Gel-lacquer. Manicure at home

  • What is a gel-varnish?
  • Materials for the home procedure
  • Preliminary preparation for the procedure
  • How to paint nails with gel-varnish at home
  • Choosing the nail design

Beauty salons offer their clients various current procedures for the care of skin of hands and nails, helping to preserve their beauty and youth longer. A popular novelty is gel-lacquer, which is quite simple to use and, unlike usual varnish, keeps on the nails for a long time. Recently, girls are increasingly using gel-lacquer at home and are very pleased that there was a unique opportunity to strengthen weakened marigolds without leaving home. Coverage of such a tool allows you to save time, and the effect of the procedure can be compared with the technique of nail extension.

For home treatment, you must pre-purchase a kit that includes a base, degreaser, top and color varnish for the final application. In addition, you need a special ultraviolet lamp, necessary for drying the coatings.

One set is enough for a whole year, even if you will do a pedicure in addition to manicure. If you compare the cost of salon services, then 3 sessions of applying gel-varnish at home can fully pay back the starting set of purchased funds.

It is important to understand what a conventional gel for building up differs from gel-varnish. These are two completely different means that are used by specialists for different purposes. Unlike the material on a gel base, gel-lacquer can not be used to lengthen the nail, so it is used only as a long-term coating. In this article, you will learn about all its benefits and how to conduct it at home.

What is a gel-varnish?

Despite the fact that the coating with gel-lacquer appeared quite recently, such technique of strengthening the nail plate was liked by many girls because of their simplicity and longevity. Gel-varnish is a combination of a usual varnish and a special gel, which is firmly fixed on the nails with the help of a lamp with ultraviolet radiation.

Decorative tool has a wide range of colors, ranging from standard white, pink and beige tones and ending with the most extravagant and bright colors with the effect of craquelure.

Application technology has significant advantages over the build-up:

  • The nail plate does not undergo preliminary cutting, which means that the nail retains its natural structure.
  • The agent dries rather quickly, without requiring a large amount of time. The base dries in 30 seconds, the color layer - for 2 minutes, and the top - for three.
  • The coating throughout the entire socks retains its natural appearance and beautiful shine.
  • The coating gives nails such strength and strength, the remedy can be removed without any complications for 5-10 minutes.
  • Gel-lacquer has no contraindications, so the product can be used during pregnancy and even in the presence of various chronic disorders in the body.

You are probably interested in how much gel-lacquer is kept on the nails and how long you do not have to worry about the appearance of your marigolds. The coating is highly resistant and lasts up to 3-4 weeks. In this case, the tool does not violate the integrity of the plate and does not penetrate deep into the nail, retaining all its qualities and beauty.

This resistance to the coating is given by the last finishing layer of the transparent fixing material. As a result, you get a solid, uniform coating that protects the nail plate from negative external factors.

Materials for performing the home procedure

The application of the material at home is not particularly difficult, so you can easily perform the correction yourself. To a manicure on the same day is not covered with cracks and irregularities, you should know how to apply gel-lacquer on the nails.

For a high-quality procedure it is necessary to pre-purchase in the specialized department of home care products and certain devices:

  • A set of materials. You will need a special base, which allows the material to adhere to the surface of the nail, the lacquer of a suitable shade and a protective agent. The latter composition creates a final protective layer, forming a uniform gloss on the surface and preventing the varnish from breaking.
  • Degreaser for pretreatment of the nail plate. Instead of a special liquid, you can use ordinary acetone, which has the same degreasing action.
  • Alcohol to remove the topmost sticky coating layer.
  • Lamp with ultraviolet radiation for solidification of materials. To get a high-quality resistant coating, you need a device with a power of at least 36 watts. Devices with insufficient power can not ideally fix on the nails more than one layer of the device.
  • Various brushes and additional tools that are needed to create a beautiful quality manicure.

Preliminary preparation for

procedure To independently make a uniform covering of the nail plate, it is enough to practice a little at home.70% of girls who have tried this technique, do not cease to use gel-varnish in the future.

Before starting the procedure, several preparatory steps must be completed:

  1. For starters, beauticians recommend making a hand bath that will strengthen the nail plates, soften the cuticle and allow a little relaxation. To achieve maximum effect in the tray, you can add a few drops of essential oils of tea tree, orange or chamomile.
  2. As soon as the skin breaks up, the skin around the nails should be very carefully processed, carefully pushing the cuticles out with the help of prepared tools. For this purpose, a special orange stick for nails. Experts do not advise to cut the cuticles, so that the manicure made as long as possible retained its neat appearance.
  3. At the final stage, the nail plates themselves are treated. For this, the nails are given a beautifully uniform shape using a conventional nail file. It is very important that at the ends of the nail plates there are no delaminations and unevenness, otherwise the applied gel-lacquer will quickly cover with cracks. Therefore, the surface of the nails should be treated with a weak file, not acting too much on the horn layer of the plate.

How to make up nails with gel-varnish at home

After the hygienic manicure is done, you can start the procedure of applying the product. We suggest you to gradually understand how to use gel-varnish at home:

  1. Before using the base, the nail plate should be degreased with a special agent or use acetone, especially if before that you used moisturizing creams or added various cosmetic oils to the bath.
  2. To the lacquer firmly held and not cracked, the nails must be polished with a baff, while processing the glossy surface of the plate. Do not forget that it is impossible to touch the ground with a polished surface, otherwise you will have to re-create every nail.
  3. To strengthen weakened, prone to lamination of nails, cosmetologists recommend pre-applied primer. The tool is based on special useful components that effectively nourish and strengthen the nail plates.
  4. Next, we use the base substrate, which is applied in one layer, after which we put our hands under the ultraviolet radiation for approximately 2 minutes.
  5. After the first layer has completely dried, you can use a colored varnish. The material is applied with longitudinal neat strokes from the base of the nail to the middle. Do not use too much and make a very thick layer, otherwise gel-lacquer can not fix well, which will lead to subsequent deformation of the surface. The hands are again placed under the ultraviolet device for 2 minutes.
  6. For a beautiful French manicure, one layer is enough, if you use a colored varnish of a saturated shade, then apply one more layer, then dry the nails again.
  7. In conclusion, the surface is treated with a special compound that will protect the gel-varnish from destruction and give the nails a uniform glossy luster. Protective emulsion must completely dry under the lamp for three minutes.
  8. Once all the layers have been applied and thoroughly dried under the ultraviolet, the nails should be treated with an alcohol solution to remove any excess material.

As a rule, the home procedure does not take a lot of time. You can easily make a quality manicure yourself, without resorting to the services of experienced masters. You can also buy an easy-to-use 3-in-1 gel-lacquer that lasts a long time and is very easy to apply.

Choose the design of nails

Gel-varnish is universal in that it can create a wide variety of nail design. To make an unusual interesting composition, you can use various additional decorations. It can be colored rhinestones and stickers, feathers, mica or usual sparkles.

  • It is not necessary to make absolutely identical compositions on each finger. Today it is very fashionable to focus on an anonymous or middle finger, creating a stylish and unordinary drawing on the nails.
  • The design made in the molding technique looks superb.

    For this, a metallized foil is used, which is fixed with a special polymer composition. At the initial stage, you can try to create a light pattern, for example, simple strips or a small floral ornament. Very popular design with the use of precious stones, which, with the correct technique of application, does not heavily weight the elegant treatment of nails.

  • An inverted French manicure looks elegant and very modern when a nail shade is selected with a different shade, and not the tip of the plate. You can choose different color glitters, Swarovski crystals and other nail decorations, taking into account your own wishes and recommendations of fashion experts.
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