Chronic bronchitis is an inflammatory process in the bronchi, which is exacerbated every 2-3 months for at least 2 years. Even if the cough( the main sign of any type of bronchitis) is present for a month, then disappears for a couple of weeks and resumes with renewed force, it is impossible to make an unequivocal diagnosis of chronic bronchitis. First, a constant cough may be in smokers, and secondly, this symptom may be associated with special / harmful working conditions.


  • 1 Types of chronic cough
  • 2 Causes / factors of development
  • 3 Symptoms and symptoms of a chronic nature
  • 4 Diagnostic measures
  • 5 Methods of therapy: can it be cured forever?
    • 5.1 At home
    • 5.2 Medical treatment
  • 6 Possible complications
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Types of chronic cough

treatment of symptoms of chronic bronchitis In medicine, there are several principles for the classification of chronic cough:

  1. By degree of damage: distal and proximal. In the first case, the inflammatory process affects small bronchi, in the second - large.
  2. By the presence of bronchospastic seizures: is obstructive and non-obstructive.
  3. For qualitative changes: is catarrhal, purulent, fibrous.

In addition, chronic bronchitis may be in remission and / or exacerbation - this also applies to classification and must be indicated on the patient's medical / outpatient card.

Causes / factors of development

Chronic bronchitis can develop for two reasons:

  • the patient constantly, for a long time, inhales chemical substances, toxic fumes, fine dust - this is typical for some specialties. For example, wood dust after grinding works not only "hangs" in the air, but also gets into the bronchi, settling on their walls. In this case, the mechanism of bronchial function is reconstructed, the structure of the walls varies;
  • was previously diagnosed with acute bronchitis, his treatment was not complete. Alternatively, the patient developed the acute form of the inflammatory disease in question too often.

Factors that can provoke an exacerbation of chronic bronchitis are:

  • attachment of a virus - for example, the development of an acute viral respiratory disease or common cold;
  • infection - sore throat, flu, laryngitis( tertum verde spray with laryngitis), tracheitis and any respiratory tract diseases;
  • regular supercooling.

Symptoms and symptoms of chronic

treatment of chronic bronchitis in adults

Cough is the main symptom of chronic bronchitis

The only common symptom for all types and forms of chronic bronchitis is the cough - this is the main symptom of bronchitis, it is mandatory, but can manifest itself in different ways.

For the catarrhal form is characterized by a moist cough, uncritical fever, signs of general intoxication. The frequency of exacerbations of this type of chronic bronchitis is no more than 4 times a year.

In the obstructive form of the inflammatory process under consideration in the bronchi, the following will be observed:

  • paroxysmal cough;
  • hampered sputum output;
  • attacks of suffocation and bronchospasm.

Note: hyperthermia( fever) with obstructive chronic bronchitis may not be noted.

treatment of chronic bronchitis in adults drugs Non-obstructive type of disease - sputum purulent-serous character is allocated constantly, with every fit of coughing. Daily discharge rate is maximum 150 ml, but this figure corresponds only to the period of remission. In case of exacerbation, the following cough is added to the paroxysmal cough:

  • pain in muscles and joints;
  • slight increase in temperature;
  • signs of intoxication, characteristic of all inflammatory processes( weakness, drowsiness, loss of appetite, headaches).

Important: with prolonged flow of obstructive chronic bronchitis, thickenings may appear in the area of ​​finger phalanges, the patient notes increased sweating.

Diagnostic measures

Can you cure chronic bronchitis?

The doctor needs to not only diagnose, but also to identify the cause of the development of bronchitis

Diagnosis of chronic bronchitis should be carried out only in a medical institution by an ENT doctor. It is necessary not only to put the diagnosis itself, but also to identify the cause of the development of the inflammatory process under consideration. This will determine the purpose of medicines, the feasibility of using folk remedies.

When examining a patient, an ENT doctor will notice a too prolonged exhalation, wheezing / wheezing sounds in the lungs, wet "sobs". To confirm the diagnosis and ascertain the required accuracy( what kind of chronic bronchitis is present, what is the degree of its development, etc.), the doctor directs the patient to X-ray examination, and if necessary, radiation diagnosis is performed( lung emphysema, tuberculosis and oncology are excluded).

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Sputum for laboratory testing is mandatory - the causative agents( microbiological analysis)the structure of secretions( serous-purulent, purulent) is determined, and its viscosity is important.

An effective diagnostic method is computed tomography, but more often the study is performed using a bronchoscope, which allows to determine the degree of pathological changes in the walls of the bronchi.

Methods of therapy: can I be cured forever?

Chronic bronchitis can not be cured forever - every patient of an ENT doctor will receive this answer. It is believed that literate appointments can only increase the period of remission, but exacerbations will be necessary. In fact, chronic bronchitis in mild development can be completely cured. For this, it is not absolutely necessary to be registered for inpatient treatment, although with serious exacerbations such a step is mandatory.

At home

To permanently get rid of chronic bronchitis, you must follow the following treatment regimen:

  1. Taking medications. The appointment should be made only by the attending physician - e chronic bronchitis symptoms and treatment in adults that is not discussed. First, the doctors will find out exactly which virus / pathogenic microorganism has caused the development of the
    inflammatory process under consideration. Secondly, some medicines can provoke the development of the strongest allergic
    reaction. Thirdly, it is necessary to conduct a dynamic observation of the treatment process.
  2. Drinking medicinal drink. These can be herbal decoctions / teas - for example, lime blossom, raspberry, chamomile or thyme.
  3. Diet. Remove from the diet fat, spicy, smoked or pickled - anything that can serve as an irritant for the bronchi.

At home, it is most advisable to use medicines prepared with "your own hands".These include

folk treatment of chronic bronchitis

  1. Take in equal amounts of plantain juice and honey, warm in a water bath for 20 minutes and cool. Take the medicine should be 1 teaspoon twice a day.
  2. Brew a teaspoon of Icelandic moss in a glass of boiling water, like regular tea. Drink the medication for the night in full. Please note: Icelandic moss gives a lot of bitterness, so in the "tea" you can add a little honey to improve the taste.
  3. Prepare a medicinal mixture: 1 egg yolk of a chicken egg, 1 teaspoon of honey, as much butter and flour. Mix thoroughly and take half a teaspoon at least 4 times a day. Please note: this mixture must be dissolved in the mouth an hour before meals.
  4. From the lower leaves of the aloe plant make juice and mix it with honey - per 100 ml of juice 20 grams. Stir and take a tablespoon twice a day. How to use aloe in case of nasal congestion in a child is indicated in this article.

Please note: these funds should not be consumed until the symptoms disappear, but until they are completely cured. Up to this point, it can take a long time - up to 3-5 months.

Do not forget about compresses - warming the upper sections of the breast will help to withdraw sputum from the bronchi and speed up the process of treatment. As fillers for compresses, you can use:

  • 2 parts of aloe juice + 1 part honey + 3 parts of vodka or alcohol - the mixture needs to be heated to 40 degrees;
  • 1 part honey + 1 part melted animal fat( the most effective is goat fat).

You can actively practice the treatment of bronchitis with honey:

  • propolis - for inhalation( pour 100 ml of boiling water and inhalate a teaspoon);
  • pollen - to strengthen immunity( mix 5 grams of pollen with a teaspoon of honey and eat 15 grams 2-3 times a day).

Medical treatment

treatment of chronic bronchitis in adults drugs Important: only a doctor should prescribe medicines! The composition of therapy for chronic bronchitis may include the following drugs:

  • mucolytic - help to get rid of sputum;
  • spasmolytic - relieve pain in the chest and ribs( it appears from a persistent cough);
  • antibacterial - antibiotics for chronic bronchitis are prescribed when an infectious etiology of the disease is identified;
  • antiviral .

The above medicines can be used as tablets / capsules or intravenous / intramuscular injections - which is optimal, the attending physician will determine.

Possible complications of

treatment of chronic obstructive bronchitis in adults

If no treatment is given, then the brochitis is aggravated by bronchial obstruction, pulmonary emphysema and respiratory insufficiency.

Chronic bronchitis can be virtually asymptomatic for years - the patient is coughing from time to time, but there are no powerful exacerbations. But if no treatment is carried out, then the inflammatory disease under consideration is aggravated by bronchial obstruction, pulmonary emphysema and respiratory failure.

To permanently get rid of chronic bronchitis, it is necessary to conduct exclusively complex therapy - you need to simultaneously take prescribed medications and funds from the category of "traditional medicine". Necessarily it is necessary to strengthen immunity and undergo a course of physiotherapeutic procedures.


All about the correct treatment of chronic bronchitis - in this video:

Prolonged, long-lasting and often exacerbated chronic bronchitis can not be cured forever. But using all of the above methods of therapy can achieve long-term remission.