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When you want to change, many girls decide to change the image tobecome even more attractive and stylish. It's not for nothing that the cardinal changes in a woman's life begin with a new hairstyle! We propose to pay attention to the Californian highlighting - a fashionable technique of dyeing hair.

This article will tell you what methods are suitable for dark and light hair, also you will learn how to do the procedure of staining at home using the advice of professional masters.

This method is perfect for those ladies who do not want to radically change the shade of their hair, but still want to appear before others in a completely different, seductive manner.

There are times when experiments with a hairdress are already pretty fed up and want to quickly return your natural natural hair color. It is not at all necessary to walk with overgrown roots that look untidy and extremely tasteless, and wait for several long years until the painted strands finally grow back. In such a situation, California highlights help to save the situation, and you will enjoy the remarkable result of the work done.

What is California staining?

California meling is called a gentle method of coloring the hair, which allows for a natural and smooth transition of color from darker roots to the clarified ends of the strands. Technique can be done without the use of foil, and in the end result you get a natural hair color with soft overflows of several shades.

This method of melioration does not require you to frequent staining, so the hairstyle will retain an attractive appearance for a long time. The California method allows women to change the boring everyday image and look very relevant and fresh.

Clarified strands create some illusion of sunburned hair, and the process of melioration is more reminiscent of the usual technique of the shatush. Thus it is possible to create beautiful natural overflows both on dark, and on light hair of any length.

Currently, many girls have tried such an interesting method, and women of elegant age have noticed that the Californian melioration visually rejuvenates the face and hides fine wrinkles well.

There is still a Venetian method of staining, when dark hair creates strands of light wheaten and natural blond shades. But there is not much difference between the two methods, so if you say one of these names in the salon, the master will know exactly what you want to see in the mirror.

The main advantages of California staining

This technique allows you to grow your natural color after unsuccessful staining, because the smooth transition from dark roots to light ends looks harmonious and very natural. In addition, the California highlights have several other advantages:

  • This method allows you to visually significantly increase the amount of hair and successfully hide all the gray hair.
  • Suitable for any color: brunettes, brown-haired and even blondes.
  • California bronzing is an excellent alternative to normal staining if you are not ready for dramatic changes in your appearance.
  • The main advantage of this technique is the slow growth of roots, so you do not need to worry about monthly hair coloring.
  • It is not necessary to use foil or polyethylene during painting. Due to this, the coloring components do not have time to penetrate deep into the hair structure, which means that the Californian technique assumes a more sparing and harmless effect on your curls.
  • After staining, you get a natural shade of hair, which resembles the effect of sun-burned strands.

Technique for performing

The Californian highlighting is very similar to the technique of the Shatush, but you should not confuse these two concepts. For the first method, you need 3-5 different shades, which should be from the same color palette. The complexity of this coloring is that it requires the master more concentration and sufficient care, because the wrong performance of the procedure can greatly harm the health of the hair. Of course, such staining is also carried out at home, but if you doubt your abilities, we recommend that you turn to the experts for help.

Some masters, using such a principle of strands, use a special foil during the melioration process. However, the technique itself makes it possible to create a beautiful transition of several shades, performing the procedure in the open air without the use of foil or polyethylene.

  1. To begin with, the master uses horizontal punches to divide all the hair into strands 1.5-2 cm wide.
  2. Using professional products, it will be necessary to prepare a special clarifying composition that consists of powder and oxidizer. The ingredients are mixed in the correct proportions.
  3. Experienced colorists additionally use a thickening agent which is added to the prepared clarifying mixture.
  4. Once the paint is ready, it is applied vertically using a brush on the strand.

For the safety of your hair, we advise you to give preference to bezammia colorants so that coloring does not turn healthy curls into a dry, lifeless straw.

The width of the streaked strands can be completely different - the choice will depend solely on your preferences.

You can choose platinum, beige, sand and even cognac shades, which will create a unique combination of natural overflow.

Dark hair dyeing

California meling on dark hair is a more complex and painstaking procedure. In this case, you should use only bezammia dyes, otherwise you will damage healthy shiny hair.

It should be noted that the prepared lighter is carefully applied to strands, retreating from the roots about 5-7 cm. If more deep clarification is required, then the mixture is applied one more time after 15 minutes after the first staining. When the paint is used for the second time, the roots make an indentation of more than 10 cm.

  • Specialists do not advise to use tonics and apply them to dark hair, because such products are washed off very quickly, and after the second wash you will not notice any result from the coloring procedure. It is best to choose professional bezammiachnye dyes, in extreme cases you can use a product with a minimum amount of harmful substance in the composition.
  • If you are a supporter of bold images and are not afraid of dramatic changes in your image, then you will need a method of staining called mazhikontrast. The technique assumes alternation of contrasting dark and light strands. In this case, strong enough and persistent dyes are used, so it is best to perform such melioration in the salon and trust the experienced colorist.
  • California meling on light brown hair will allow you to get rid of the inconspicuous mouse shade, slightly lightening the strands. You can choose wheat, platinum, light blond or ashy tones that will create beautiful flickering overflows on your hair.

How to do California highlighting on light brown hair in the salon conditions - video

Technique for staining on light hair

Coloring blonde hair without the use of aggressive means will allow California melioration, which perfectly complements your feminine image.

  • But what can you do if your bright locks are endowed with a bright copper or rusty hue? After all, we all know that natural blondes are very few, and often a natural shade is saturated with light honey notes. California technology will allow you to get rid of the redhead, and instead of five types of dyes you can use only two or three tones of clarifier. For the procedure, the master uses one tone of lighter shine than your natural hair and a very light hue of the dye.
  • For short hair with an asymmetrical hairstyle, stylists recommend performing balaž technique. In this way, zonal lightening is performed and emphasis is placed, for example, on the bangs and nape. A variety of this dyeing technique is the well-known ombre.

For light hair, the mahimeş procedure is ideal. This clarification has the most gentle and delicate effect on the structure, without harming the hair. As coloring components use special means, which are completely free of dangerous ammonia.

How to perform the procedure with your own hands

It is not recommended to perform painting at home if you want to change the shade of strands more than three tones. Also stylists are not advised to carry out the procedure on their own in the event that it is planned to shade with five or more varieties of clarifier. First, you need to determine your individual color pattern, after which the colorist combines several different shades, which perfectly complement your image.

Those who performed painting at home, it is necessary to pay attention to the presence of gray color in the future. If gray hair is visible in your hair, then the technique was not performed correctly and you burned your hair.

The process of performing Californian staining consists of the following steps:

  1. Before the procedure, you should wash your hair. To do this, use a mild shampoo, but any nutritious masks and conditioners experts recommend to use after the lightening of the strands.
  2. Then carefully dry the curls. It is not necessary to resort to the help of a hair dryer, because the hair so dried up will be more porous and fluffy, and therefore it is much easier to burn them with a clarifier.
  3. The next step is to mix all the components of the dye. Choose professional paints in a specialized store that will very delicately affect the structure of the hair.
  4. color scheme Each person chooses his paint scheme. There are no specific rules that will guarantee a certain result. For convenient application, use a comb with fine teeth. In addition, if desired, prepare the foil, which is wrapped in strands. Apply the clarifier from the top down, after making an offset from the roots by 7 cm. The locks are combed, and then they are crushed in foil. The paint is left for 15-40 minutes, depending on the composition of the coloring agent and the native hair color. If dark hair is painted, then, most likely, one procedure will not be enough.
  5. For short hair, foil is not needed. In this case, it is most convenient to use small invisibles, with which you can pinch strands, so that the paint does not hurt the rest of the hair.
    • There is a special staining technique, which allows you to make highlights on the technology of square. For this, experts recommend that you dye short hair from the roots, without indenting.
    • Redheaded girls should be especially careful. It is best to ask for a professional colorist if you do not want to become the owner of gray or green curls.
  6. Once the allotted amount of time has passed, should be thoroughly washed with a special shampoo, which usually comes with the paint.
  7. Then apply a nourishing mask or conditioner to restore the colored strands and improve the condition of the hair. If you do not arrange the result, the repeated procedure can be done not earlier than two weeks. Otherwise, the curls can be seriously harmed.

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