Beach fashion: what you should wear a swimsuit in 2016

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Choose a beautiful swimsuit that would match the figure, skin color and the nature of its owner - it's half the battle. If even on the beach you want to look spectacular and stylish, it is important to know what to wear a swimsuit, and with what, on the contrary, this garment is not worth combining.

Useful recommendations

In vacation it is desirable to grab at least a couple of swimsuits: one for active beach rest and separate for sunbathing. And on their basis you can already create several stylish bows.

Evening swimsuit( made of mesh or lace fabric embroidered with sequins, embroidered) is designed for various events, for example beach parties. For swimming, it does not fit.

Swimsuit is a wardrobe item designed for beach or themed events. Do not go into the shops or catering establishments, even if you are in the resort city.

If you are worried about excess weight, do not buy a swimsuit for a smaller size to "pull away".It will only emphasize your imperfections.

If you want to visually make the silhouette more slender, choose swimsuit or swimming trunks with an inflated waistline.

In this case, it is contra-indicated swimwear-bikini, horizontal stripes, thin straps, as well as light glossy fabrics.

Why combine a swimsuit?

For many, an integral attribute of beach fashion is a luxurious pareo, because it perfectly complements any swimsuit. There are lots of options, like wearing a swimsuit with a pareo. It will perfectly cope with the function of a beach dress or light skirt. It can be tied on the hips, waist, neck or just to throw on the shoulders.

It is very important to choose the right color for the ensemble. Under the bright rays of the summer sun, the colors such as white, orange, sky-blue, deep green look great. If you bought a one-color swimsuit, in 2017, boldly combine it with a pareo, decorated with images of flowers, exotic birds and animals. To the swimsuit with a bright print, on the contrary, it is worth choosing a one-color pareo.

  • Another universal solution is a stylish beach tunic. Comfortable cotton, creative knitted, sexy chiffon tunics - the choice is simply huge. The tunic can be worn as yourself, for example, as a mini dress over a swimsuit, or in combination with beach shorts. Pay attention to colors such as white, black, red, pastel pink and rich yellow. Also in the fashion of geometric, floral, animals and abstract prints.
  • Top or bodice from the swimsuit can be combined with skirts and shorts. You can create both a sporty and an emphatically feminine image. Choose the length of the bottom, taking into account personal preferences and features of the figure. It can be all familiar denim shorts or a mini skirt made of the same material. Excellent will look the bottom of natural materials, such as flax and cotton. Pay attention to popular models with an overstated waist.
  • Classic swimsuit can become a full replacement for a shirt. To him, the same things as for an ordinary top without sleeves will do. This is a wide summer pants, a denim skirt-bell or mini-shorts. It is quite appropriate beach skirt, made of the same material as the swimsuit. Often such details come complete with a bathing suit.

Shoes and accessories

  1. Sunglasses are one of the main attributes of beach fashion. In the summer of 2017, pay attention to glasses with a round and square frame, as well as "cat's eyes," which go to almost all the girls.
  2. An ordinary wide-brimmed hat not only protects the head and face from the sun, but also makes the image more elegant. You can choose a stylish hat in the tone of a bathing suit or choose one of the universal colors: white, beige, light gray, milky.
    Do not forget about hair accessories. Now there are many stylish clamps, for example, decorated with artificial flowers. The tropical theme is always relevant in the beach ensemble.
  3. If you came to the beach for an active pastime, give preference to small earrings( elegant studs or small rings).If you are on a beach party or just want to lie by the pool, you can choose larger decorations made of wood or plastic.
  4. Welcome beads, bracelets on the arm and ankle from ceramics, plastic, metal, glass crystals. But you do not need to combine all the jewelry at once in one image.
  5. To have everything you need on the beach at hand, take a voluminous canvas or wicker bag. Also, a denim backpack will be appropriate.

The beach is suitable for comfortable and outdoor shoes. It can be flip flops, sandals, ballet flats in a mesh or light textile sneakers. If you are planning a party by the pool, you can complement the outfit with bright sandals on a wedge. Shoes with heels or stilettos are successfully combined with a swimsuit except on the podium.

As you can see, even one model of a bathing suit can underlie different variations. Picking up clothes and accessories, do not forget that the beach bow should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable.

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