder on long hair with a bang is best. Strands on the sides will add volume, and bangs will hide a high forehead.
Girls, whom nature has not deprived with ideal parameters, can advantageously emphasize them and add to their image austerity, light negligence, romanticism or shocking.

Color solutions

The scaffold for long hair does not know the limitations of colors and shades. She looks good both on dazzling blondes, and on burning brunettes.

Nevertheless, on dark hair, the texture of the haircut is much more noticeable than on light hair. It is at the expense of clear silhouette lines that the staircase is more advantageous for looking at dark-haired girls.

But if we talk about the visual volume, then the blondes win, they chose a ladder for their long hair.

A log with or without a bang

An important role in the end result is the presence or absence of a bang. With her, you can also adjust the shape of the face, shift the accents, disguise flaws.

  • For the narrow face and high forehead, the ideal option is a classic straight bangs that can either barely reach the eyebrows or lightly cover them.
  • Long bangs, divided in the middle by a parting and evenly distributed on the sides, visually narrows a wide forehead.
  • The oblique fringe, beloved by many women of fashion, is almost universal: it approaches a round, elongated and square face. With such a bang, the accent is shifted to the eyes, slightly covered with locks, a certain mystery is added to the image.
  • For elegant facial features, the best option is an arched bang that opens the forehead and lengthens laterally, turning into a basic haircut.

There are also options for stairs without bangs. Which is right for you, it's best to ask the hairdresser.

Grooming the ladder for long hair - video

Who should not do the staircase of the

ladder As mentioned above, from the ladder it's better to abstain if the hair:

  • Damaged and sekutsya.
  • Rigid and wavy.
  • Curl.
  • Too thick and thick.

On the wavy and curly hair, the haircut of the ladder looks not so spectacular, and sometimes even untidy. Visited tips not only do not disguise themselves in the hairstyle, but, conversely, will be clearly visible.

The reason for the , according to which the ladder may not suit the owner of too thick head of hair, is a three-dimensional silhouette. Thick hair in itself creates a natural volume, and the cascading structure of the haircut can make the hairstyle worse, making it more massive, and this does not always look good.

However, for obese women with appetizing forms, this option is not just entirely acceptable, but also very beneficial: a dense volumetric styling is harmoniously combined with a magnificent bust.

Age limit for this haircut

The long-hair stalk is universal, it is suitable for women of all ages. Due to the variation in the length of the strands, the possibility of using the classical cascade technique with a short crown, thinning and grading, one can achieve both smooth silhouette lines suitable for a strict style or older age, and an explicit structure - an element of the youth fashion.

Variants of laying

Like all haircuts, which are based on a cascade technique, a ladder on long hair is a field for stylistic experiments and creation of works of hairdressing art.

  1. Always up-to-date fleece, styling with the effect of hair disheveled in the wind, stylish youth hairstyles and strict business options. ..
  2. Long hair can be gathered in the tail, fully opening the forehead or leaving a bang, depending on the type of haircut and shape of the face.
  3. With the help of special ironing it is possible to make strands of corrugation, which will favorably contrast with a perfectly straight hairdo.
  4. Carelessly falling on the face of straight strands or curls made with curlers, hair curlers. ..
  5. For everyday use, you can limit the creation of volume, blowing hair washed hair and fixing them with a spray.
  6. If you want or need, caused by the specific shape of the face, you can twist the hair ends of the hair inward.

Evening hairstyles for this hairstyle

Long hair is perfect because you can create a wide variety of evening hairstyles! These are:

  • all kinds of braids;
  • hair-shell with innocent strands on the sides;
  • fully straightened loose hair, decorated with a stylish accessory;
  • an open face and bangs, shifting focus to the eyes, plus exquisite evening makeup. ..

Ideas - an infinite variety, it all depends on the desired evening image of the woman and the imagination of the master.

How to care for a haircut on long hair

A scaffold is one of the haircuts that require daily styling. This means that the hair is often exposed to hot air or metal, chemical fixation, other mechanical effects( hair curlers, towels, various combs and brushes for styling).

Therefore, planning to cut long hair short flight of stairs, you should make sure that in addition to the arsenal of shampoo and balm, appropriate hair type, there were remedies for the recovery of strands: masks, oils and gels on a natural basis or with extracts of natural ingredients.

Care for hair that undergoes frequent styling should include not only everyday washing, but also regular wellness procedures that can be done at home on their own or in beauty salons.

As for the haircut itself, on long hair it is much more unpretentious than on medium hair. If the ladder on the last should be adjusted regularly to maintain the shape of the silhouette, then long hair does not require such frequent visits to the hairdresser. Periodicity of correction of the ladder on long hair can range from four months to one year, depending on the condition of the hair and the intensity of its growth.


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