Afrokosichki: weaving, care, hairstyles

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With the approach of spring and summermany girls want to update their image. Change the color and length of hair do not want to, but there is a desire to look original and attractive. African braids will help. This is an excellent choice for courageous, confident and daring girls. With such a hairdo just can not go unnoticed! Learn more about this article.

Did you know?. .

Another name for afrokos is brady. The word "braiding" in translation means "braiding of hair".You can make a similar hairstyle from the master or, having tried your hand at doing it, you can weave yourself.

Afros are divided into the following types:

  • African braids with a straight end;
  • Thai braids;
  • variant with curls;
  • French patterned;
  • pony tails with curls at the ends;
  • twisted bundles;
  • zizi - ready-made braids.

The variety of options for creating such a hairstyle implies different techniques of execution. Often girls are simply afraid to make themselves such braids. But here there is nothing dangerous, although you need to prepare mentally, because the time of creating a hairstyle is sometimes 5-6 hours! If the hair is long and thick, the weaving can go away all day.

Afrocos need to weave cautiously, which requires time and patience. Usually the hairstyle includes at least 100 braids. To get really beautiful styling, it is worth braiding about 200 braids.

The hairstyle will suit the owner of short hair. Modern techniques of weaving allow you to add to the real head of artificial fibers, which fill the lack of length.

Such a hairstyle is well suited for vacation. You do not need to think about hair and styling and you can completely devote the whole vacation to entertainment. Her hair will look beautiful and will not require serious care. That's why many girls prefer to braid pigtails in the summer.

Creating afrokos( instruction and video)

First it is necessary to prepare tools: a comb with sparse teeth, threads, special glue or small rubber bands. They will help fix the ready-made pigtails. In the store you can find a special material for creating koskanekalon or ponies. The material is presented in different colors. Before the procedure, the head can not be washed.

Then follow the instructions:

  1. Carefully comb the hair, removing the tangles of the strands.
  2. Select one section of the desired width.
  3. Take a string of kanekalon or other material, lightly whip it and attach it to the hair.
  4. Divide the strand into three parts and braid a tight braid. After that you can weave some kanekalon.
  5. The end of the braid is secured with an elastic band. You can also use glue or a special fixation device.
  6. Most braids are obtained on the back of the head and the crown. Therefore, these zones are working in the last place.

It is important to remember that it is very difficult for yourself to braid such braids. Looking for endurance and patience. Therefore, it is better to take help. Sometimes in the process of weaving, the threads begin to get confused. Do not panic and immediately cut them. They are made of special fiber, so it is easy to untangle them.

Varieties of African braids

  • Afrocos called "zizi" consist of ready-made braids, which you just need to weave into your head of hear. Such a weaving is more rapid, but one should have long hair to create such a hairstyle.

Zizi are universal. They give the hair the right amount, while weaving does not take more than 3 hours. The number of braids in this case is increased. They are about 500. But do not be scared, pigtails are light and thin. Weave without difficulty.

Zizi is produced both straight and wavy. They come in different colors, which allows you to slightly change your natural shade of hair. You can use zizi several times.

  • Another popular option is the Senegalese braids. They weave from 2 strands. Such a hairstyle is a set of small bundles. However, girls rarely completely braid the whole head. More often they just leave a pair of such strands.
  • There is also a technique with an interesting name: "sausage" weaving. In this case, one strand wraps around the other, imitating the sausage. But this method is rarely used, because it is not easy to reproduce.

Caring for Afrocoses

African braids do not need serious care, but they should not be forgotten.

  • Important rules:
    1. The material for creating hairstyles is synthetic, so it is better to refuse to visit sauna, bath.
    2. It is best not to use a hairdryer. Do not expose hair to additional heat.
    3. Styler, ironing, plojku is also better to clean. Such pigtails in themselves look spectacular, so it is not worth it to curl or straighten them.
  • Do I need to wash my hair? Yes. They quickly become dirty even with braided. The summer heat and dust aggravate the situation. But washing the hair in the braids is significantly different from the standard washing method:
    1. First, in the pelvis with water, you need to dissolve a little shampoo. Water should not be too hot.
    2. Then carefully wash the braids in the pelvis.
    3. You do not need to use balm, serums and masks. And it is better to wash your head once a week. More frequent washing will have a bad effect on the condition of the braids.
  • Optimum time of using braids is 2 months. Longer than this period they should not be worn. Sometimes some hairs can get out, but do not be scared. They can be cut with scissors.

Correction of

To make the pigtails look attractive, you should periodically make corrections. It is not difficult to do this. It is not necessary to contact the master. You just need to cut out the protruding hairs. Over time, they start to crumble, which spoils the whole impression of the hair.

It is desirable to visit the master periodically. He will correct the length or color the strands in a different color. Thanks to professional correction, braids last longer, and hair does not get injured.

How to untwist( tips and video)

Finally, pigtails are boring and no longer look attractive. We need to get rid of them. It is better to contact the master, since at home there is a risk of damaging the hair. But if this is not possible, you can do it yourself.

Returning to hair of their pristine species - the task is not easy. Therefore, you will not be able to unfasten the braids quickly. It is advisable to follow the instructions in detail:

  • remove the pigtail at the tips of the hair;
  • disassemble braiding with a knitting needle or a thin rod;
  • untangle the hair with your fingers;
  • when the braids are removed, the hair should be well rinsed and apply a nutritional balm to them.

It's hard to remove all pigtails, so it's worth inviting your girlfriends. In the first week, it is better not to expose the strand to drying with a hair dryer, the effects of planks and forceps. Hair should be given a rest, because African braids - also stress for hair.

You can notice a large number of dropped hairs. Do not be scared, it's a natural process. While wearing braids, the hair continued to fall out anyway. If everything is done correctly, remove the braids carefully, and after pampering hair balm, they will soon start to grow well.

Pros and Cons of Afropletions

On vacation afrokosy look great. They are perfectly combined with a swimsuit, pareo. At any time, braids can be picked up. There are even special hairstyles for them. But are such constructions safe? It is worth familiar with the pros and cons.

Advantages of

  1. A large number of ways of weaving. There are options even for short hair. Each girl can easily choose something suitable for herself.
  2. The owners of short haircuts can easily increase the length of the hair.
  3. You can change the color of your hair, as well as give a hairstyle.
  4. At any time, African braids can be removed.
  5. Hairstyle looks impressive.

Disadvantages of

  1. It is difficult to rinse hair. To make a head of hair is problematic.
  2. Similar designs sometimes interfere with sleeping. This applies to those who have too heavy and long braids.
  3. Hair dry for a long time.
  4. Hair bulbs are traumatized, which contributes to the loss of strands.
  5. Power is not good, which makes the strands lifeless and dry.
  6. Yarn for braids is not always of good quality. Sometimes they are bad for the hair.
  7. It takes a long time to create a hairstyle.
  8. Afrocos need to be adjusted periodically, otherwise they will lose their appearance.
But the most desperate girls do not stop cons. With due care the braids will last long, and the hair will not be so badly injured.

Are there any contraindications?

Stylists do not advise making such braids on weak damaged hair. They are harder to braid, they quickly get out of hair and fall out.

Curls that have recently suffered a chemical wave or aggressive staining, too, should not "spoil" such braids. In other cases, you can safely weave.

African braids came to us from other countries, but already our girls are very popular. This hairstyle is associated with ease, carefree, joy and relaxation.

Hairstyles from afrokosichek

Such braids themselves look spectacular. But to wear them dissolute constantly bothers. I want to make a haircut or just somehow stab the braids.

  • The easiest way is to take the braids to the tail. However, if they are long, it is worth taking the help of a friend, since it is difficult to take long heavy strands in the elastic band.
  • You can make a beam from the braids. It will turn out to be wide and voluminous. Keep it alone with the studs will be difficult, so it's better to use hair clips. If the hair and braids are too long, the beam should be discarded. He will pull his head down, and this will bring discomfort.
  • Afrocos can be removed under the bandage. Look great wide ribbons and bandages of bright fabric. And you can make one big braid of small braids. There are lots of options. You can not take all the hair, but only a part. For example, a few braids twist on the back of the head.

You can wear this hairstyle in summer and winter. In cold weather, the head should be covered with a hat or a hood. Weak hair will not suffer the effects of frosty air, so it's better not to take risks.

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