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The average length of hair is most common, the haircuts for it are the most popular among women and girls. The ability to properly and variedly style your hair will allow any woman to feel at home on weekdays and holidays. Weaving will significantly increase the possibility of creating new images, and braids for medium hair, made in different styles, will give an opportunity to look fashionable and unordinary.

Having decided to bring something new to your appearance with the help of braids, braided ones, one should start with the simplest variants, gradually complicating them.

How to braid a simple braid

At the peak of popularity spit soared not so long ago, for a long time they were unfairly forgotten. A woman with a braid, met on the street, seemed a real anachronism. The art of weaving braid began to be forgotten. For many girls and young mothers it seems unusually difficult to weave even the simplest pigtail, and after all it is the basis of all the bases. Having learned only this weaving, you can create many options for the most stylish and unusual hairstyles.

For the first lesson, you will need several things that should be on hand:

  • A large mirror located in a place with good lighting.
  • Several hairpins, hair bands and a set of invisible.
  • Comb with small denticles and a sharp tip.
  • Hairspray.
  • And also perseverance and desire.

Having prepared everything you need, it's time to start braiding the braids:

  1. It should be convenient to sit in front of the mirror, comb your hair and distribute them into three identical parts.
  2. For the first time, you can fix each part with a hair band so that your hair does not crumble.
  3. It's time to start the weaving. The principle is extremely simple: the left part of hair is thrown to the middle, the middle part is taken to the left. The right strand also goes to the middle, becoming central.
    The process is repeated until the entire length of the hair is braided.
  4. The tip of the received braid is fixed with a hair clip or elastic band.
  5. For weaving medium-length hair, there is only one nuance: the shorter strands that have escaped from the braid should be stitched invisibly so that the hair does not look disheveled.

Having learned how to weave the most simple braid, you can master several variants of new hairstyles.

Simple hairstyles with simple braids

The easiest way to diversify your appearance is to braid two simple pigtails on the sides to medium hair. Brave spit, located at different heights, can create a very bold and liberated image, and the classic, made with an even cut, will give the appearance of modesty.

In the first case, the hair should be:

  1. Comb and split into two halves, each with an elastic band, one above the other. Weave the first pigtail in a simple way and fasten it to the end.
  2. To make the second and also to fix. In this hairstyle, the large ends of the hair left behind during the weaving will look harmonious, they can be twisted with curling irons or combed.
  3. You can decorate pigtails with large hairpins or several different colored elastic bands along the entire length. Especially good such brave braids look with a bang.

In the second version:

  1. Well-combed and divided in two, hair should be braided into two braids, located at the same height.
  2. Fasten the ends with the help of discreet pins or satin ribbons.
    This hairstyle will help create the image of a "good girl".

Another simple and actual hairstyle is the weave of thin simple braids in loose hair. Such a simple but stylish hairstyle is suitable for any holiday:

  1. Hair comb, separate a few arbitrary braids on the entire head, fasten them with elastic bands and wind the remaining mass of hair, you can use curling irons or thermal rollers.
  2. The left strands braided in a simple way into thin pigtails, decorating them with rubber bands or a special ribbon with beads, rhinestones.
  3. Obtained curls carefully disassemble your hands and sprinkle your hair with varnish.

Two thin braids, braided at the temples and fastened to the back of the head, can serve as a rim in the everyday hairstyle of a young girl.

The Muscovite has two pigtails, the Uzbeks have twenty-five

Ethnic motifs are clearly visible in the latest fashion trends. The entanglement of a multitude of thin braids throughout the head again flew to the peak of popularity. These haircuts are usually called afropletenie. Independently to make such an unusual hairstyle is problematic enough, it is more reasonable to apply to a specialized salon where weaving will be performed professionally.

Such an unusual hairstyle is made even for a short haircut, but it looks best on medium length hair.

Such pigtails are especially relevant in the summer, because they do not need daily styling, they are easy to wash. Hold the braids made by the master, about a month.

You can try to braid African plaits and at home. You need to start with a small number of braids, gradually increasing it:

  1. Friend or favorite daughter to sit in a comfortable chair.
  2. Carefully comb the hair, sprinkle them with antistatic to avoid electrification.
  3. Divide by the number of uniform strands, how many braids are conceived in the hairstyle.
  4. For this, visually divide the head into squares. Make even pro-parts and divide into strands. Secure each one with an elastic band.
  5. Proceed to the braiding of the first pigtail, make sure that it is flat and dense. Such pigtails should be weave to the very ends of the hair and fasten with a special little rubber. A set of rubber bands for afrokos can be bought in many specialized stores.
  6. Weave all the pigtails. If their number is small, collect a three-dimensional barrette in a ponytail or fasten two.

How to weave African braids( video)

Weaving of three-dimensional pigtails-flagella

Another simple and very interesting technique, which should be mastered by all owners of medium length hair, is weaving with a tourniquet. Such chic, magnificent braid is suitable for girls and stylish young women:

  1. . Comb your hair, tilting your head down, put it in a high tail on the back of the head, secure it with an elastic band.
  2. The resulting tail is divided into two identical parts.
  3. The right part is twisted in a spiral as tightly as possible, fixing the ends of the hair.
  4. The left half is also turned into a spiral, the direction of twisting should be in one direction. Freeze.
  5. Fix the resulting halves of the plait with a hairspray.
  6. Twist the two pieces together, slightly pulling the hair, then the braid will acquire the required volume. To fix on the end the received scythe.

The image of the queen, plaiting of the Greek braids

It's quite difficult to make a Greek braid, this weaving already belongs to the category of complicated ones. To make your hair look perfect, you need a few workouts and a lot of patience. But, having mastered this technique, each young charmer can feel like a queen or goddess from the myths of ancient Greece.

This weaving is carried out at the very edge of the hair, which visually increases the forehead, making the upper part of the face more open. If there is a bang in the hair, it must be weaved into the braid.

  1. The hair is combed and treated with foam for a more even braid braid.
  2. Make a parting from the top of the crown to the temple.
    Start braiding the braid, grabbing all the strands framing the face. Lead wicker from temple to crown.
  3. Secure the ends of hair with an elastic band and hide under the main mass of hair, the pins are invisible.
  4. Remain the remaining hair curls, and beaten out of the braid, woven around the face, leave, slightly sprinkled with varnish. Such artistic disorder will give this hairstyle even more femininity.

Another variant of the Greek hairstyle is the braiding of two braids around the face that connects at the back of the head:

  1. . Divide the hair into two halves, consolidate one so that it does not interfere with the weaving.
  2. On the left side of the head, select a part from the temple to the back of the head.
  3. Start braiding the first braid as described above, moving around the circumference. Secure the ends of the hair.
  4. Proceed to braid the braids on the right side, again leading the weaving from the temple to the occipital part, fixing the resulting braid.
  5. Two ready pigtails to twist among themselves on the occipital part, disguising the tails of hair under loose hair.

Correctly braided Greek braid creates a crown effect from the hair, gives the look of any girl a femininity and grace.

Braid braid

Weaving of such braids also belongs to the category of complicated ones. Do not get upset if the scythe does not work out the first time, a few tries and a little patience - and the hairstyle for all occasions will be ready. This braid looks particularly good on hair of medium length.

  1. Clean hair to treat with mousse, comb.
  2. Divide into three parts, both for simple weaving.
  3. Start braiding the braid from the forehead, picking the side strands alternately to the right and left. Add them to the main weave so that all the hair is in the braid.
  4. Leave enough long tips and fasten them in the tail with a beautiful barrette.
  5. Drizzle the finished hair with a hairspray.

Having mastered braiding with a spikelet, it is possible to think about French scythes. Festive hairstyles, created with the use of French weaving, always cause admiration of others. Different kinds of such oblique tail, waterfall, classical or zigzag require perseverance and patience. Training on braiding such braids is better to carry out not on itself, and on the close girlfriend. Only fully mastered the technique, you can try to create a French weave on your hair.

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