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Victory Day very soon, means it's time to prepare original congratulations and gifts for expensive veterans. Children's hand-made articles by 9 May are the best way to express gratitude to the heroes-winners, as well as to explain the value of their heroism to the younger generation, to tell about the history and significance of this holiday.

Gifts to veterans, which children will build on their own and together with adults - parents or caregivers, will help the younger generation to better understand the information on the Second World War, will develop interest in the history of their native country. The technician and the materials that are used to make festive handicrafts with their own hands are very many, so adults can choose exactly those that best match the age and skills of the child.

Children's hand-made articles by 9 May from a paper

This is a universal material, paper crafts by May 9 can create children of any age at home, in kindergarten or primary school. More complex techniques such as origami or quilling should be mastered together with adults, using ready-made templates, schemes, master classes.

You can make paper from:

  • Postcards, wall newspapers, panels - simple or three-dimensional. The techniques of application are used, including breaking, quilling, stencil-cutting.
  • Flowers: classic carnations, apple tree twigs, lilies of the valley. They can be collected in spectacular bouquets, tied with St. George ribbon, or used as an element of the composition, ornaments of other handicrafts.
  • Festive symbolism - Eternal flame, orders, medals, stars, world pigeons, etc.
  • Figures depicting military equipment: tanks, airplanes, Katyushas.

When making volumetric compositions it is better to use ready-made templates that are printed beforehand, and the kids can cut out the figure, fold, glue, paint.

It is best to use colored paper, double-sided, corrugated, designer cardboard, plain wipes. Even old matchboxes and sleeves from toilet paper are useful to make tanks or airplanes.

Paper crafts turn out bright, long stored, do not require large expenses and special skills.

Quilling tank

This way of working with paper is suitable not only for the production of festive panels or bulky postcards. It is possible to do absolutely any figures, for example, an airplane or a tank. To make the last, you need:

  • Corrugated cardboard( green).
  • Two-sided colored paper.
  • Quilling tools( they can be replaced with toothpicks, pencils, rulers).
  • Glue PVA.
  • Scissors, ruler, pencil.

The creation of such a tank by May 9 will take time, but the process itself is quite fascinating:

  1. Cut corrugated cardboard strips with a width of 1 cm( 10 pcs.) And 2 cm.
  2. Tightlywind the strips on the toothpick, immediately gluing the tips.
  3. From the thin wheels to collect the tracks, distributing them to the size, gluing them on the sides.
  4. Each caterpillar is glued along the contour with a strip( 1 cm wide) cut from colored paper of black or green color.
  5. Connect the caterpillars by attaching a rectangle of cardboard on top.
  6. Top glued a wide wheel and on it - quite flat, twisted from paper. It will be a tower with a hatch.
  7. From paper twist the trunk, fix it on the tower.
  8. Decorate the tank with a red star, flag and other items at your discretion.

Soldier and Nurse

Children's crafts by May 9 have the right to be simple, unpretentious, but they are invested in the soul, and this is already worth a lot. For the manufacture of figures soldier with a nurse will need the remaining cardboard sleeves from toilet paper. Such figures can be supplemented with festive compositions used to design the group in the kindergarten.

Work with children over 3 years old. The process is very simple:

  1. Gently squeeze the cardboard cylinder from one side, bending inside the edge.
  2. From light pink or beige paper, cut a strip about 3 cm wide, glue it on top. It will be a face.
  3. On top of the face, glue the hair - a strip of yellow or brown paper, carving an indentation of the oval shape for the face on it.
  4. From the green paper, cut several strips of different widths. From one make a tunic, pasting it around the roll. From a thin strip to make a collar, from a strip is wider - trousers( to make a small crease in front).
  5. From above, glue a cap made of a green strip, which you need to fold, sharpening the edges.
  6. Between the tunic and trousers, attach a black strip-belt with a yellow buckle.
  7. Separately make hands of green and white paper, glue them around the edges.
  8. For the nurse to cut and paste a white bag with a bag with a strap over his shoulder, for the soldier - a black machine.
  9. Markers draw faces, buttons, stars on the caps, red cross on the bag of the nurse.

Application "Festive salute"

A large-scale appliance is used by children of almost any age. A ready picture with a salute can be placed in a cardboard frame and presented to veterans along with congratulations.

We need:

  • Color corrugated paper.
  • Colored paper and cardboard.
  • Adhesive PVA.
  • Scissors, pencil, ruler, stapler.

The process itself will not cause any difficulties:

  1. Some number of corrugated paper sheets of different colors are folded several times and cut out smooth circles, varying the sizes at your discretion for each shade.
  2. 5-6 circles of the same color and size, fasten in the middle with a stapler crosswise, repeat the action for the remaining workpieces. The more they will be, the more "splendid" the fireworks will turn out.
  3. Flush workpieces, lifting and priming the upper layers.
  4. From color paper 2-3 shades cut rectangles that will represent the house.
  5. Choose black, dark blue or purple cardboard as the basis. Stick on the basis of harvesting houses.
  6. From yellow and orange colored paper cut out small squares for the windows and paste them on the houses, leaving empty space.
  7. Billets for fireworks are glued to the base above the houses, gently applying glue to the base of the circles. The arrangement must be chaotic.

The more corrugated paper colors are used, the brighter the fireworks display. The size of the circles can also be changed, giving the composition volume and perspective.

Salute from salt

  1. Firework lights can be made not from paper, but drawing with the help of glue-pencil contours.
  2. Immediately sprinkle the picture with ordinary salt, wait for the glue to dry out and shake off the remnants.
  3. Inks diluted in water, drip onto the salt( with a brush), giving it different shades.

Carnations from paper

Artificial flowers will preserve the memory of the holiday for a long time, with their help you can draw postcards, compositions, bouquets. The symbol of May 9 is a red carnation. To make it quite simple, you will need:

  • Red and green corrugated paper. Wire floristic( green).
  • Scissors and glue PVA.

The process itself is as follows:

  1. Cut the red paper with the same rectangles - 6 for each flower. Fold the blanks for each pile.
  2. Assemble a stack of paper accordion( short side), wrapping them in the middle with a wire, without pulling.
  3. On each side of the paper accordion, cut corners to make sharp edges.
  4. Alternately lift each layer of petals, giving them a volume. Fluff out all flowers in this way.
  5. Cut out the green paper from the green paper, glue them to the stem of the wire.

Effectively look not only red, but pink carnations, as well as white flowers, the edges of the petals are painted with a blue, pink or yellow felt-tip pen. In the latter case, the petals of the carnation can be made from a conventional napkin. If there is no floristic wire, then it can be replaced by a conventional wire, pasted with the last green paper.

Dove - the symbol of the world

Bulky paper pigeons are a symbol of peace.

  • Figurines can be used to decorate greeting bouquets or hang them in strings, using for decorating rooms or festive compositions.
  • Pigeons can be made in origami technique, using a ready-made scheme, or cut out of a thick cardboard pattern.
  • Pigeons with spaced wings are interesting.
    1. To do this, on white cardboard should separately draw a contour of the trunk with the head and two aligned wings.
    2. Cut the parts, in the middle of the trunk and wings make incisions, not reaching 5 mm to the end of each part( bottom and top respectively).
    3. Paste the details into each other, draw plumage, eyes and beak.
    4. Wings can be made by folding a rectangular sheet of paper with an accordion and inserting it into the thin hole in the center of the trunk.

Crafts for the 9th of May from the salted dough

This dough is an amazing material, plastic, docile, durable. Unlike plasticine, crafts made of it can be painted, they are stored for a long time. Children are very fond of working with him. Ready-made products from salted dough can be baked or simply dried, but this will take time.

Best of all this material is to make medals or orders, Eternal flame, some small figures, flowers, etc.

Recipe for salted dough for crafts - video

Red star

One of the main symbols of victory is the red star of the Soviet army. Compositions with it are very easy to make from salted dough, even toddlers 2-3 years will cope with this task. All that is needed:

  • Flour and fine salt( 2: 1).
  • Vegetable oil( optional).
  • Paints( gouache or acrylic).
  • Brush.
  • Roller.

The process itself is extremely simple:

  1. Prepare the dough, mixing the flour with salt, warm water, so that the consistency resembles plasticine. In the end, you can add vegetable oil, it will give the bulk of plasticity. Carefully knead everything so that the dough is soft and not sticky.
  2. Pinch a few slices from the dough, roll the koloboks out of them and gently roll them out with a rolling pin so that their thickness is uniform.
  3. One piece to leave a round, leveling its edges with a glass or a special mold. Put it on a baking sheet covered with parchment.
  4. Cut a five-pointed star from another workpiece. Place the workpiece on the previous one.
  5. Make several such blanks.
  6. From the dough roll a few thin sausages, fold them into numbers and letters.
  7. Put letters on items laid out on a baking sheet. You can write any words: "May 9", "Peace", "Victory", "1941-1945", etc.
  8. From the remaining test, you can dazzle the flowers by rolling thin stems, leaves and petals, connecting everything on a baking sheet.
  9. Place the billets in the oven and dry( do not bake) at a temperature of 50-100 degrees. The products must become solid. Get out of the oven, cool it.
  10. Cool the blanks with paint. If crafts will be given, acrylics are best: they do not get dirty, they retain color for a long time.
  11. Finished product can be varnished, decorated with St. George ribbon, etc.

Eternal fire

  1. Cut out the rolled out dough 2-3 stars of different sizes, overlap them, making the last groove in the last.
  2. Roll a few thin sausages, slightly bend them and fix them in the groove.
  3. Dry the craft in the oven, then paint it. The base is preferably covered with silver or gold paint, and the flames are yellow, orange, red.

Medals from the test

  1. From the finished dough to make a few round blanks.
  2. Roll a thick sausage of the same length as the circumference of the base.
  3. Place the sausage on the edge of the circle, make a few cuts on it to give a relief.
  4. In the upper part, make a round hole.
  5. Dry the prepared part with paints, applying congratulatory inscriptions in the center of the circle.
  6. Through the hole to pass the St. George's ribbon.

If you dry such a piece in the air, and not in the oven, then, before you paste the sausage to a round base, between them you can lay a cut out circle of paper with a pre-printed greeting or thematic image.

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