Venetian coloring - melirovanie in the style of Hollywood stars

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The modern beauty industry offers a variety of hair dyeing options. Venetian highlighting is one of the most popular and relevant technologies that will give your strands extra volume, shine and hide the gray hair.

This technique can be compared to drawing on hair. The dyeing composition is applied to the locks with a brush, it seems that the master smears dabs and flashes on your hair. The effect of "kissed" by the sun hair - an indisputable trend of this season.

An interesting fact

French, as it is also called, melioration was known to beauties in the Middle Ages. It was then that for the first time a fashion appeared on bleached strands of white or golden color, which look very natural at the same time.

Before the invention of special compounds, the women of Venice, who are famous not only for their temperament, but also for their magnificent dark hair, could sit under the scorching Italian sun for hours to get the desired result in the form of slightly clarified curls. Hence the name "Venetian highlighting".

What this technique is

The peculiarity of this technique is in a small amount of clarified curls and a smooth transition to the main dark color. These light strands can add relief to staining and dynamics in the hairstyle.

"Amber Milan highlighting" is another name for this technique. This refers to one of the varieties of Californian melioration, in which the staining is done on dark hair or light with the allocation of amber, wheat, golden, blond, chocolate curls.

This highlighting refers to fairly mild types of staining, which can be carried out without the use of foil or special paper. The hairdresser, as an artist, applies the coloring composition to the desired strands, achieving a smooth transition. Foil is used if the hair is very heavy and the composition on them falls unevenly, without it in this case can not do.

The technique is a bit like the ombre. Staining is carried out only on the lower part of the length of the hair. Often, this technique is confused with the Californian melioration or stain staining. The main differences:

  • In Venetian lightening, a contrast transition between colors is created. For example, brunettes have white strands.
  • Chateau resembles an ombre. But in the first case, a greater contrast between the roots and the length is achieved.
  • There are no sharp transitions in the California highlights. Clarity is carried out for two or three tones.

Advantages of

This method of transformation is able to create a very beautiful and natural effect on the hair, but it's not all its positive aspects:

  1. The coloring composition is not applied to the scalp and the base of the curls.
  2. The acquired effect is retained for a long time.
  3. Dark-haired girls can make strands of different shades, while most of the hair will not be affected.
  4. Staining is carried out in a chaotic manner. Thanks to which the hairdress seems more lush and voluminous.
  5. Staining does not require correction.
    The coloring agent must be applied, receding from the roots one and a half centimeters and more. Even rapid hair growth will not spoil the appearance. An excellent solution for refreshing the color of long hair.
  6. The technique is used on both natural and dyed hair.
  7. You can paint at home.

Disadvantages of

Like any chemical effect, this technology has its drawbacks:

  1. The quality of the clarified curls will deteriorate. Take care of acquiring nutritious, regenerating masks.
  2. Strands may become dry and porous. Tip: do not use irons and curling irons for the first few weeks after the procedure.
  3. If your hair has an uneven shade, then they need to be dyed, giving the hair a natural color. Only after this you can proceed to clarification.

Choose a shade of

It should not be too bright, unnatural. Otherwise, others will pay attention to him, not you.

For Venetian highlighting, about four shades of paint are used, which should be carefully selected.

  • Dark, black hair should be chosen with amber, chocolate, wheat, caramel, honey colors.
  • Blonde girls should trust professionals. The use of light colors of paints will not achieve the desired effect, and the use of dark shades requires certain skills, otherwise you risk ruining your hair. And then you'll have to pay a large sum for the restoration.
  • Fashionable colors for locks are coffee, cognac, wheat and caramel-honey.
Natural shades, a gradual transition from dark color on the roots to light at the tips - that's how fashionable and actual clarification looks.

Coloring on hair of different colors

This way of transformation looks great and chestnut, dark blond hair, and on light strands.

Dark hair

The technique of soft clarification looks most advantageous on dark curls. With this technique, you can use bezammia paints, the harm of the procedure is minimized. You are given an almost unlimited choice of shades.

The Venetian coloration looks good on dark-brown hair, if you choose warm colors of curls: golden, sand, nut, milk-chocolate. The hairdresser can darken some locks, and you will get both melioration and bronzing. The main thing is that the coloring should look natural. So, as if the sun itself worked on your hair.

Some girls perform highlights at home. If you belong to such, then follow the advice:

  1. First prepare the device: a brush or toothbrush, an oxidizer, a few shades of paint, a cap, a hook.
  2. Wash your hair.
  3. Dry and carefully comb the strands.
  4. Put on the cap for highlighting.
  5. Using a hook( you can use knitting), carefully pull out the strands to be painted.
  6. Distribute the coloring composition, slightly receding from the base of the curl.
  7. After the time specified in the instructions, flush the paint.
  8. Apply a nourishing or moisturizing mask, then rinse it off.
  9. Dry hair and pack.

Venetian highlighting on dark hair in the salon conditions - video

Light hair

In dyeing of light hair there are some nuances:

  • for tips use ash, nut, light chocolate color;
  • for a smooth ombre add a dark blond, caramel color;
  • shades must be selected very carefully, there should not be any sharp transitions, otherwise the hair will look messy;
  • to facilitate the process, divide the hair into several sectors;
  • put the clarifying composition, retreating three centimeters from the roots, and on the vertex reduce the indentation to two centimeters.

Staining procedure steps are the same as described above.

If the desired effect does not turn out, then it is necessary to perform additional toning of the curls with the help of sparing coloring substances. Re-melioration is not necessary, in time the shade will be washed and will become lighter.

Important to know

Venetian highlighting is not performed on hair stained with henna, or after a recent chemical wave.

Most experts advise you to contact the master. And there are reasons for this:

  • In salons-hairdressing salons a special cream is used, possessing special qualities necessary for this kind of procedure. It has a thick pasty consistency, due to which the composition envelops the desired curl, without affecting neighboring strands. With normal clarification, a liquid blondoran is used, which can flow.
  • It's hard for a person to make a uniform color throughout the head, especially on the back of the head.
  • It is difficult to carry out the procedure at a fast pace, as a result, some strands can turn out to be more saturated than others.
  • An experienced craftsman will pick up a melting technique that fits your hair, using special paper, foil, with or without a comb.

Multi-tone Venetian staining requires for certain skills. In order for melioration to look beautiful and "expensive", it is better to entrust this procedure to professional colorists with work experience.

Famous style icons such as Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker, preferred this coloring. And their sense of taste can be trusted. Boldly create a sexy, bold image of a successful woman with the help of the Venetian melioration.

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