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The Maslenitsa table is always full of delicious and fragrant pancakes! Any hostess has in store her unique recipe for this delicacy. And not only does the dough for pancakes differ, but also the filling. Even the usual pancakes with cottage cheese can be so beat that it turns out just a culinary masterpiece.

Simple recipes of curd pancakes

There are many options for cooking pancakes. The most widely spread pancakes on milk, sour cream, kefir, whey and mineral water. The ingredients are almost the same, only the base changes. In any case, the products are very delicate, delicate and incredibly tasty.

And here the form of preparation of pancakes with cottage cheese can be the most different. The filling can be wrapped inside, making pancakes with baking, putting them to languish in the oven. And the stuffing of each hostess is obtained in its own way.

Pancakes with curd filling

It's quite easy to make pancakes with cottage cheese, but the products under this recipe have one feature. They can be harvested in advance, and they are stored in the freezer. Before serving, they are simply fried in a frying pan without defrosting. Very convenient option, when the guests are already on the way. The dough is very elastic, the products are easily baked without sticking to the surface of the frying pan.

For the test, the following products will be needed:

  • 2 eggs;
  • salt and sugar to taste;
  • oil spoon;
  • for 1.5 cups of milk and water;
  • 2 cups of flour.

For filling:

  • 1 egg;
  • 300 grams of cottage cheese( better than fat);
  • sugar to taste.


  1. All ingredients except flour are mixed. You can use a blender. Then the resulting mixture is gradually introduced into the flour, constantly mixing. It turns out a fairly liquid dough, which nevertheless has good elasticity.
  2. Bake pancakes on a strongly heated frying pan, greased with vegetable oil, only on one side! When all the products are ready, you can start filling them.
  3. To do this, cottage cheese is beaten with sugar and egg until lush, you can add a teaspoon of softened butter and vanilla sugar.
  4. In the middle of the pancake, a teaspoon of filling is spread and the envelope folds.
    Despite the fact that the filling is obtained in the form of a cream, it does not flow to hardening.
  5. The resulting blanks can be removed into the freezer. When required, homemade semi-finished products are taken from the refrigerator and fried until the end.

Tip! The same pancakes are excellent with baking. When one side is almost ready, and the reconciliation of the dough is slightly dried, the filling is laid directly on the product. After the bottom is thoroughly fried, the pancake folds in half and is removed from the pan. Delicious curd pancake with a bake ready!

Pancakes on mineral water with cottage cheese and cheese

Delicious pancakes are obtained with this recipe! Cheese and greens, which are added to the filling, give the products a very original taste. To prepare the dough, the following products are needed:

  • 3 cups flour;
  • glass of mineral water with gas;
  • 1.5 cups of milk;
  • 3 eggs;
  • tablespoon of melted butter;
  • salt and sugar.

For the filling you should take a packet of good cottage cheese, a teaspoon of starch, an egg and a package of cheese cheese with greens. If desired, it can be replaced with regular cheese. Then you need green and garlic.


  1. All ingredients are mixed. It is worth remembering that to get a smooth test without lumps the liquid always pours into the flour, and not vice versa! Ghee is added at the very end, when the dough is almost ready.
  2. Pancakes are very thin. To make things go faster, some housewives put two pans at once on the stove. At the same time, you can prepare the filling.
    All components should preferably be thoroughly rubbed, in the end added crushed herbs and crushed garlic.
  3. In the prepared pancakes, the filling is wrapped. Finished products are added to a frying pan, greased with butter and left to languish on very small heat for another 5-10 minutes.

Tip! You can slightly modify the recipe and add grated cheese to the dough. And fill the filling in ready-made cheese pancakes. It turns out a very tasty dish, in which a tender sweet curd filling perfectly matches with salty cheese pancakes.

Fancy curd pancakes

Pancakes with cottage cheese are not only thin, but also magnificent. To prepare them you need a special dough, but do not be scared. It takes only half an hour to prepare.

Required products:

  • 0.5 kg of curd( medium fat);
  • 2 eggs;
  • a condensed can and 2 cups of regular milk;
  • salt and vanilla sugar;
  • vegetable oil;
  • baking powder( can use soda);
  • 1,5-2 cups of flour.


  1. In a deep bowl, the eggs are carefully ground, and condensed milk and cottage cheese are added.
  2. The mixture is beaten in a blender to obtain a homogeneous mass. Milk and vanillin are added to it, mixed, then flour is introduced. As a result of all the actions, you should get a pretty thick dough.
  3. Pancakes are roasted on a well-heated frying pan on both sides until a ruddy crust is formed. On the table are served these pancakes with sour cream.

Original recipes for shawl pancakes

Make pancakes with cottage cheese not for long. But you can spend a little more time to create real beauty, which will become an amazing decoration of the festive table. And certainly the guests will be delighted if they try such a yummy!

Pancakes in a pot

Pancakes baked in the oven, it is only worth a try, and it is unlikely to give up this dish.

  1. For preparation in a pot of pancakes it is required 12 pieces, 1 pack of cottage cheese and 2 tablespoons of butter.
  2. Cottage cheese is thoroughly beaten with other ingredients until airborne. At the bottom of the clay pot laid the foundation - one pancake. The rest of the products are cut into halves, which are padded along the edges with curd filling.
  3. The halves are folded fairly tightly into flagella, which are cut into 4 more pieces. Finished rolls are laid out in layers, each of which is poured with melted butter.
  4. The pot is placed in the oven, heated to 200 degrees, for 15 minutes. You do not need to close it.
After a quarter of an hour you can feel the unforgettable aroma of baked curd pancakes.

Curd pancakes in sour cream souffle

Pancakes baked in sour cream are an excellent way to surprise and please your family and friends. From such a treat, for sure, everyone will be completely delighted. Products made with this recipe are very tasty when hot. And they are even better cooled!

The whole secret of these pancakes is in the filling. The dough in this case can be prepared for any recipe. And for filling you need:

  • 400 grams of cottage cheese, it is better to take a grainy, fatty, ideally - home;
  • on a handful of prunes and dried apricots, pre-soak them in hot water for swelling.

For a souffl you will need:

  • 2/3 sour cream cans( approximately 300-350 grams);
  • 2 eggs;
  • 0.5 cups of fine granulated sugar;
  • vanillin;
  • 2 spoons of odorless oil.


  1. It will be necessary to bake pancakes, enough for 12-15 pieces.
  2. Dried fruits are ground and mixed well with a blender until smooth. Sugar is not worth adding, because the sweetness is given by dried fruits and soufflé.
  3. Pancakes are filled with stuffing and wrapped in envelopes or tubes, as you like. In the middle of each product an incision is made, all the blanks are laid out in a roasting mold. You can make one or two layers.
  4. The oven heats up to 200 degrees, at this time begins the preparation of the soufflé: eggs, butter and sugar are beaten in the blender at the highest speed to get a very fluffy mass. Add sour cream and vanilla sugar, gently mix with the egg mixture.
  5. The ready souffle is distributed evenly over the surface of the pancakes, the shape is put in the oven for 15-20 minutes.
    Readiness is defined simply: when the top starts to brown, the dish is ready.

Tip! You can try this recipe a little bit:

  1. For this, mini-pancakes are cooked for about two bites. Each is smeared with curd paste and placed in a baking dish or pot.
  2. Then the resulting dish is poured with a mixture of fatty sour cream with sugar and poppy seeds and placed in the oven.
  3. At the minimum temperature pancakes languish about 1.5-2 hours. If time is pressing, then you can increase the temperature, then the cooking time is reduced to 30-40 minutes.

In any case, the pancakes in sour cream are soaked and get amazingly soft, melting in your mouth!

Curd pancakes with greens

This is an excellent option for eateries pancakes that you can eat without worrying about your figure in particular. Such a tasty dish will be a good addition to a low calorie diet. The simplicity of their preparation lies in the fact that all the products can be found in the refrigerator from any mistress. And the cooking time is a maximum of 20 minutes.


  • fat-free curd - 1 pack;
  • ¾ cup of milk;
  • 3 eggs;
  • 1-1.5 cups of flour;
  • greens any crushed, salt.
If desired, you can add a little butter and a pinch of sugar.


  1. In the blender, cottage cheese, milk and flour are beaten. In a homogeneous mass of greens and spices are added, mixed in a low mode.
  2. Fry pancakes should be on medium heat so that they do not burn, but they are baked well. You can use a piece of fat to lubricate the frying pan.
  3. The products are very gentle air, so turn them around and remove them carefully. Each pancake folded in a triangle and nicely laid out on a dish.

How to prepare curd pancakes with greens - video

Unsweetened pancakes with curd filling

There are also simple options for creating pancakes for snacks. It is necessary to prepare 25-30 small pancakes for your favorite recipes without adding sugar and one of the suggested fillings:

  1. 250 grams of curd mixed with 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, add to the mixture 2 crushed cloves of garlic and a handful of dill. You can add to taste.
  2. Pile the cottage cheese with garlic and parsley. Bulgarian pepper and pickled( pickled) cucumbers grate on a fine grater, add to the mixture.
    It is best to mix a lot with a mixer to give it uniformity and splendor.
  3. Mix 200 grams of cottage cheese with 2 tablespoons of red caviar, 1 spoon of softened butter and finely chopped dill. For the flavor, add ground nutmeg. Pancakes with cottage cheese are prepared very simply and quickly. But it is important to make the filling the most gentle and airy. If you do not have a blender at hand, a sieve will come to your aid, through which you can wipe the cottage cheese so that no lumps remain.

    How to make pancakes with cottage cheese - video

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