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The haircut of a bean has undergone a number of changes over time, modern variations are quite diverse. Original interpretations allow each representative of the fair sex to create an individual image. This hairstyle is already a season that holds the leading position in the fashion world. And this is not surprising: a haircut bob on medium hair is universal. She perfectly emphasizes the beauty of hair, creates a unique silhouette, while remaining practical and comfortable.

Huge popularity of this hairstyle for medium hair brought the famous fashionista, fashion designer Victoria Beckham, who wore it for many years and changed only the color of the strands.

A bit of history

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The author of the haircut bob became a French hairdresser who, inspired by the image of Joan of Arc, in the early twentieth century invented this too short for that time hairstyle. It was forbidden, some masters even refused to do it to their clients, but from such actions its popularity grew more and more.

The first known person who made a haircut for quads was the artist Irene Castle. They say that she was constantly disturbed by long hair during the dance, so she cut them off. Coco Chanel picked up the idea and repeated this brave act. With her light hand, the bean instantly became fashionable in Paris, and from thence spread all over the world.

Modern bean is a pure embodiment of originality, femininity, tenderness, youth.

Advantages of

Starting experiments with the image, think about exactly what you expect. Bob on an average length, has a number of characteristic nuances, thanks to which you can decorate any appearance.

  1. If you follow the technique of cutting and the correct execution of it, you do not have to be very hard on laying and care.
  2. Bob has so many ways of doing that any woman will choose the right option for herself.
  3. Bob, like the classic haircut kara, looks stylish and sexy, emphasizes the beauty and flawless taste of its owner.
  4. Long side strands and correct accent distribution perfectly conceal flaws and correct the shape of the face.
  5. The back of the head looks elegant and attractive, its design gives silhouette hairstyles elegance and sexuality.
Please note: once a month and a half the haircut needs to be adjusted, then it will always look perfect.

Who chooses this option?

Bob is a haircut of an independent and strong woman. He emphasizes individuality and strong character.

  • It's definitely worth choosing girls with sharp features, sharp chins. Bob will visually smooth the corners and soften the face.
  • A square face with a wide lower part and a high forehead will well adjust the bob with an elongated, oblique, graduated bang that will give lightness. Bob-kara without a bang will not be the best option.
  • Round cheeks and a narrow forehead can be hidden with an elongated bean with a bang of round shape. This variation will slightly extend the oval. Polnoshchekim girls should avoid the classic option.
  • To the oval and triangular shape of the face any kind of haircuts - with or without bangs will do.

Beautiful and graceful haircuts with a bob of any shape are still in vogue. Choose any: oblique, structured, smooth, smooth, rounded. You can stack them in different ways: straighten, curl, lift at the base. Any variant will look actual.

This medium-length haircut looks great on smooth, perfectly straight, thick curls. It will harmoniously fit into the business style, and in a sumptuous evening outfit.

When going to a solemn event, use a hair spray, preferably a professional series, to fix it. Special means for shine of hair - whey, wax - will help to complete a glamorous image and will give to locks mirror smoothness and a healthy kind.

Haircut, giving volume

As the bob is a universal option, which is suitable for any type of hair, it can be safely chosen by girls with thin or curly hair. Textured and cut by a ladder, the bob is now the most fashionable version of this universal haircut.

These professional hairdressing techniques, such as milling or grading the ends, give the hairstyle extra lightness and splendor. And this is very important when choosing a hairstyle for fine hair. These same methods will help to tame naughty curly locks. They will be easier to lay after such manipulations, the result will be more accurate and reliable.

The bottom of the hairstyle trimmed with feathers or individual strings will emphasize the tenderness, femininity of the silhouette. Light, graceful lines in duet with gentle locks on the sides create an ideal "frame" for the face with any flaws, irregular shape.

Soft forms in a haircut

A textured hairstyle with flowing lines has undeniable advantages. Its main advantage is that it is ideal for almost all types of hair - thin, thick, heavy, under any shape of the head and face. In this fashionable season, such a haircut with different styling options will fit into almost any imagined silhouette.

Elongated side strands in front

If you want to introduce a note of creativity, then pay attention to the actual varieties of hairstyles with elongated strands. Left on the sides of the curls look very stylish. Variants of laying with such a hairdo a lot:

  • On a romantic date, a walk curls can be a little curl.
  • At a business meeting, make hair perfectly straight.
  • And if you raise the roots and wind curls, you get a festive hairstyle.

Extravagant version for medium hair

Original and vivid versions of classic haircuts will never go out of fashion. One of them is a double-carving. It combines all the advantages of a beautiful silhouette and unusual shape.

This hairstyle is perfect for women who like unusual solutions, but they want to remain flawlessly elegant.

Haircut looks great on hair of any type and structure - from perfectly straight to lush and curly. You can choose any design of a cut, side strands and bangs of the most different forms.

Technique of haircuts is far from simple, so with special attention refer to the choice of a master who has sufficient experience, a qualification that you can trust your head of hair.

Fashion trends in the laying of

Most girls do the same styling every day and do not imagine what else to create haircuts, how differently this haircut can look and how it can change the familiar image. If you decide to brush up your hair a little, we suggest to consider new styling options and pay attention to modern styling products.

  • Several recent seasons, many famous women of fashion, choosing a hairstyle, prefer super-fashioned "shaggy" trend in the style of grunge. But, creating such a styling, remember that such carelessly-ruffled silhouette should look harmonious with the general image, it must be supported by appropriate clothing and accessories. Only this way this hair will organically complement the created bow. Experienced master hairdresser will tell in detail and show how to properly make such styling, which products and stylers to use, so that the ruffles look careless and natural, and not trite and slovenly.
  • Another fashion trend in the laying of haircuts is a trapezoidal shape. Hair in this case can be even with a little nap and curled.
  • The haircut of the bean looks very nice and with the retrostile style. A characteristic feature of such a composition will be waves that are made by forceps. To make the styling not fluffy and match the chosen style, do not comb the locks and fix it with lacquer.
  • For an evening out, you can choose a more bold styling with absolutely smooth roots and voluminous curls from the middle of the length. Creating such a hairstyle, you need to follow a certain technique, which can be demonstrated by the master stylist. You can easily repeat it yourself at home.

Girls who like to think through their image to the smallest detail can decorate a bean or a Bob-kar with a few small hairpins, they will be the finishing fashionable touch.

How to do laying, and that this will require

You need such tools and adaptations:

  • hair dryer;
  • brashing;
  • large or medium-sized hair curlers;
  • clips or small hairpins;
  • mousse;
  • to fix a hairdress will help a varnish, a spray or wax.


  1. Before you start laying, wash your head. Use of balm will help easier combing and styling. If you do not have time to wash your hair, then you can make a styling with the effect of damp hair. To do this, you will need a special gel, which must be applied to wet curls and give them the desired shape.
  2. Dry curls using foam or mousse for volume. Pay special attention to the roots of hair. If time is short, use a hairdryer. If it is not limited, choose curlers. Specialists recommend starting the laying with the lower braces, the rest is fixed at the top with clamps.
  3. The final step is fixation with varnish and, if necessary, highlighting some of the strands with wax.

Luxurious styling with a plait - video

The haircut of bob and Bob-kara will be an excellent solution for a modern stylish girl who follows the latest trends, wants to have a modern and easy-to-care hair style that matches the lifestyle of a modern fashionista.

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