Which brushes are better for makeup? Reviews about the popular manufacturers

Brushes Zoeva( Zoeva)
  • Brushes Sigma( Sigma)
  • Brushes Mac( Poppy)
  • Brushes Roubloff( Rubble)
  • Brushes Louis
  • Brushes Hakuhodo( Hakuhodo)
  • Brushes Rive Gauche
  • Brushes Real Techniques
  • Brushes M Art
  • Brushes Jeans(Jeans)
  • Brushes Bobbi Brown( Bobbi Brown)
  • Brushes Lethual
  • Brushes Mary Kay( Mary Kay)
  • Brushes Just( Just)
  • Brushes for make-up are the main working tools of any make-up artist. They should be for every woman doing make-up on her own, and also necessary for smooth application and economical consumption of cosmetics.

    But are all the brushes equally good at their task? Consider the makeup brushes from well-known manufacturers. Which of them is better?

    For beginners it will be useful to know which to choose makeup brushes - top 10 most needed:

    Brushes Zoeva( Zoeva)

    Zoeva produces professional makeup brushes and standard kits that should be in every woman's cosmetic bag.

    • Each brush has its own function. To apply on the eyelids of the shadow, you may need up to 10 different brushes. Their purpose depends on the type of action that must be performed( application or feathering), as well as on the place where this action will be performed: an internal or external corner, a movable or lower eyelid, an area under the eyebrows.
    Makeup brushes Zoeva on 99% collect about themselves positive responses. Women are simply delighted with them! Sometimes the owners of wonderful makeup tools complain that the brush designed for the corrector leaves a trace in the form of lines. Perhaps, this is the only drawback that was noticed by a company with a worldwide reputation.
    • In sets, part of the brushes are made from natural goat pile. They are very convenient for applying powder, blush and shading of shadows. But quality artificial pile helps to apply evenly and without overspray cream-proofreader or shade.

    Brushes Sigma( Sigma)

    Very popular American makeup brushes Sigma, which are made both from natural and artificial nap by hand.

    Women who regularly use cosmetics, note that the brand of this brand is worthy of the best praise. Women, who previously applied makeup with applicators from sets of cosmetics and tried the Sigma brushes, say that "this is heaven and earth".

    Thin and soft, they allow you to apply perfect makeup, exactly copying faces from fashion magazines.

    • Sigma makeup brushes designed to apply powder, blush or shadows take just as much money as needed to emphasize natural beauty. This saves make-up artists and women making an independent make-up, from the need to use a brush to remove excess cosmetics.
    • Brushes for shading shadows and correctors are very soft, do not irritate the skin and allow cosmetics to merge smoothly among themselves so that you can not find the boundary.

    Mac brushes( Poppy)

    • Compared to the tools from Sigma and Zoyeva, makeup brushes Mac have the most democratic prices. Under this brand, both professional brushes and simplified sets for applying make-up themselves are produced.
    • If you pursue the naturalness, the sets from Mac are not for you. In each set there are both natural brushes( pile of goats, sables, ponies or squirrels), and synthetic ones, made of soft, high-quality and hypoallergenic fiber. But you can buy natural makeup brushes separately.
    Every tip left about professional cosmetic instruments is full of delight. Mac brushes are suitable for allergy sufferers who do not tolerate animal hair, and adherents of all natural.
    • The manufacturer himself recommends using natural nap for bulk agents( shadows and powders), and for liquid( base and foundation) synthetic, which does not absorb moisture and is easily cleaned. Applying makeup becomes a simple task if you use proven brushes.

    Brushes Roubloff( Rubble)

    Roubloff is a Russian company specializing in the production of brushes for artists and make-up artists.

    Better than Rubleff, markings of brushes can not be found:

    1. first letter decodes the material that was used for production,
    2. the second - the working end shape,
    3. the last two digits indicate the brush number.

    The marking on brushes will never be erased due to the protective varnish coating. This will make it easy to find a replacement for an instrument that has served its term.

    Happy owners of tassels for make-up of this brand leave good reviews due to the relatively low cost of tools and their high quality.

    The company uses both natural nap of different animals and high-quality synthetic pile of Japanese origin. Each brush has a holder of chrome copper, the pile is securely fixed with glue - all this will prevent hair loss and provide a permanent shape of the smear.

    Brushes Louis

    Louis Brushes were created by the famous Russian make-up artist - Lyudmila Tarakanova. She developed a line of wonderful make-up brushes designed for real professionals.

    • Each natural brush has long hairs, naturally tapering towards the end and providing a gentle application and comfortable shading of dry cosmetics.
    • Flat brushes have thin and firm edges that can be used to apply eyeliner or bright accents to the eyelids.
    • Round barrel-kegs feature a sharp center, which allows you to apply and shade the paint in one go.
    Reviews of tassels for makeup Louis have a positive character, as each model is thought through to the smallest detail.
    • If we compare the weight of the handle and the working part( pile + metal cage), then for each model they will be the same. Therefore, the length and thickness of each brush is different. The equilibrium condition of the handle and the working part is necessary in order to fully surrender itself to art, without forcing yourself to balance at the same time, spending power on balancing the mass of the instrument.

    Brushes Hakuhodo( Hakuhodo)

    • Brushes of Japanese manufacture Hakuhodo surpass in quality any other brushes for make-up of other manufacturer. Where can I find a make-up tool better than a brush made of natural or synthetic pile, fixed with a metal clip covered in gold?
    Reviews from women who have done makeup with the help of Hakuhodo are full of admiration.
    • All models have clear boundaries of the working part, allowing to apply perfect make-up without divorces and visible borders.
    • Brushes for professional make-up of Hakuhodo are worth the money that the manufacturer requests. But not every make-up artist can afford them, what to say about women doing make-up themselves?

    One brush costs as much as a whole set of tools for applying cosmetics to another manufacturer. But if you at least once try the true Japanese quality, you will no longer want to use something else.

    Brushes of Reeve Ghosh

    Acquaintance of every woman with cosmetics begins with cheap applicators and sponges, complete with shades and powders.

    At the level of a beginner, it makes no sense to use professional cosmetics and brushes. This is due to the fact that the hand is not full, you will not feel the difference. But after you have already mastered several techniques of applying makeup, you can level up. This level - there is an acquaintance with Rive Gauche.

    Rive Gauche brushes are rightfully considered to be the best tools in working with makeup for beginners.
    • But do not think that the company did not take care of professional make-up artists. It produces commercially available brushes of acceptable quality at an affordable price. Professional sets on a pocket not only to visagistes, but also to the women making a make-up in house conditions independently.

    To better feel the difference between the Rive Gauche toolset and cheap sponges and applicators, increase the quality of the used cosmetics. And it is very good, if their firm-manufacturer and brand will coincide.

    Real Techniques brushes

    • Real Techniques is another brand of brushes suitable for applying make-up at home.
    Women who are ready to spend on average the average amount of money, choose this brand and remain satisfied with the quality. Therefore, the Internet is full of reviews with a bright positive coloring relative to the brushes of Real Techniques.

    Occasionally there are reviews with negative evaluation of products. Usually, they are related to the fact that the pile begins to fall out after washing the working part of the brush. It is possible that these women made mistakes in the care of the make-up artist's tools.

    • Real Techniques offers you brushes made of natural and artificial nap. You can buy a set with the most necessary tools and a storage case for only one or two dozen dollars.
    • In the range you can find brushes designed:
    1. for applying dry cosmetics( powder, blush, shadows),
    2. for wet( concealer, tone, mask),
    3. for shading facial cosmetics,
    4. separate models help to make a clear and brightline,
    5. and with the help of others you can draw a barely noticeable line with a blurry border.

    Brushes M Art

    • Brushes M Art are products of Russian production, focused on professional make-up artists. But nobody prevents using them at home. This is an excellent alternative to expensive German, American and Japanese brands.
    • Hardened pile increases the service life, and the wooden handle fits well in the hand, providing comfortable work.
    • A wide range of makeup brushes allows you to make quick and high-quality make-up without overspending cosmetics.
    Reviews about cosmetic brushes M Art are ambiguous. Some women have chosen them and are not going to change it. Other users approved part of the brush, and another was found unfit due to creeping pile. Still others prefer more expensive and high-quality tools.

    Art Brushes are middle class brushes, their cost is lower than the world famous brands, but is more expensive than many trade marks oriented to beginners. They are suitable not only for beginners, but also for make-up artists with more experience behind their shoulders.

    Jeans brushes( Jeans)

    Korean jeans brushes have won the hearts of Russian make-up artists.

    • High-quality hand work with natural wool and synthetic soft fiber, a wooden light handle of convenient shape and length, strict forms of the working part - what else can you dream about? About the low cost of quality products and convenient, beautiful packaging.
    Korean makeup tools are popular among women who love a good combination of quality and low price.
    • Jeans implements sets of brushes in a case from a quality leatherette or in a transparent package.
    • Among the Jeans brushes you will find models for correction and for applying shadows, powder and blush.
    • Separate models are designed for feathering of loose cosmetic products, other tools - for wiring perfectly flat and fine lines in ink.

    Brands Bobbi Brown( Bobbi Brown)

    Successful American makeup artist Bobby Brown has been producing brushes under the brand for over 20 years, consonant with her name - brushes for makeup Bobbi Brown.

    • This is a professional but affordable toolkit that every make-up artist should have.
    • Sets of brushes are sold in original packaging-tubes, which are convenient to carry.
    Ordinary women and make-up artists respond positively to this line of brushes, but there are reviews in which girls say they stumbled upon a fake.

    It is important to know: a quality brush under the famous brand does not fluff, it does not drop hairs, the working part is soft and soft.

    • A distinctive feature of Bobbi Brown professional cosmetic instruments is the emphasis on emphasizing natural beauty. Therefore, the cosmetics offered under the same brand, is full of brown and pink shades - the most natural colors that have awarded us with nature.

    Brushes in the first place were created specifically for working with natural make-up. But nobody prevents using them to apply the evening make-up.

    Brushes Lethual

    In Japan, beauty is appreciated as nowhere, so it is here that they produce the highest quality cosmetics and make-up tools.

    • Geisha has long used cosmetics to create an extraordinary image. They inspired Japanese manufacturers to make the best for women. Makeup brushes are designed for real beauties.
    • Makeup makeup brushes are created manually: each villi is hand-picked. For one brush, only identical hairs are suitable. To do this, we estimate its elasticity, rigidity, and thickness. This is labor-intensive work, which gives an unsurpassed result.
    • With Japanese tools, you can apply a perfect day or evening, modest or catchy make-up with smooth or clear boundaries.

    Brushes Mary Kay( Mary Kay)

    Brushes Mary Kay for professional make-up - American production. They like make-up artists and women who use their services.

    Each brush has its own function:

    1. one kind is intended for the application of fatty and liquid cosmetics,
    2. another kind - for loose cosmetics,
    3. some models perfectly cope with applying shadows to the inner and outer corners of the eye, others - only to the mobile eyelid,others are designed to shade shadows to create a haze effect,
    4. is the same with tools for applying powder and blush. Some are convenient to apply, others - to shade and remove excess.
    Women respond positively to the brushes of Mary Kay:
    • they are comfortable in the hand,
    • they can be taken with them and worn in a small cosmetic bag, they are in a convenient case,
    • , even after washing the brushes retain their primordiality: the hairs do not fall out, the shape of the working part remainsthe same as the softness, elasticity of the hairs.

    However, these brushes should be purchased in trusted stores, because you can visually confuse the branded products with Chinese counterfeiting.

    Brushes Just( Just)

    A series of middle class brushes suitable for professional make-up artists and women making a make-up themselves.

    • Trademark represents a wide range of brushes, differing from each other in use, size, lint materials and handle length.
    • Compact models are very convenient to carry with you in a miniature handbag, so that you can quickly and easily fix makeup if necessary.
    • Long comfortable handles made of wood are suitable for storage and use of the house.
    • Makeup brushes Just sold in special cases made of fabric, which are compactly folded. Inside, the tools do not crumple, they do not crumple, they are easy to carry. If you purchased the brushes separately, and not in the kit, then the cover can be ordered separately to add the make-up tool.

    Thus, the world producers clearly see the relationship of price and quality of brushes for applying makeup. However, if it is acceptable for someone to use simply high-quality tools, then for others it is of fundamental importance that they be made of high-quality materials: only natural nap, only noble metals like gold.

    For beginners, there is no sense in buying expensive brushes. First you need to gain experience, fill your hand. Only after that you can feel the real difference between ordinary and professional brushes.

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