Sunglasses: what to choose and how to wear

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Sunglasses are an invariable attribute of a city dweller. Without them you can not do in sunny weather. But this is not just a protection for the eyes from ultraviolet, but also a fashion accessory, which should harmoniously fit into the image. Therefore, it is necessary to understand with what and how to wear sunglasses at different times.

frame molds Manufacturers are trying to maximize the variety of sun protection accessories, so today everyone has the opportunity to choose the shape that will fit the face.

There are several basic forms, called classical ones:

  1. Round thin frame, more often metal. An accessory with such a frame can easily become part of an outrageous, informal image.
  2. The shape of the "cat's eye" frame is slightly extended from the outer edge. These glasses are excellent for handkerchiefs, caps in the form of tablets and silk scarves.
  3. Points that cover half the face periodically return to the fashionable Olympus. They are often worn by stars who want to hide from journalists. The advantage of such points in their universality.
  4. Narrow rims and glass with a slight darkening will complement the image of a modest intellectual. Such an accessory is often combined with a strict, business style and is usually worn with a suit.
The above forms are suitable for almost everyone, but there are some that you can not tell about, for example, square or dragonfly glasses.

How to choose the shape of the rim under the clothes?

  • The same square glasses should be combined with square cutouts on clothes. You can wear them with a jacket, under the bottom of which is put on a top, a turtleneck or a sweater.
  • The same applies to rectangular frames. They also combine with suits, jackets and jackets, that is, with clothes with a strict rectangular cut.
  • The butterfly points have a pointed upper edge and, accordingly, are combined with a triangular neckline on a dress or blouse. It can be simply unbuttoned at the top of the shirt collar, which creates a triangular outline.
  • The popular cat's eye model should be combined with a feminine way, that is, with dresses, skirts and blouses. These glasses can even correct the facial features, giving them elegance and refinement. Points in the form of a cat's eye will be appropriate in the resort. They look great with beach overalls and bright dresses with a tropical print. Supplement the image of woven sandals on the platform. Such glasses only with a plastic frame can also be worn with retro dresses.
  • Round glasses are not so popular because of their shape, which is not suitable for everyone. They can wear girls with a square, angular and elongated face. Clothing for them to pick up even harder. You should prefer casual style, ie T-shirts, shirts, shorts, jeans, the image should have a minimum of details.
  • Fashionable "aviators" are distinguished by a teardrop shape. They are suitable for people with faces of different shapes and will be relevant in the everyday manner. You can wear them with jeans, sweaters, cardigans and polo.
  • Dragonfly glasses are unpretentious in combination with clothing. For everyday wear, you should prefer a plastic frame, and with business style, on the contrary, it is more appropriate to choose a metal one. With "dragonflies" it is better to wear flying maxi dresses, colorful sarafans in the floor, spacious white blouses, as well as overalls with wide trousers.

Color of glasses

Knowing which shape of the rim with what clothes is combined - it's only half the battle. It is important to understand how to correctly combine the tone of the glasses and the color of the clothes.

The following rules and recommendations should be adhered to:

  • Gray and green-gray color of glasses with any degree of blackout is considered universal, that is, it can be combined with any clothing.
  • With accessories in warm colors, you can wear an accessory with brown glass. But the shades should roughly coincide. For example, a coffee or beige suit is not combined with red or brick-red glasses.
  • With strict suits and coats do not wear glasses with mirror glass. They will be relevant on the beach or for a walk, but not in the office.
  • Particularly carefully selected clothes for colored glasses of purple, green and blue hues. It should either match the chosen color exactly, or be combined according to the style. For example, colored glass can be worn with jeans and a bright top, but not with a business suit even if the color is identical. The same rule applies to the color frame.
  • In a megalopolis, glasses with dark green and dark gray glasses are ideal. They can be worn not only in summer, but also in spring and autumn.
  • In the mountains and on the beach will be appropriate accessory with black opaque and mirror glass.
With regard to health, it is worth considering that the purple, blue and pink glasses will not protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation and can even do harm.
Gradient glass, where the color gradually shifts from dark to light, should not be worn every day, then they do not harm.

Glasses and headgear

It is important to be able to correctly combine sunglasses with hats. There are classic, time-tested combinations that are suitable for most women:

  • Extended-style glasses with a beret, trapeze dress and boats will help create a fashionable image in the style of the 70's.
  • Glasses and headscarf are a retro look that looks great with dresses, light coats, raincoats and business suits.

  • Glasses with a knitted hat - this is a classic pair, which is ideal for creating a youth image. A beautiful black cap and glasses with a plastic colored frame will look beautiful.
  • On the beach very stylishly will look black glasses and a wide-brimmed hat plus a swimsuit or sarafan. The only rule: glasses and a hat should be different in tone.
  • With glasses, the hair bandage will look stylish. But she should not close her forehead.

Combination with a hairdresser

Picking up glasses under your image, you need to pay attention to whether they will be combined with the hairdo. For example, if the haircut involves bangs, it should be borne in mind that the glasses will look good only with a bang that does not completely cover the forehead.

Glasses without rims or with a thin rim can be worn with a voluminous hair and long flowing hair. Design models and unusual frames will be appropriate if the hair is short-cut or assembled. The originality of the frame can be emphasized by an asymmetrical haircut or hairdo.

If the frame is wide, then the hairdo should not be bulky. It is best to combine straight hair with it. In extreme cases, the volume can be done at the top, but not on either side of the face.

If the lenses are large enough, the haircut should not be too short, but it can be voluminous. When small lenses should be avoided smoothly combed hair, unduly emphasizing the oval face. Best of all with these glasses will look bright curls and short haircuts.

For people with poor eyesight

  1. Many people are wondering if it is possible to wear sunglasses with poor eyesight. Darkened glasses prevent people with non-ideal eyesight from seeing well, so they can be dangerous. But there is no need to abandon them or invent something, for example, to wear sunglasses over ordinary ones, which is extremely inconvenient. Although there are also glasses that are specifically designed to be worn over glasses for "sight."
  2. Special sunglasses with diopters have appeared on the market. Before buying them, you should contact the oculist to help them choose the right one.
  3. The second question that worries people with poor eyesight is whether it is possible to wear sunglasses with lenses. Today, this is no longer an urgent need, since there are lenses with protection from harmful UV rays. You can buy them and do not buy glasses at all. However, such lenses will protect only the cornea of ​​the eye, the rest of the space will remain without protection, so it is still recommended to wear glasses.


Sunglasses are needed at any time of the year, because the sun remains quite active. The main thing is to choose the shape and style so that they fit under the fur coat and hat. Then the question, whether it is possible to wear sunglasses from a coat, will disappear by itself.

  • Stylists recommend choosing for the autumn a more massive frame. In this case, it must be combined with one of the elements of outerwear or contrast with it.
  • Colorless heavy frame is universal and will suit any color. It will be beautiful to look like a frame matched in tone to clothes, then having an unusual shape.
  • For a cool time of the year, you should not choose colored lenses, they will unnecessarily tire your eyes. More reserved shades will suit: gray, smoky, yellowish, black and brown.
    The degree of blackout in this case should not be significant. Excellent choice - gradient glass.

Tips for professionals

Stylists recommend the following rules when choosing glasses:

  • It should be considered how the color of the frames, glasses and shades in make-up is combined.
  • People with an oval face shape can choose any shape of the frame. Chubby will be approached by an elongated or lowered frame. If the face has an elongated shape, which will balance the features will help the rims, stretched in width. With a square face will look good glasses with a high, expanded upward rim.
  • Using glasses, you can adjust the shape of the face and its features. For example, choosing a frame with a "heavy" bottom, you can make more interesting small features. A light frame helps to lighten slightly massive facial features. The thick and dark frame, on the contrary, will highlight the beautiful features of nature, emphasizing the individuality.
  • Even the shape and size of the nose is adjusted with this accessory. In order to increase the nose, the glasses are worn high on the bridge of the nose. Conversely, you can reduce your nose if you wear glasses in the middle of the nose.
  • It's best to choose a fashion accessory for sun protection in a specialized optics store.

The latest fashion trends of

In 2017, various shapes of glasses will be fashionable, which will satisfy every taste. However, the common feature is that they will all be very large. This applies to the frame - it will become wider, and the glasses themselves, which will be incredibly large.

  • Designers offer glasses with rims of different colors, massive and light, plastic and metal. Lenses in this case can be both completely transparent, and darkened, as well as chameleons.
  • This year's novelty is a pair of glasses with a raised edge. In the fashion there will be frames decorated with rhinestones and other various decor. This year all non-standard and original will become popular.
  • Heavy rectangular and oval glasses will go out of fashion. Instead, there will be a cat's eye shape in the trend, round a la John Lennon, aviators and various unusual futuristic and geometric right.
  • The color of the frames varies from animalistic motifs and geometric prints to bright colors. Black color as always remains relevant.

Glasses in new models will not differ much from the already familiar color, translucent, fully and partially darkened. Mirror glasses also remain in the trend. Related Videos:

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